Modular Synthesizers & Audio Equipment

Durable, High-Resolution Custom Panels

Over 30 modular synthesizer designers trust MPC to create their custom front panels. We also supply the professional audio equipment industry with custom faceplates for eurorack modules, MIDI equipment, mixers, amplifiers and other equipment.

Specs & Options

  • 3U Eurorack and 5U panel heights
  • Material choices include Matte, Satin or Brushed finishes. See finishes.
  • 0.063″ thickness is standard; 0.090″ and 0.125″ are also available.
  • Blank panels available to fill empty case space.

Why MPC?

  • High Resolution/Detail – Our imaging processes have significantly greater resolution than screenprinting or laser/chemical etching. Color and greyscale options available.
  • Industrial Durability – All images are printed beneath the anodized layer, providing unmatched durability and the smooth-to-the-touch feel of classic analogue electronic instruments.
  • Accurate Fabrication – Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication systems hold tolerances to +/- 0.015″ (0.381mm). Higher tolerances available.

MPC builds custom front panels for several leading equipment manufacturers including:

  • Intellijel Designs Inc.
  • Pittsburgh Modular
  • Make Noise Co.
  • Yorkville Sound
  • 4MS Pedals

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