Material: Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum is an excellent material as a product identification substrate and is used in many nameplate, sign, control panel, overlays and bezel applications. It will maintain a quality appearance under a broad variety of challenging environments.

Anodizing is the controlled oxidation of aluminum using an electro-chemical process creating a porous surface, called the anodic layer. To add color in this layer, the material is coated with a dye over the entire sheet or selectively dyed using a stencil, digital imaging or screen printing process. The material is sealed and the dye becomes an integrated part of the aluminum. The final surface is chemical and abrasion resistant and that will last many years in harsh environments.

Material Characteristics

A variety of design options can be achieved by combining the Metalphoto photographic process with the normal anodized decorating process to enable great details in black graphics along with multiple colors.


.003″, .005″, .008″, .012″, .020″, .032″, .063″, .090″, .125″


  • Matte – non-reflective with flat finish
  • Satin – lustrous semi-reflective finish
  • Brushed – resembles a stainless steel finish
  • Gloss – highly reflective, mirror-like


The colors in anodized aluminum are dyes, which are more transparent than traditional screen printing inks. Due to the nature of dyes, exact color matches are not possible, though some color matching is possible. A wider color matching tolerance is normally required.


The anodizing and decorating of aluminum is done in sheets and later fabricated to size and shape. As a result the edges and holes of the finished parts are not anodized. Edges and holes can be anodized or painted by adding a secondary process after the parts are fabricated.

Additional Information

Although aluminum is a durable material, you should avoid choosing colored parts for exterior, direct sunlight applications because colors will fade over a period of time. If your application requires the ability to withstand direct sunlight, Metalphoto anodized aluminum, with an outdoor durability rating of over 20 years without fading, would be a better option.

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