Domed Labels & Tags

Danfoss Domed If you need your product identification to make a lasting impression, try MPC’s domed Labels & Tags. Clear liquid polyurethane is poured over the base material (typically polyester) to transform it into a 3D domed label that stands out from the crowd.

Polyester labels and tags are available in white, clear, and metalized finishes which can imitate chrome or gold, brushed metals such as stainless steel or aluminum, or a matte aluminum or chrome. The polyurethane resin is optically clear, abrasion resistant, won’t yellow over time, and has good UV and chemical resistance. Polyurethane can be produced with varying degrees of hardness and flexibility, depending on your project’s specifications.

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Product Specifications


.002" polyester face stock


Clear textured, matte, pigmented, metal, brushed metal, transparent colors.


Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.


Many fonts and design elements are available, as well as your company logo.


Color options available.

Standard Sizes:

Wide selection of standard sizes; custom sizes also available.


20-25 business days.