Aircraft and aerospace equipment demand high-performance, no-fail components – right down to the labels that identify them. Fluids, extreme temperatures, abrasion, corrosion and sunlight exposure threaten the readability of such identification items.

Many of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers and defense contractors, such as Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and NASA trust Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum for extremely durable, light-weight identification items such as:

  • barcode & ID labels
  • dataplates
  • maintenance schematics
  • control panel faceplates

With superior resistance against abrasion, extreme temperatures, sunlight degradation, corrosion and chemicals, Metalphoto has proven outdoor durability of more than 20 years. That is because the Metalphoto image is sealed beneath a sapphire-hard anodic layer.Metalphoto is qualified by several aerospace and government organizations, including:

  • Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company, Boeing Process Specification BAC5875, Fabrication of Aluminum Markers, Instrument Panels, Drawer Front Panels and Fabrication of Metal and Plastic Appliques
  • Lockheed Martin, LMA-PN010, Fabrication of UID Nameplates for Aircraft Items
  • BF Goodrich Aerospace, Data Systems Division, Specification SMT0022
  • NASA, Johnson Space Center Texas, Space Station Inventory Label Specification – SSP 50007
  • Honeywell, Inc., Satellite Systems Operations, Metalphoto approved for use on Space Station, Memorandum A3-J024-M-9501786, Laboratory Case 161311

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