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50 Best Resources for Semi-Trailer and Truck Manufacturers

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    In recent years, quite a bit of attention has been paid to “the future of trucking.” Generally speaking, discussions about the future of the trucking industry focus heavily on the use of electric vehicles, as well as autonomous trucks. While the prospect of those two concepts might thrill or terrify you, depending upon your position in the industry, it’s important to stay abreast of all of the rest of the trucking and trailering evolutions happening now, from ultra-light builds to the latest in compliance.

    Fortunately, there is a wide range of resources available for semi trailer and truck manufacturers alike, in the form of blogs, articles, podcasts, and even forums. Below, you will find a list of 50 of the most useful resources for trucking manufacturers, all geared towards the issues and innovations of today’s manufacturing professionals. For your convenience, we’ve organized each resource alphabetically and by category. Please note: these resources aren’t ranked or rated in any way. 

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    Semi-Trailer and Truck Manufacturer Blogs

    1. Anster Trailer Blog

    Anster Trailer Blog

    The management of transport machinery, both in the field and in the factory, can be a complex challenge with seemingly countless considerations. As a leading supplier of heavy transporters in China, Anster Trailer offers a number of useful industry guides and posts on their website. They focus on topics including regulations, specifications, and other requirements that impact the industry.

    Three posts we like from the Anster Trailer Blog:

    2. Apex Capital Corp Trucking Blog

    Apex Capital Corp Trucking Blog

    For a company new to the transportation business, there are a number of basic requirements that you must complete to get up and running successfully. With their years of experience working with small to mid-size trucking companies, the Apex Capital Corp blog offers some great posts on subjects including trucking regulations, business operation, and industry news. They also offer a white paper guide for first-year trucking businesses.

    Three posts we like from Apex Capital Corp Trucking Blog:

    3. CLC News/Blog

    CLC News/Blog

    Being able to manage an extended fleet as part of your land transportation network requires a broad knowledge of the options available in today’s trucking industry. The team over at Contract Leasing Corp have put together a blog with topics ranging from fleet management to truck and trailer maintenance. They pull from their decades of experience working with numerous semi-trailer configurations and companies.

    Three posts we like from CLC News/Blog:

    4. DK Hosteler Blog

    DK Hosteler Blog

    In the trucking business, perhaps nothing is more important than understanding the machinery with which you work. Hostetler Truck Bodies & Trailers, an approved truck upfitter and subcontractor in Pennsylvania, offers some insightful posts about working on these vehicles and the suppliers who support them. Their content focuses on practical information for how trucks are utilized in today’s busy transportation climate.

    Three posts we like from DK Hosteler Blog:

    5. FleetOwner Trucks at Work Blog

    FleetOwner Trucks at Work Blog

    As truck and trailer manufacturers continue to develop their designs and manufacturing practices to meet changing requirements, there is a key need to understand how fleet management is evolving. The blog of FleetOwner contains lots of useful information on the important industry-wide topics of vehicle maintenance, information management, technology, industry regulations, and operations.

    Three posts we like from FleetOwner Trucks at Work Blog:

    6. KeepTruckin Blog

    KeepTruckin Blog

    The influence of data management on today’s fleets cannot be understated as there are considerations that impact manufacturers, fleet operators, and drivers. As a leading electronic logging device (ELD) and fleet management company, KeepTruckin uses its blog to share tips on ELD Compliance and HOS Rules, in addition to important industry news.

    Three posts we like from KeepTruckin Blog:

    7. Maclin Truck & Trailer Blog

    Maclin Truck & Trailer Blog

    Optimal vehicle maintenance goes a long way in ensuring a durable and reliable fleet. The fleet maintenance and repair experts at Maclin Truck & Trailer share their tips on tractor-trailer repair, roadside assistance, and mobile semi-truck servicing and towing.

    Three posts we like from Maclin Truck & Trailer Blog:

    8. NADA Commercial Truck Blog

    NADA Commercial Truck Blog

    You can understand a lot about the durability and demand for vehicles by tracking their popularity in both the new and used markets. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) offers a blog through J.D. Power that is focused on the commercial trucking industry with posts ranging from market analysis and forecasting to industry news and events.

    Three posts we like from NADA Commercial Truck Blog:

    9. NextTruck Blog

    NextTruck Blog

    With so many resources for trucking industry news, it can be hard to keep up with the latest information. Luckily, the blog at the truck and trailer sales website NextTruck offers daily updates on the latest major announcements from important players in truck, trailer, and transportation tech manufacturing.

    Three posts we like from NextTruck Blog:

    10. Overbilt Custom Trailer Blog

    Overbilt Custom Trailer Blog

    As each company manages its unique freight needs, the demand for customization continues to play an important role in vehicle design. Some of the popular designs in the industry frequently targeted for customization include tilt, flatbed, and fifth wheel trailers. The blog at trailer fabrication company Overbilt Trailers shares valuable industry know-how regarding some of these unique specifications and how to make the most out of your equipment.

    Three posts we like from Overbilt Custom Trailer Blog:

    11. Pedigree Truck Sales Blog

    Pedigree Truck Sales Blog

    From brakes to tires to trailers there are a lot of hardware and accessories that go into every vehicle of a logistics fleet. Check out the posts over at the Pedigree Truck & Trailer Sales website for some insights on maintenance considerations for the fleet manager, independent contractor, or owner operator. They cover many points regarding consumables and parts that might be useful for gaining market perspective.

    Three posts we like from Pedigree Truck Sales Blog:

    12. Raney’s Company and Trucking News Blog

    Raney's Company and Trucking News Blog

    The blog at Raneys Truck Parts is an interesting source for insights into the parts and accessories market of the semi-trailer and truck market. They post regular content about their company and insights into industry challenges among parts that impact trucking operations and logistics management.

    Three posts we like from Raney’s Company and Trucking Blog:

    13. SawaTruck Blog

    SawaTruck Blog

    Beyond standard configurations of semi-trucks and trailers, sometimes freight requirements can require unique trucks entirely. The blog at SawaTruck offers some posts that provide a nice description for some of these trucks and their operation considerations and features. It’s a good place to start for some ideas from the truck hardware perspective.

    Three posts we like from SawaTruck Blog:

    14. Semi Service, Inc. Blog

    Semi Service, Inc. Blog

    Putting trucks and trailers to work is what this industry is all about, and the blog at Semi Service has a number of posts that give real “on the road” insights into operating these vehicles. They cover a wide variety of topics such as landscaping, semi service projects, and snow seasons.

    Three posts we like from Semi Service, Inc. Blog:

    15. Smart-Trucking


    Nobody spends more time interacting with semi-trucks and trailers than the drivers themselves, so gaining their insights is important to understanding the fleet management industry overall. At the Smart Trucking blog, there are plenty of posts sharing tips and perspective on driving skills, truck repairs, and many other topics relevant to the industry.

    Three posts we like from Smart-Trucking:

    16. Today’s Heavy Duty Shop Blog

    Today's Heavy Duty Shop Blog

    Following the market trends of the logistics management industry is a big task with innovations happening at an ever-increasing pace. Over at Today’s Heavy Duty Shop, they report on the latest technology and hardware developments that have the opportunity to disrupt the industry and improve operations. It includes a good mix of industry news around topics like autonomous vehicles, fuel cells, and green technology.

    Three posts we like from Today’s Heavy Duty Shop Blog:

    17. TruckingInfo On the Road Blog

    TruckingInfo On the Road Blog

    The driver is certainly the center of any discussion on roadside safety and proper operation of a semi-truck and trailer. The On the Road blog over at Trucking Info does a nice job of covering industry news while also giving some very direct insights from the driver’s perspective. Any fleet operator or industry player who is keen to understand drivers are sure to get an idea or two from this website.

    Three posts we like from TruckingInfo On the Road Blog:

    18. The Trucking Network Blog

    The Trucking Network Blog

    The Trucking Network is a Canadian website that publishes content with topics relevant to the driver, logistics managers, and hardware manufacturers in the industry. Most of the posts are focused directly on challenges the trucking industry faces and what various organizations and entities are doing about them. Their writers share not only insights relevant to the Canadian market but also across all of North America.

    Three posts we like from The Trucking Network Blog:

    19. TruckingOffice Blog

    TruckingOffice Blog

    There are a lot of fleet operators and fleet management companies out there and they are at the center of all industry topics from suppliers through customers. Owner-operated trucking software company TruckingOffice offers informative posts that cover some of the key drivers that impact cost, time and organization for trucking business owners.

    Three posts we like from TruckingOffice Blog:

    20. Trucknews.com Blogs

    Trucknews.com Blogs

    Sometimes, a blog that covers a wide array of topics from a specific perspective can be very helpful. This digital version of the Truck News periodical has articles that cover the Canadian trucking industry with a focus on fleet management.  They also offer some unique in-depth guides on specific topics like spill response and vehicle maintenance.

    Three posts we like from Trucknews.com Blogs:

    21. TruckLogics Blog

    TruckLogics Blog

    Having a look at the resources available to truck drivers and trucking management companies can give you a peek inside the operations and challenges they face. The blog at TruckLogics, a trucking management software company, covers a lot of the latest tools, software options, and training available.

    Three posts we like from TruckLogics Blog:

    22. Truck Paper Blog

    Truck Paper Blog

    For covering trucking industry topics overall, it’s good to have a few resources that can keep you up to speed on the latest news and trends.  The website Truck Paper is packed with daily articles with announcements from major suppliers about recent hardware and technology offerings. It provides a good resource to stay informed on the latest developments in semi-trailer and truck manufacturing.

    Three posts we like from Truck Paper Blog:

    23. Women In Trucking Blog

    Women In Trucking Blog

    The blog at the non-profit organization, The Women In Trucking Association, offers both industry news and also insights into the workplace with topics important to effective transportation and logistics management. It’s a great resource for insights into the increasing influence of women in the trucking business and useful resources for making the most of your operation.

    Three posts we like from Women In Trucking Blog:

    Articles for Semi-Trailer and Truck Manufacturers

    24. 4 Ways to Maximize Uptime

    Freightliner Blog and Newsletters

    Properly managing fleet maintenance is important to keeping vehicles on the road and maximizing uptime. In this article for the Freightliner Trucks blog from Daimler, the author offers four important areas to address as part of your maintenance activities. It’s about finding the right balance between preventive and reactive activities and this list highlights some important considerations.

    Three key points from 4 Ways to Maximize Uptime:

    • Proactively managing scheduled maintenance and inspections of vehicle fleets is a must
    • Pre-trip vehicle inspections are a critical component for removing safety risks
    • Using vehicles with remote diagnostic capabilities can reduce maintenance stops and increase fleet productivity

    25. The Complete Guide to FMCSA, NHTSA & Other Regulations for Truck Manufacturers

    The Complete Guide to FMCSA, NHTSA & Other Regulations for Truck Manufacturers

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is at the forefront of managing semi-truck and trailer road safety, but there are also a number of other organizations that can impact the manufacturing and operation of these vehicles. The MPC website offers this detailed guide: “The Complete Guide to FMCSA, NHTSA & Other Regulations for Truck Manufacturers,” which offers a full picture of current guidelines relevant to the industry.

    Three key points from The Complete Guide to FMCSA, NHTSA & Other Regulations for Truck Manufacturers:

    • There are some FMCSA regulations that may apply directly to the vehicle manufacturing process and should not be overlooked
    • The NHTSA issues regular updates regarding proposed and final rule change and should be followed closely for topics that may impact your operation
    • When working with container shipping, some manufacturers must comply with requirements for convention for safe containers (CSC) plates that go beyond standard VIN regulations

    26. Impact of Climate Change on the Trucking Industry

    Impact of Climate Change on the Trucking Industry

    There is certain to be debate regarding the which activities impact the climate. but there is no doubt that it is changing. These changes could have a dramatic effect on future road conditions, fuel costs, and other factors that have a direct impact on the trucking industry. This post from All Trucking, “Impact of Climate Change on the Trucking Industry,” highlights why this is important and what the industry can do to best prepare.

    Three key points from the Impact of Climate Change on the Trucking Industry:

    • The trucking industry must focus on sustainability and emergency preparedness to best prepare for environmental changes
    • Extreme weather does more damage to roads and there is the potential for a future increase in pothole damage and other deterioration
    • There is little consensus among the transportation industry community regarding climate change impact and more dialogue and awareness is needed

    27. Top 5 Technology and Innovation Trends Revolutionizing Trucking Now

    Top 5 Technology and Innovation Trends Revolutionizing Trucking Now

    New innovations are impacting every industry in today’s world and trucking is no exception. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out where the trends are headed and how to prepare your operations to realize the biggest efficiency improvements. In this post from the Transmetric blog, “Top 5 Technology and Innovation Trends Revolutionizing Trucking Now,” the author highlights how some of the most popular technologies stand to impact trucking operations in the near and long term.

    Three key points from Top 5 Technology and Innovation Trends Revolutionizing Trucking Now:

    • Big data is having an important impact on the industry and has a direct relationship on efficient delivery that should not be overlooked
    • As more self-driving trucks are introduced there could actually be an increase in trucking jobs as a result
    • The method of driving multiple trucks in a continuous line along the same route, called platooning, is a major trend for future fleet efficiency gains

    28. Top 25 Trailer Builders and Manufacturers

    Top 25 Trailer Builders and Manufacturers

    If you are looking to brush up on production developments among players in semi-truck and trailer manufacturing, there are a few resources that have taken the time to collect notable industry figures. In this roundup post from MPC, “Top 25 Trailer Builders and Manufacturers,” they list some recent production data and important company announcements from the leading trailer manufacturers in the industry.

    Three key points from Top 25 Trailer Builders and Manufacturers:

    • East Manufacturing Company made the largest gains in all-aluminum flatbed production in 2017 by 46% to 1,349 platforms
    • Manac recently acquired the former Peerless Ltd plant in British Columbia, which produces forestry, logging, and heavy-haul trailers
    • Stoughton Trailers has opened a new refrigerated trailer assembly line in Evansville, WI with a production capacity of 2,500 units/year

    29. Trailer Output Report and Archive

    Trailer Output Report and Archive

    How production data is summarized and interpreted can make all the difference in understanding industry status and noticing trends.  The Trailer Output Report compiled annually by Trailer/Body Builders combines a high-level overview of industry production trends with detailed information about each of the top manufacturers. They also include a summary chart of each year’s production numbers for a quick view.

    Three key points from Trailer Output Report and Archive:

    • The production numbers in 2017 were slightly stronger than 2016 but below build levels in 2015 indicating good, steady production
    • The largest builder in 2017 was Hyundai Translead with 60,329 trailers manufactured between their two factories in North America.
    • Of the builders who reported numbers in 2017, 16 reported increased production numbers and 11 reported decreased numbers versus 2016

    30. Trailer Trends: Technology Driving Change in Vehicles

    Trailer Trends: Technology Driving Change in Vehicles

    Technology trends in the semi-trailer and truck industry are focused on reducing costs and increasing the safety of these vehicles and their operation. In this post from Trailer/Body Builders, “Trailering Trends: Technology Driving Change in Vehicles,” the author does a nice job of summarizing how electrification, self-driving vehicles, and other major innovations are expected to impact the trucking industry.

    Three key points from Trailer Trends: Technology Driving Change in Vehicles:

    • Some of the most recent technology systems being discussed are trailer towing technology, ultrasonic sensors, radar- and lidar-equipped vehicles.
    • The LiDAR technology, using infrared lasers is the most accurate sensing method being developed but may be cost prohibitive for many operations for some time
    • Vehicles will likely have so much embedded technology that trailers could simply focus on increased radar sensing through radar tape and other complementary tech

    31. Most Popular Trucks in America

    Most Popular Trucks in America

    Seeing the annual ranking of the most popular trucks each year (in terms of sales) is a great view of consumer preferences within the trucking industry. Fleet managers and drivers often have strong opinions about what they drive and this post from the Trucker Path blog, “Most Popular Trucks in America,” has a nice overview of the best-selling models and producers in the US.

    Three key points from Most Popular Trucks in America:

    • The top-selling semi-truck in America is Freightliner selling over 190,000 trucks annually
    • The Peterbilt 379 is one of the most popular semi-trucks on the market
    • Although fifth in terms of the American truck market, Volvo is the second largest heavy-duty truck producer in the world

    32. Trucking Shortage: Buckle Up for Worsening Conditions

    Trucking Shortage: Buckle Up for Worsening Conditions

    There are some major headwinds being tracked in the industry and a trucking shortage, if fully realized, could be a big one. The article, “Trucking Shortage: Buckle Up for Worsening Conditions,” from Inbound Logistics explains the impact that electronic logging device (ELD) requirements have had on operational truck numbers in the United States since late 2017. It could be a lingering issue into 2019 or beyond.

    Three key points from Trucking Shortage: Buckle Up for Worsening Conditions:

    • Soft implementation of ELD ended in mid-2018 and stringent controls are rolling out with fines and other enforcement likely for failing to comply
    • Importers and exporters should build flexibility into their supply chain schedules to account for delays in shipping
    • New truck orders will help to mitigate a shortage by bringing more compliant vehicles quickly into service, monitoring these delivery numbers is important

    33. What’s the Future of Electric Vehicles in Trucking?

    What’s the Future of Electric Vehicles in Trucking?

    Electric vehicles are becoming more and more advanced and it could be as soon as 5 years that prices for electric alternatives could compete directly with combustion engines. In this post from MPC, “What’s the Future of Electric Vehicles in Trucking?” the author points to the biggest drivers impacting the current and future state of electric technology in the trucking industry.

    Three key points we like from What’s the Future of Electric Vehicles in Trucking?:

    • Fuel accounts for approx. 24 percent of operating costs and the risk of fluctuating fuel prices is a big driver pushing interest in electric alternatives
    • The payoff for electric vehicles is still a stretch for most companies and there is an expectation that by 2025 costs should drop enough to be directly competitive with combustion engines
    • The largest orders for electric vehicles currently come from the richest companies and if they can set the trend and see returns, others are likely to follow

    Semi-Trailer and Truck Manufacturer Podcasts

    34. Ask the Trucker LIVE w/ Allen Smith

    Ask the Trucker LIVE w/ Allen Smith

    Podcasts are a great way to hear from industry leaders and the Ask The Trucker “Live” podcast on Blog Talk Radio is filled with content that addresses many topics relevant to drivers in the trucking industry. The host Kevin Smith leads discussions about health, careers, and regulations impacting drivers highlight important issues that truckers faces and how everyone in the supply chain can do their part to improve the industry.

    Three episodes we like from Ask the Trucker LIVE w/ Allen Smith:

    35. BigRigBanter


    Looking at all this data and industry information can be tedious and sometimes it’s nice to listen to a good story.  At the BigRigBanter podcast, sponsored by AllTruckJobs.com, the hosts Lenay and Troy dive into real stories and insider conversations with trucking professionals. They are entertaining while also being informative and cover a broad range of topics.

    Three episodes we like from BigRigBanter:

    36. Let’s Truck

    Let's Truck

    If you’re looking for some good commentary from drivers in the industry and have some time to listen in, there’s a great option on SiriusXM. Kevin Rutherford hosts the Trucking Business & Beyond on Road Dog Truckin radio (SiriusXM channel 146) where he has a daily chat with drivers and professionals across the industry.

    An archive of past episodes is available for Sirius subscribers.

    37. PrePass


    How technology impacts driver efficiency is a great topic and there is a lot of growing interest in future developments. In the Eyes on the Road podcast from PrePass, the topics range from green technologies to fuel savings to highway safety and the guests, from many parts of the industry, share their take on how to make trucking better for everyone.

    Three episodes we like from PrePass:

    38. Rates & Lanes

    Rates & Lanes

    Independent carriers survive by managing costs and finding ways to improve their profitability over time.  The Atlanta based husband and wife team Rico and Lasanya Muhammad, owners of Crescent Carriers LLC, have inside knowledge of what it’s like to run an independent carrier and they focus their discussions on ways to improve your bottom line while improving your operation.

    Three episodes we like from Rates & Lanes:

    39. Rolling Toe Show

    Rolling Toe Show

    It’s nice to find a resource out there that is laser-focused and can dive deep into a topic that is important to the industry. The Rolling Toe podcast hosted by Mike and Kevin Beckett on Blog Talk Radio covers everything and anything related to tire wear and handling issues that impact the trucking Industry.

    Three episodes we like from Rolling Toe Show:

    40. Trucker Dump – A Trucking Podcast

    Trucker Dump--A Trucking Podcast

    There is a lot of ground to cover in the trucking industry and it’s always great to hear directly from a driver. On the Trucker Dump podcast, the host and truck driver Todd McCann talks about just about anything that impacts his life on the road. There are some funny views, insights, and information about key industry developments. It’s a real inside view into his thoughts and a great resource.

    Three episodes we like from Trucker Dump – A Trucking Podcast:

    41. Trucking Podcast

    Trucking Podcast

    Hosted by Buck Ballard, Trucking Podcast is a show that is geared towards the interests of experienced long-haul truckers and serves as a valuable insight into the minds of the professionals who operate the vehicles. The show is an enjoyable listen and one that includes plenty of humor, captivating anecdotes, and real-world tips sprinkled throughout.

    Three episodes we like from Trucking Podcast:

    42. Trucking with Authority

    Trucking with Authority

    Trucking with Authority is a podcast that inspires those working in the trucking industry to “change [their] perspective” and to adopt the “CEO mindset.” Unsurprisingly, the show features plenty of behind-the-scenes topics, with many focusing in on the realities as well as the innovations occurring in the field’s ever-evolving manufacturing sector.

    Three episodes we like from Trucking with Authority:

    43. America’s Truckin Network

    America's Truckin Network

    Trucking industry expert Steve Sommers hosts America’s Truckin Network, a free show available for exclusive listen and download on iHeartRADIO. The daily show is comprised of five hours of news, banter, conversation, and music, all geared towards both truckers and all working in the trucking industry (manufacturers included).

    Archived episode lists are available on a week-to-week basis.

    Forums for Semi-Truck and Trailer Manufacturers

    44. ExpeditersOnline.com Forum

    ExpeditersOnline.com Forum

    Expediters Online is a large, established, and well-known resource in the trucking community. Its free forums are mainly geared towards operators, but there are also plenty of boards that serve as meeting places for carriers, designers, engineers, and all-around problem-solvers.

    Three key topics from ExpeditersOnline.com Forum:

    45. TruckPaper.com Forums

    TruckPaper.com Forums

    Trucker Paper is a longstanding industry resource, which includes plenty in the way of articles, news, editorial posts, and more. The site’s diverse forum options all serve as a meeting place for those working in the trucking and trailering industries, from strategists to operators, business owners and beyond.

    Three key topics from TruckPaper.com Forums:

    46. Reddit r/Truckers

    Reddit r/Truckers

    Reddit is one of the biggest internet forums around and for good reason.  There is a large and very active user base over at the Truckers Subreddit and you can find information ranging from pictures from the road, industry questions, and commentary on trucking news topics. It’s got a good mix of a variety of content covering all aspects of life on the road.

    Three key topics from Reddit r/Truckers:

    47. TruckersForum.net


    If you are looking for detailed discussions from all things technical to daily industry news The Truckers Forum has you covered.  There are subforums for a range of trucking topics including diesel fuel, truck manufacturers, and truck maintenance, with a large base of users and thousands of threads to browse.

    Three key topics from TruckersForum.net:

    48. RoadTrucker Forum


    Another great place to find some ongoing conversations about the trucking industry is the forum at RoadTrucker. There are over twenty sub-forums that cover a nice variety of topics. Three of the most active threads are the ‘owner-operator,’ ‘trucking regulations,’ and ‘trucking news.’ It also has a lengthy archive of older posts with interesting trucking topics.

    Three key topics from TruckersMP:

    49. Truckers Report Forum

    Truckers Report Forum

    There’s plenty of information out there about the largest trucking companies but very few resources that house detailed discussions all in a single place. Over at the Trucking Company forums at The Truckers Report, there are sub-forums for nearly all of the major trucking companies with detailed threads covering an inside look from drivers and operators. It’s sure to give you an inside look into these routes and operations.

    Three key topics from Trucker Report Forum:

    50. TruckingTruth Forum

    TruckingTruth Forum

    Following a trucking forum with a lot of driver engagement gives you some great insights into challenges facing the industry and how trucking companies are operating. The Trucker’s Forum at TruckingTruth has quite a few interesting sub-forums on industry topics. Two nice things about their forum are the ability to view a list of all topic tags and also a curated thread of the best comments received over time.

    Three key topics from TruckingTruth Forum:

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