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    The annual Trailer Output Report includes results of a survey of the largest North American trailer manufacturers and details how many trailers each manufacturer produced for the year. According to the 2017 report of 28 top trailer builders, truck-trailer manufacturers had a slightly better 2017 than 2016. Specifically, these manufacturers produced 1,820 more trailers in 2017 than in 2016.

    2017 also saw a few changes in the truck-trailer industry. First, the year saw a new top producer, as Hyundai Translead claimed the lead by building 10,000 more trailers in than they did in 2016. Builders also took advantage of the economic upswing; in fact, 16 manufacturers reported increased production in 2017. Finally, there were increases in the production of platform trailers and tank trailers because of the upturn in the construction and oil field industries.

    To curate this list of  the top 25 trailer builders and manufacturers, we considered the number of trailers they produced in 2017 using the 2017 Trailer Output Report. We have listed the top companies in alphabetical order; thus, they are not ranked or rated in any way.

    1. Doepker Industries

    Doepker Industries

    Located in Anaheim, Saskatchewan, Canada, Doepker Industries is a leading Canadian manufacturer of highway semitrailers and grain haulers. They pride themselves on being a customer-driven company and using their long history of making trailers to ensure they offer the best trailers (and value) on the road.

    Three key facts/statistics about Doepker Industries:

    • Built 1,300 trailers in 2017
    • Increased production by 8% over 2016
    • Acquired a heavy-haul trailer manufacturer out of Alberta, Canada, in October 2016

    2. East Manufacturing Company

    East Manufacturing Company

    From Randolph, Ohio, East Manufacturing Company builds specialized equipment and accessories in the truck-trailer industry. They strive to outperform their competition by making high-quality products and selling them at a fair price.

    Three key facts/statistics about East Manufacturing Company:

    • Built 2,885 trailers in 2017, which is a 16% increase over 2016
    • Made the largest gains in all-aluminum flatbeds, increasing 46% to 1,349 platforms and also increased production of aluminum refuse transfer trailers by 50% to 377 trailers
    • Expanded plant capacity to handle building 1,800 platform trailers annually

    3. Felling Trailers

    Felling Trailers

    Felling Trailers in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, has been known for quality craftsmanship since 1974. They provide innovative trailer solutions for specialized transportation needs and have more than 100 years of combined industry sales experience to answer all your transport needs.

    Three key facts/statistics about Felling Trailers:

    • Built 1,524 truck-trailers in 2017, a 7% increase from 2016
    • Produced 4,434 light-duty trailers with axle capacities under 10,000 pounds, an increase of 23% over 2016
    • 2017 total unit count was 5,958 trailers, an 18% increase over the 2016 combined total

    4. Fontaine Trailer Company

    Fontaine Trailer Company

    Out of Alabama, the Fontaine Trailer Company is a Marmon Highway Technologies/Berkshire Hathaway company. Billed as “the largest platform trailer manufacturer in the world,” Fontaine had a better than average year in 2017, thanks to gains in the construction and housing industries.

    Three key facts/statistics about Fontaine Trailer Company:

    • Built 5,844 trailers in 2017, including flatbeds, drop-deck platforms, heavy haul, and military trailers
    • Overall production increased by 77% over the 2016 output, which suffered from carryover of excess dealer inventories from 2014 and 2015
    • Increased production due, in part, to military contracts

    5. Fruehauf

    Fruehauf de Mexico

    Fruehauf, described as the “pioneers and undisputed leaders in the trailer manufacturing industry in Mexico,” was found by August Fruehauf. Fruehauf was a blacksmith and carriage builder in the U.S. The company employs qualified, professional, experienced teams and uses high-quality components to produce excellent, reliable, durable, highly specialized trailers.

    Three key facts/statistics about Fruehauf:

    • The Fruehauf plant in the suburbs north of Mexico City building 2,128 truck-trailers for an increase of 10% over 2016
    • Upgrading the plant and product line to meet North American standards
    • Builds a full range of trailers including flatbeds and drop-deck platforms, dump trailers, and liquid tank trailers, among others, but the largest share of their trailers are dry freight vans

    6. Great Dane

    Great Dane

    Great Dane makes trailers that are engineers to outlast and outperform others. They also are designed to endure thousands of miles and are guaranteed by a century of experience. Great Dane is known for its durability, safety, efficiency, and performance in addition to its commitment to quality on the road via authorized service centers and support programs.

    Three key facts/statistics about Great Dane Limited Partnership:

    • Built 46,000 trailers in 2017, which is down 4% from 2016, but they also built 1,100 truck bodies that aren’t accounted for in the trailer total
    • Expanded truck business in 2017
    • Addressing a trend for dedicated and stocking units and demand for dry vans and flatbeds

    7. Heil Trailer International

    Heil Trailer International

    Headquartered in Athens, Tennessee, Heil Trailer International has been building quality trailers since 1901 and is known as “the leading tank trailer manufacturer in the world.” Driven by quality and commitment, Heil offers game-changing solutions that meet stringent region-specific and load-specific requirements in 85 different countries. Heil trailers provide enduring performance, and the company offers industry-leading support.

    Three key facts/statistics about Heil Trailer International:

    • Produced 2,800 trailers globally in 2017, an increase of 0.5% over 2016 (including both Heil and Kalyn Siebert)
    • Launched new innovative designs in the dry bulk and petroleum segments
    • Lightweight Fleet Duty Petroleum model maximizes payload for large fleets

    8. Hyundai Translead

    Hyundai Translead

    Hyundai Translead is a leading manufacturer of dry and refrigerated van trailers, domestic containers, container chassis, and converter dollies for the North American transport industry. The first major trailer manufacturer in North American to receive ISO: 9001 Certification for consistent and documented quality in manufacturing, Hyundai Translead has been re-certified every year since.

    Three key facts/statistics about Hyundai Translead:

    • Increased production capabilities by 50% in 2016 with a newer manufacturing facility, I-Line
    • Built 60,329 truck-trailers in 2017, a 19% increase over 2016
    • Increased refrigerated trailer production by 13% to 2,553 reefers

    9. Kentucky Trailer

    Kentucky Trailer

    A Servant Leader Company, Kentucky Trailer operates out of Louisville, Kentucky. Known for delivering “specialty vehicles that exceed expectations,” Kentucky Trailer delivers custom design, build, and service solutions to specialty trailer and mobile platform markets.

    Three key facts/statistics about Kentucky Trailer:

    • Produced 1,419 trailers in 2017, a 6% increase over 2016
    • Built 478 truck van bodies for moving companies and other local delivery companies
    • The majority of the trailers built in 2017 were 53-ft van trailers that utilize special tie-down equipment and underbody storage boxes for moving companies hauling furniture and household goods

    10. MAC Trailer Manufacturing

    MAC Trailer Manufacturing

    Out of Alliance, Ohio, MAC Trailer Manufacturing promises peak performance regardless of design, application, or price. These manufacturers also provide superior customer service and are described as “the nation’s foremost manufacturer of steel and aluminum dump trailers, transfer trailers, flatbed trailers, drop deck trailers, pneumatic tank trailers, and straight truck bodies.”

    Three key facts/statistics about MAC Trailer Manufacturing:

    • Built 4,754 truck-trailers in 2017
    • Saw a 13% increase over 2016 in producing aluminum and steel dump trailers, aluminum refuse trailers, aluminum platform and drop-deck trailers, aluminum dry bulk pneumatic trailers, top 406 and 407 aluminum tank trailers, and stainless-steel tank trailers
    • Manufactured 152 aluminum and steel truck bodies that are not included in the trailer total

    11. Manac


    The largest manufacturer of trailers in Canada and a leading manufacturer of specialty trailers in North America, Manac is located in Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada; Penticton, British Columbia, Canada; and Oran and Kennet, Missouri. Manac trailers are known for their strength, endurance, and performance. The company also ensures balanced volume and weight and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2016.

    Three key facts/statistics about Manac:

    • Built 7,300 truck-trailers in 2017
    • Builds platform trailers and bottom dumps in its two plants in Missouri
    • Recently acquired the former Peerless Ltd plant in British Columbia, which produces forestry, logging, and heavy-haul trailers

    12. Pitts Trailers

    Pitts Trailers

    Known for innovation, performance, value, quality, and durability, Pitts Trailers has been operating for more than 40 years. The company prides itself on continual growth and consistently meeting customers’ requirements. Pitts is able to produce safe, reliable trailers due to its decades of experience, computer-aided design, skilled craftsmen, and start-of-the-art facility.

    Three key facts/statistics about Pitts Trailers:

    • Increased output by 26% in 2017 over 2016
    • Produced 4,400 truck-trailers in 2017
    • Expanded plant capacity into a new 40,000 square-foot building reserved for aluminum platforms, and the Pitts plant in Pittsview, Alabama, expanded by 25,000 square feet to accommodate increasing demand for heavy-haul and forestry trailers

    13. Polar Tank Trailer

    Polar Tank Trailer

    Polar Tank Trailer of Holdingford, Minnesota, commits to customers who depend on them for the best available equipment. In fact, Polar gets ahead of the competition because of their dedication to servicing and supporting their customers. Polar has been a tank trailer industry leader and innovator for more than 70 years and continues to produce the highest quality tank trailers on the road.

    Three key facts/statistics about Polar Tank Trailer:

    • Built 2,200 tank trailers in 2017
    • Saw a 2% production increase over 2016
    • Will see growth in 2018 because of the rejuvenated oil industry

    14. Premier Trailer Mfg. Inc.

    Premier Trailer Mfg Inc

    Out of Visalia, California, Premier Trailer Mfg. Inc. has been in business for more than 20 years. Its founder, Gene Cuelho, Jr., apprenticed in the industry and has more than 33 years of hands-on experience in trailer manufacturing. The company specializes in straight hoppers, drop-in hoppers, 24-ft double flatbeds, lightweight Ag chassis, and high axle produce trailers.

    Three key facts/statistics about Premier Trailer Mfg. Inc.:

    • Increased production by 43% from 2016 to 2017
    • 2018 production estimates range between 1,000-1,200 trailers; 2017 was the first year the company produced nearly 1,000 trailers
    • Large increase in sales is due to the trend in California’s central valley for produce growers to to plant more tree nuts

    15. Reitnouer Trailers

    Reitnouer Inc

    Located in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, Reitnouer Trailers introduced the first totally bolted aluminum flatbed trailer in 1982. An innovator from the start, Reitnouer continues to be the design of choice, especially because they continue to evolve their products to meet customers’ changing needs.

    Three key facts/statistics about Reitnouer Trailers:

    • Built 3,048 trailers in 2016
    • Bolted aluminum platforms and drop-deck platforms comprise the bulk of Reitnouer’s production
    • Projecting a 15% increase in sales for 2018 over 2017

    16. Stoughton Trailers

    Stoughton Trailers

    Stoughton Trailers is an industry leader in manufacturing over-the-road semi trailers, chassis, intermodal containers, grain haulers, and related products. The company is known for durable, dependable dry-van truck trailers in addition to top-notch quality and attention.

    Three key facts/statistics about Stoughton Trailers:

    • Built 15,600 trailers in 2017
    • Production in 2017 included 15,300 dry freight vans and 300 container chassis
    • Launched a new refrigerated trailer assembly line in Evansville, Wisconsin, in 2017, capable of producing more than 2,500 units/year

    17. Strick Trailers, LLC


    Strick Trailers, LLC, works with customers to develop unique solutions to meet specific operational needs. Their cutting-edge technologies and engineering excellence have influenced the industry and changed the way trailers are built. In fact, Strick designed and built the first intermodal shipping containers and chassis, which revolutionized international trade and logistics.

    Three key facts/statistics about Strick Trailers, LLC:

    • Built 4,500 trailers in 2017
    • Produced 2,100 dry freight vans in Monroe, Indiana; 2,200 Cheetah container chassis in Berwick, Pennsylvania; and 200 flatbeds and log trailers in Sumter, South Carolina;
    • 60 converter dollies that are not included in the trailer totals

    18. Timpte


    Timpte trailers are manufactured in David City, Nebraska. The plant was established in 1978 and covers more than 40 acres. An industry leader in productivity and efficiency, Timpte focuses on safety and quality and applies solid manufacturing principles and state-of-the-art technology to produce fine bulk commodity trailers.

    Three key facts/statistics about Timpte:

    • Built 3,225 grain trailers in 2017, a 17% increase over 2016
    • Projecting better sales in the third and fourth quarters of 2018
    • Opening new sales and service branches: the new branch in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, had its first full year in 2017, and the eighth company store is being constructed in Indianapolis, Indiana

    19. Trail King Industries

    Trail King Industries

    Trail King Industries, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of a complete line of trailers serving a wide variety of applications. Headquartered in Mitchell, South Dakota, Trail King is a proud U.S. manufacturer. The company offers trailers ranging in load capacities from 12,000 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds and has a reputation for quality, performance, and reliability.

    Three key facts/statistics about Trail King Industries:

    • Built 2,100 truck-trailers in 2017, the same number as 2016
    • Light-duty trailers with axle capacities under 10,000 pounds grew by 17% to 700 units built in 2017
    • Predicting a 10% increase in trailer output in 2018

    20. Travis Body & Trailer, Inc.

    Travis Body & Trailer

    Travis Body & Trailer, Inc., started in 1989 and has built more than 13,000 trailers. The company offers end dumps, bottom dumps, transfer trailers, specialty dump trailers, and more. Travis has grown rapidly in size and national market share, thanks to overall industry demand and determination to become number one in quality through expert fabrication and innovation.

    Three key facts/statistics about Travis Body & Trailer, Inc.:

    • Built 942 dump trailers in 2017, a 0.5% increase over 2016
    • Experiencing an increasing backlog and are ramping up production rapidly
    • Projecting a larger sales increase in 2018

    21. Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

    Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

    Founded in 1914, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is America’s oldest privately owned, family-operated trailer manufacturer. Utility Trailer is the world’s leading producer of strong, lightweight trailers and is innovating the manufacture of dry freight vans, refrigerated vans, and flatbeds. The company also is the largest producer of refrigerated vans and one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the U.S.

    Three key facts/statistics about Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company:

    • Built 43,361 trailers in 2017
    • Produced 19,188 dry freight vans in 2017, a 0.5% increase over 2016
    • Projecting a 6%-13% increase in trailer output in 2018

    22. Vanguard National Trailer Corp.

    Vanguard National Trailer Corporation

    Vanguard National Trailer Corp. manufactures dry freight and refrigerated semi-trailer vans. Specifically, Vanguard builds composite sidewall and sheet and post dry van models in addition to truckload, grocery, and multi-temp refrigerated trailer models. All Vanguard trailers are designed and built with premium performance features providing operational savings and years of trouble-free service.

    Three key facts/statistics about Vanguard National Trailer Corp.:

    • Produced 9,466 dry freight vans in 2017
    • Built 2,521 refrigerated trailers in 2017
    • Built a combined total of 40,067 units of Vanguard National trailers and CIMC container chassis in 2017

    23. Wabash National Corporation

    Wabash National

    Wabash National Corporation began manufacturing trailers in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1985. The company quickly became the leading North American manufacturer of semi-trailers and introduced new technologies and design innovations to empower the largest fleets to operate more successfully. Today, the corporation is a diversified industrial manufacturing business with an expanding product portfolio.

    Three key facts/statistics about Wabash National Corporation:

    • Shipped 54,000 complete trailers in 2017, including 42,500 dry freight van trailers and 2,600 flatbed trailers
    • Shipped 3,500 reefers in 2017
    • Shipped 2,250 tank trailers in 2017, for a 7% increase over 2016 shipments

    24. Western Trailers

    Western Trailers

    Western Trailers produces custom-built semi trailers. Their reputation is built on quality, innovation, and service. Western Trailers operates under the philosophy that “lightweight pays” and understands the balance between payload and profit. As such, Western has become one of the leading trailer manufacturers with the highest resale value of any trailers on the road today.

    Three key facts/statistics about Western Trailers:

    • Built 994 trailers in 2017
    • Produces mainly platforms and bulk commodity trailers
    • Projecting solid gains in 2018 due to increased order volume during the last six months

    25. XPO Logistics Trailer Manufacturing

    XPO Logistics Trailer Manufacturing

    XPO Logistics Trailer Manufacturing operates a 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Search, Arkansas. A quality source for new trailers, complete rebuilds, and major and minor repairs, XPO offers those services for container chassis, dollies, and hostler equipment as well.

    Three key facts/statistics about XPO Logistics Trailer Manufacturing:

    • Produced 1,836 trailers in 2017
    • Experienced a 30% increase in trailers over 2016
    • Of the 1,536 new van trailers, 964 were short doubles trailers, 457 were 48-ft one, and 115 were 53-ft or 57-ft long

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