10 Great Synthesizer Design Resources

Last Updated: January 17, 2023

Trying to figure out the various intricacies of synthesizer design often seems like a daunting task. Are you looking to get a better understanding of how to program patches? Do you want a deeper understanding of how modules help you achieve the sound you keep hearing in your head?

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite resources to guide you on your journey. You’ll find tutorials and walkthroughs covering different aspects of synthesizer and their components. Our hope is to help you find the piece of information needed to take your synthesizer skills to the next level.

  1. Synthesizers.com
  2. Synthopia
  3. AskAudio
  4. The Synthesizer Academy
  5. ADSR Sounds
  6. Nord Modular
  7. Loopmasters
  8. Learning Modular
  9. Innovative Synthesis
  10. Music Radar

1. Synthesizers.com


This modular synthesizer producer provides access to a number of tutorials and walk-throughs on their site. If you’re new to synthesizers, start off with their basic tutorials or quickly browse their crash course.  Go more in-depth on different types of modules like the Q106 Oscillator or Q171/Q172 Quantizer Basics.

2. Synthopia



Synthopia keeps you up to date on everything related to electronic music. Their articles on synthesizers cover everything from integrating modular synthesizers with your DAW to the introduction of new analog synthesizers.

You’re also provided regular updates on the latest synth advances and what’s currently popular in the industry. The magazine routinely interviews giants in the industry, providing you with insight into the minds of true synthesizer masters.

3. Ask.Audio



This magazine brings you everything you could possibly want to know about synthesizer design and the industry in general. You’ll find tips and tricks on things like working with Reason 10’s Europa Synthesizer or how to avoid signing bad contracts as a sound designer.

Each week brings you new articles designed to expand your knowledge of synthesizer design. Find out what equipment leading industry pros prefer to use. Read interviews on what’s it’s truly like to survive and thrive in an industry like this.

4. The Synthesizer Academy


The Synthesizer Academy

This site provides you with in-depth lessons related to the various aspects of synthesizers and design. Learn how a ring modulator works and how you could incorporate it into your own sounds. Take a lesson on the effects of FM synthesis or what part the Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) plays in constructing your overall sound.

5. ADSR Sounds

ADSR Sounds

ADSR is a popular go-to site for musicians looking to expand their skills or find new sound packs. They focus on different applications of synthesizer design beyond more than just music. Watch a video on how innovators used stem cells to create synths.

Other creative applications involve using cigarette ashtrays in sound design and how to properly manipulate controls among popular synth brands. Get some ideas and inspiration from the wide range of synthesizer design subjects covered.

6. Nord Modular

Nord Modular

Fans of Nord Modular will love this collection of patch information from a popular Nord Modular mailing list. Their nuts and bolts walkthrough may lack the flash and bang of the other sites. But you’ll receive a thorough education on different concepts of sound synthesis and design. There’s also an active forum full of other dedicated users.

You’ll learn how to create patch sheets for analog systems or use block schematics to create a platform-independent way to relay communications about patches. It provides a section going into the basics of mixing and how musicians need to use real expression when working with oscillators and filters to create something appealing.

7. Loopmasters



Loopmasters is a popular sample site for musicians looking to incorporate professional sounds into their music. They often touch on various aspects of synthesizer sound design in their article updates. Find all the information you ever needed on synth production.

Take a look at their quick synth programming tutorial if you want a fast way to understand the basics. Or go more in-depth topics like using the LFO on your synthesizer.

8. Learning Modular


Learning Modular

Yet another great resource for those with a deep interest in modular synthesizers. This site covers everything from the differences between amplitude and balanced modulation to tests on your current knowledge of modular synthesis terms.

If you really want to go deep, think about taking one of their video courses. They cover everything from the basics to getting the most out of a eurorack expansion.

9. Innovative Synthesis

Innovative Synthesis

You’ll find news and tips on all aspects of synthesizers and synthesizer design. Those really interested in synth programming will love getting tips like doing creative patch programming.

They also provide an introduction to using vocoders as well as an informative series on the basics of different aspects of synthesizers.

10. Music Radar


Music Radar

This magazine covers lots of topics dear to the heart of musicians. They often write articles focused on synthesizers design topics. Check out their coverage of things like synthesizing patches from scratch inside of arrangements or building your first synthesizer.

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