Industrial Engines & Pumps


Industrial engines and pumps operate in sustained high-temperatures, vibration and fuel/lubricant exposure. Labeling of engines, pumps and their component parts is not only required by regulators, but imperative for the crews charged with maintaining equipment in the field. Faded, corroded or otherwise illegible nameplates and labels threaten the readability of identification items; impeding safe operation, costing companies downtime and leading to regulatory fines.

MPC’s Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum has been the material of choice for engine and pump labels and nameplates for more than 50 years.

Specified by industry leaders such as Caterpillar, Cummins and Stewart & Stevenson, Metalphoto has proven long-term durability. That is because the Metalphoto image is sealed beneath a sapphire-hard anodized layer, providing resistance to corrosion, sunlight degradation, abrasion, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure.

Metalphoto is used for the following engine and pump identification applications:

  • engine/component labels (including barcode labels)
  • operator faceplates/control panels
  • engine/pump nameplates
  • generator nameplates
  • mining equipment


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