Utilities Applications

Utility companies and contractors face a unique challenge when it comes to making sure their nameplates and tags are always legible over a long period of time. Utility meters and poles face extreme weather – from extreme heat and UV exposure and the winter elements to other abrasion, dirt and solvents.  And since meters and poles are expected to last for many years  – the labels they are marked with (noting serial numbers, installation dates, bar codes, maintenance information, etc.) must last too. You will never need to re-label again with MPC’s proven technology – saving you considerably over the lifetime of your utility meters and poles.

Utility Meter Badges

Meter badges manufactured by Metalphoto of Cincinnati have been used for decades to track rework/refurbish history, improve meter tractability, reduce meter to ERT calibration time, eliminate transposition errors caused by manual processes and improve meter and ERT inventory control and traceability.

Our meter tags stand up to constant outdoor exposure and remain readable for the life of your part, resist scuffing and abrasion, and even shed paint from customer’s or your own paint shop.

Utility Pole Tags

Metalphoto of Cincinnati’s anodized aluminum labels have been a mainstay for outdoor labeling for over 40 years. Our bar code pole tags have been used in conjunction with GIS mapping initiatives, and automated pole maintenance programs. Bar coding is faster, less expensive and more accurate than manual data collection, which translates to reduced down time and maintenance costs. Also, collecting revenue from your poles requires an accurate catalog process – again, bar codes are easier and more accurate than manual systems.

Our Metalphoto labels are also used for dating and inspection tags, pole treatment type and date tags, “Do Not Climb” markers and pole jurisdiction tags incorporating the utility name and logo.

Unlike the poor graphic quality of embossed tags, our pole markers are made with a photographic process, which allows us to incorporate highly readable logos and bar codes. Metalphoto pole tags are photographically imaged below the surface creating an impenetrable barrier to salt, dirt, chemicals, sunlight and solvents and have a 30-year life outdoors.

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