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Equipment Nameplates and Data Plates

Custom-made nameplates for heavy-duty and light-duty applications. 

Equipment nameplates and custom data plates for light and heavy duty applications

Industrial Nameplates and Durable Data Plates For Any Application

MPC’s equipment nameplates and custom data plates are designed to remain readable for the life of your part, even in the harshest environments. MPC nameplates bearing critical product names, health and safety warnings and equipment data are built to last just as well in unprotected exterior applications as they are in mild, controlled environments.

Our equipment nameplates, data plates and plastic nameplates offer tough performance through sustained outdoor exposure, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure and cleaning processes. MPC’s custom industrial nameplates also meet many Department of Defense and aerospace specifications, as well as other industry standards. Our advanced fabrication capabilities reduce your lead time and minimize costly tooling charges, while delivering nameplates to your exact specifications with the highest-value metal or plastic nameplate solution.


Find The Ideal Identification Products For Your Application

Explore our wide range of durable identification products, custom designed for your project, application or organization. Our product development team is on standby to design and build your perfect identification solution.

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Create Your Own Custom Nameplate, Data Plate, Label or Front Panel Design Online

The MPC Nameplate Designer is an online tool that you can use to easily create a design for any piece of identification, including custom nameplates for equipment, data plates, warning labels, asset tracking labels, control panel faceplates, overlays and signs.  Load a starting template and edit the elements to your specifications, or start from scratch and build your design.  Using this designer, you can set the dimensions, material, and add adhesive backing to your identification piece, and then add holes, cutouts, text, serial numbers, bar codes or QR codes, shapes, and even images and photos to your design.  Once the design is complete, you can save a PDF print of the design to download and share.

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Metalphoto® for Unmatched Durability and Graphic Capabilities

Our company name comes from Metalphoto photographic anodized aluminum, a proprietary metal substrate that gives our identification products unmatched durability and graphics capabilities. Metalphoto’s 3556 dpi, photographic resolution image offers graphic capabilities that other materials and printing methods simply cannot achieve.  Because the material is photographically imaged sub-surface rather than printed or painted or etched or engraved, the image combines photo quality capabilites with superior resistance to damage and degradation, even in extreme outdoor environments.

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Stainless Steel Nameplates

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Request a free evaluation kit today and we will send you a sample kit to test our durable identification products in your own operating environment.


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Keep on Trucking

MPC’s custom Metalphoto diesel tank data plates help AlumiTank truckers roll on.  Click the button below to see why Alumitank trusts Metalphoto for identification that will stand up to the harshest environmental coniditions on the road.

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Common Uses for Equipment Nameplates

Custom nameplates for equipment have a wide variety of uses in industries throughout the world. Some of the most critical applications are in the transportation industry where aircraft, boats, and trucks require the use of highly durable nameplates.

Industrial nameplates are also frequently used to tag manufacturing equipment in the energy and oil & gas industries. You will also find industrial nameplates and tags used for construction, HVAC, and commercial applications in the government, telecom, and technology fields. The following are a few of the uses for custom nameplates and data plates.

Safety Information

Keeping safety information visible and easily accessible for operators and staff is an important part of health and safety management. Information such as guidelines, warnings, limitations, and restrictions can be easily printed on custom safety nameplates and placed directly on equipment or posted in important locations. Industrial nameplates are also very useful for marking hazardous equipment, chemical cabinets, and other hardware.

Asset Tagging

Plant managers are often tasked with tracking and monitoring the assets that are located within the facility. Custom nameplates offer an effective solution for labeling assets with a durable tag that can also include useful information such as barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers. General property tags can also be used to mark nearly any item with important information about ownership or proper use. Asset tagging provides a high level of traceability for inventory control and plant management activities.

Equipment Identification

Durable data plates and nameplates are commonly used by businesses to mark the equipment they own with identifying information or important notifications. They’re especially useful for distributed fleets, such as trucks and buses that are geographically distributed during transit. Identification plates allow companies to label equipment with a common set of markings that can be easily identified by rotating drivers, maintenance staff, or customers.

Branding and Product Management

When a product is manufactured, it is commonly labeled with a series of labels, tags, or data plates that help the company convey important product information directly on the item. These data plates can be branded with a company logo in some cases and often provide useful details that the consumer should know. Some examples of the product information that is often included on such tags and data plates include model numbers, specifications, manufacturing information, and serial numbers.

Get Identification Designed For Your Industry

Our uniquely durable identification products can help solve industry specific challenges.  Discover more identification and interface solutions designed for assets in your industry. 

No Minimum Quantity, Get A Quote for Any Size Job

We have no minimum piece requirement. Our minimum production run is $400 per part number, excluding set-up fees/tooling. Contact us regarding your project.

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20 Years with No Problems

LeBlond Ltd. has been using Metalphoto of Cincinnati for at least 20 years with no problems. I never worry about the quality of product. We always receive competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

Ken Smith
LeBlond Ltd.

Quality Is Excellent

Quality is excellent, lead times are reasonable and pricing is competitive. Metalphoto of Cincinnati is outstanding at supplying our metal nameplates and labels, as well as addressing our needs and expectations as good as, if not better than, any of the other suppliers. MPC works well with helping us meet the demands of our customers.

Kerry Knebel

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See why industry leaders trust Metalphoto of Cincinnati to provide identification that is durable enough to last the life of their assets, even in the harshest environments. Explore our success stories. blog, guides, specification sheets and more.

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