Since 1958, architects and designers have specified Metalphoto® for high-value outdoor and indoor signage projects such as wayfinding, facades, blueprint reproductions, building certification plaques and donor recognition plates.

The unique appearance and feel of Metalphoto photosensitive anodized aluminum allows you to capture rich, photographic quality images inside of metal – providing unmatched longevity and the modern look of sub-surface printed anodized aluminum.

Because Metalphoto is a photographic process, its image resolution, clarity and durability are superior to printed or etched signs. The Metalphoto image is cleanable, graffiti-proof and impervious to sunlight and abrasion. Further, Metalphoto is designed for permanency – it will not fade or need to be replaced. If replacement is desired, Metalphoto is 100% recyclable.

Customized Metalphoto components can be made to your specifications. Sub-surface color can be added for indoor or short-term outdoor installations. Metalphoto is available in five finishes, and thicknesses of .003” to .125”.

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