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Synergy At Its Best

Metalphoto of Cincinnati recognizes that combining skills and competencies, when done right, is more powerful than individual contribution. MPC has formed alliances and partnerships with industry champions of specialized applications. Our goal is to provide the highest value solution for your application requirements, even when we cannot meet those needs singularly.Contact MPC today to receive our best recommendation for your specialty application.

MPC’s Membrane Switch Partner: Pannam Imaging

Pannam Imaging


Pannam Imaging is a leading manufacturer of membrane switches.

Pannam’s application experience includes industrial controls, medical devices, telecommunication & networking equipment and test & measurement equipment.

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MPC’s Asset Tracking Partner: Camcode



Camcode is a recognized worldwide leader in durable barcode solutions. Since 1979, Camcode has specialized in the design and manufacture of durable barcode asset tags and UID labels for asset tracking and unique identification (UID) applications.

Camcode’s bar code asset tags improve the efficiency of asset tracking systems by eliminating errors caused during manual data collection and increasing data acquisition speed. Camcode’s bar code labels combined with proven attachment methods will satisfy the most demanding requirements.

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