Freight & Passenger Railcars, Locomotives & Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

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The vast majority of equipment and assets in the railroad freight and transportation industry operate outside and are routinely exposed to sunlight, abrasion and extreme temperatures, as well as corrosive elements. Items such as locomotives, passenger and freight railcars, maintenance-of-way and inspection equipment are often labeled to:

  • identify them as property
  • provide operating instructions and house mechanical switches for control panels
  • track location and lifecycle

These labels, data plates and front panels must withstand the same conditions as the assets to which they are affixed while remaining legible after years of abuse. Faded, corroded or otherwise illegible nameplates and labels threaten readability, which may lead to unauthorized transfers or impede safe operation – even downtime or regulatory fines.

MPC’s Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum is the preferred choice for panel fronts and data plates for equipment in harsh environments. The reason is simple: durability and legibility.

Metalphoto’s sapphire-hard anodized layer provides superior resistance to corrosion, sunlight degradation, abrasion, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure. Metalphoto’s high resolution image capability allows easy usage of various type of barcodes, including linear and matrix (2D) barcodes.

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