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Durable labels, nameplates and instrument control panels for the aerospace industry.

Uniquely Durable Identification for Aerospace Applications

Aircraft and aerospace equipment demand high-performance, no-fail components – right down to the labels that identify them. Fluids, extreme temperatures, abrasion, corrosion and sunlight exposure threaten the readability of such identification items.


Find The Ideal Identification Products For Aerospace Applications Application

Many of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers and defense contractors, such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and NASA trust Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum for extremely durable, light-weight identification items. Our product development team is on standby to design and build your perfect identification solution.

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Create Your Own Nameplate, Data Plate, Label, or Front Panel Design Online

The MPC Nameplate Designer is an online tool that you can use to easily create a design for any piece of identification, including nameplates, data plates, warning labels, asset tracking labels, control panel faceplates, overlays and signs.  Load a starting template and edit the elements to your specifications, or start from scratch and build your design.  Using this designer, you can set the dimensions, material, and add adhesive backing to your identification piece, and then add holes, cutouts, text, serial numbers, bar codes or QR codes, shapes, and even images and photos to your design.  Once the design is complete, you can save a PDF print of the design to download and share.

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Specialized Material Options for Your Application

Metalphoto of Cincinnati offers nameplates in a variety of standard material options, including our proprietary Metalphoto®  substrate. Metalphoto is photosensitive anodized aluminum, which features a silver and black photographic image that is embedded within the sapphire-hard anodic layer of the aluminum. This combination gives a Metalphoto part an outdoor life of over 20 years, and makes it extremely resistant to damage or degradation from environmental factors like abrasion, UV fading, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and corrosion from saltwater exposure. The National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers (GPI) Industry Standards and Practices Manual identifies Metalphoto as the most durable printed aluminum substrate available, and it has been trusted by industry, government and military organizations like Caterpillar, The US Navy, NASA, and Boeing for over 50 years.  Metalphoto offers many unique features including:

  • Lasts over 20 years outdoors without fading or degradation.
  • Uniquely resistant to damage or degradation from environmental factors like abrasion, UV fading, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and corrosion from saltwater exposure.
  • Exceptional image resolution that allows for photo image, security and microprint options.
  •  Ability to support unique information, including a unique barcode or QR code and letter/number combination on every piece.
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Stainless Steel Nameplates

Request a Nameplate, Front Panel, Label & Tag Evaluation Kit

Request a free evaluation kit today and we will send you a sample kit to test our durable identification products in your own operating environment.

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Meeting The Toughest Aerospace Specifications

With superior resistance against abrasion, extreme temperatures, sunlight degradation, corrosion and chemicals, Metalphoto has proven outdoor durability of more than 20 years. This means Metalphoto is qualified by several aerospace industry leaders and government organizations.

Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company

Boeing Process Specification BAC5875, Fabrication of Aluminum Markers, Instrument Panels, Drawer Front Panels and Fabrication of Metal and Plastic Appliques

Lockheed Martin

LMA-PN010, Fabrication of UID Nameplates for Aircraft Items BF Goodrich Aerospace, Data Systems Division, Specification SMT0022


Johnson Space Center Texas, Space Station Inventory Label Specification – SSP 50007

Honeywell, Inc.

Satellite Systems Operations, Metalphoto approved for use on Space Station, Memorandum A3-J024-M-9501786, Laboratory Case 161311

Metalphoto® NADCAP Exemption

The establishment of the National Aerospace Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) in 1990 was a major step forward for cost and quality control in aerospace manufacturing. Since its inception, however,many material suppliers have received exemption from the NADCAP standards.Metalphoto has been exempted from NADCAP by Boeing, Cessna, Hamilton Sundstrand, Lockheed Martin and several others. This whitepaper explains why Metalphoto has been exempted; and why it is important for others to exempt Metalphoto from NADCAP.

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No Minimum Quantity, Get A Quote for Any Size Job

We have no minimum piece requirement. Our minimum production run is $400 per part number, excluding set-up fees/tooling. Contact us regarding your project.

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5 Star American Made Products

I have been buying products from Metalphoto of Cincinnati for more than 12 years now, never had any problem, very good products, high quality, and good communication.

Yovani Pinero

Competitive Prices, Fast Production, Friendly!

Not only was their pricing competitive, but the laser engraved metal plates were done quickly and looked excellent. Their team is great with communications, and the entire experience was outstanding. They’ve definitely earned a repeat customer with us!

Dawn C.

Create The Ideal Solution For Your Product Identification Needs

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal identification solution for your project or application, build it with Metalphoto of Cincinnati. Talk with our experienced sales engineers today.

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