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Railroads need to manage a variety of assets ranging from repair equipment to locomotives. Proper asset management is a must for effective maintenance, but in many cases, it’s also required for compliance. Instead of managing assets manually, more organizations are embracing intelligent railroad asset management software systems.

If you’re looking for an asset management system tailored to the unique needs of rail, this top 25 list is a helpful resource for finding a reputable software solution that pairs seamlessly with a durable railroad asset label solution. In this guide, we’ll explain the key features of solutions such as:

  • Railroad trackAsset
  • ENSCO TrackIT
  • Railinc
  • Visio Stack
  • Loc8
  • TekTracking
  • Wabtec

… and many more. Speed up maintenance tasks, reduce overhead costs, and boost compliance by opting for these railroad asset management software systems.

In this article:

25 Best Railroad Asset Management Software Systems

1. Thales



Thales offers much more than simple asset management. It offers signaling solutions for mainline rail, supervision tools, and even fare collection management.

TIRIS is Thales’ smart maintenance platform that tracks all assets and their associated maintenance tasks. It offers real-time analytics and automation to help you manage maintenance tasks, improve asset lifespans, and save time.

Key features:

  • AI-powered video intelligence for measuring crowd density
  • TIRIS Smart Maintenance
  • Data-driven operation control center (OCC) tools

2. ENSCO TrackIT



ENSCO’s TrackIT product is a web-based railroad asset management software system. It also automates inspection data management, which makes it a perfect solution for compliance management for rail.

TrackIT combines tonnage, speed, infrastructure, track geometry, and maintenance history data to create intuitive reports for rail teams. If you want additional features, ENSCO also has solutions for data management, scheduling, data processing, and more.

Key features:

  • Real-time condition monitoring
  • Host on-site or via ENSCO web hosting plans
  • Virtual track walks

3. Trapeze



Trapeze monitors all asset lifecycles and the capital spend associated with them. As an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution, Trapeze bills itself as the best solution for maintaining proper repair schedules and managing funds.

Trapeze is one of the few EAMs designed specifically for public transportation, so if you’re required to meet stringent public safety standards, this solution is best suited for your organization.

Key features:

  • Rail infrastructure management
  • Asset configuration
  • Trapeze mobile EAM application

4. ServiceMax



ServiceMax offers solutions for a range of industries, including rail. Use this software to track your asset configurations, manage workforce resources, and manage operational compliance. Rely on ServiceMax’s combined asset and field service management features to control costs without compromising on performance.

Key features:

  • Configuration management
  • Track and signal test inspections
  • Cloud-based software with offline access

5. Transmetriq



Transmetriq is a Railinc-owned rail management system (RMS). It offers real-time visibility into all rail operations, eliminating inefficiencies across your infrastructure. Use its asset management tool to monitor your entire fleet in one place, set up custom notifications, and benchmark your performance against other rail companies.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive visibility into 600+ railroads across North America
  • AI predictive insights and failure predictions
  • Lease management

6. Alstom



Alstom prides itself on offering eco-friendly rail solutions to businesses across the globe. While you can rely on Alstom to pull real-time analytics on your rail cars, it offers much more than that. In fact, this provider will handle your physical infrastructure and software setups, too.

Key features:

  • Services for infrastructure setup and green retrofitting
  • Automatic train operation
  • Real-time asset performance metrics

7. Hitachi Rail


Hitachi Rail

Hitachi Rail offers intelligent asset management to support the safe planning of railway infrastructure. This IoT platform pulls real-time analytics to optimize your asset performance through wireless condition sensors. If you want an all-in-one solution, Hitachi Rail also offers services for signaling, rolling stock, rail components, and more.

Key features:

  • Wheelset vibration management
  • IoT-enabled rail sensors
  • Maintenance scheduling

8. Geoforce



Geoforce produces asset trackers that are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Geoforce software allows you to remotely monitor boxcars, tankers, and hoppers via GPS with incredible accuracy so you can easily recover all assets.

Key features:

  • Remote location tracking with satellite and cellular networks
  • Utilization and telemetry reports
  • Automatically timeline and invoice generation

9. Railroad trackAsset


Railroad trackAsset

Railroad is one of the most trusted companies in railroad asset management. trackAsset is an enterprise-level solution designed for rail providers who need to meet regulatory requirements. Track signals, bridges, locomotives, switches, tracks, and more in its user-friendly platform.

Best of all, trackAsset allows you to customize forms, user permissions, and assets in the system.

Key features:

  • Asset photo hosting
  • Digital work orders
  • Inspection and maintenance scheduling

10. Arcadis Gen


Arcadis Gen

Arcadis Gen’s software is designed to improve reliability while reducing maintenance costs. Integrate data from embedded sensors to view asset performance data across your entire infrastructure to find potential points of failure.

Key features:

  • Data capture and risk management reports
  • Maintenance forecasting and materials cost optimization
  • Preventive maintenance models and work order templates

11. Kontron


Kontron is a linear asset management (LAM) solution that brings all railway networks, assets, reports, and forecasts into one platform. Organizations use this modular railroad asset management software system to boost asset lifespans through smart asset condition monitoring.

Since it’s modular, you’re also free to customize Kontron to your unique use case.

Key features:

  • 24/7 real-time smart sensor monitoring
  • Integrations with ERP, GIS, DWS, and other systems
  • Maintenance scheduling and asset documentation

12. Siemens



Siemens is a technology company that serves a variety of industries. Its rail management solution, Siemens Xcelerator, maximizes the value of rail assets. Xcelerator combines maintenance, communications, signaling, and financial systems into one platform to simplify rail management.

Key features:

  • AI-based asset management plans (AMPs)
  • Renewal forecasting and triggering
  • Real-time asset health statuses

13. geoAMPS



geoAMPS is an IrthSolutions product that offers help with a different type of asset: land. Land acquisition and management are huge hurdles for rail projects, especially in urban areas. If you’re planning to build a new rail project, geoAMPS is a helpful tool for managing this often overlooked asset.

Key features:

  • Budgeting features for each stage of land acquisition
  • Mobile-friendly setup and offline access
  • Real-time dashboards and reports

14. Asset Infinity


Asset Infinity

Asset Infinity is a robust asset management tool with a range of use cases for different industries. While it doesn’t specialize just in rail, its enterprise asset management features are perfect for rail asset management.

Tag assets with RFID tags to track their locations in real-time and access all asset management features on the go with the Asset Infinity mobile app.

Key features:

  • Automated asset management workflows
  • Real-time GPS monitoring
  • Asset maintenance history tracking

15. Zedas


Zedas Asset is a railway-specific linear asset management system (LAM). This solution balances financial returns with safe rail performance. Use Zedas Asset to manage not just your rail systems but also supportive infrastructure like bridges and lighting systems.

It’s also advanced enough to detect weak points in your infrastructure and calculate their remaining lifespan so you can prioritize maintenance.

Key features:

  • Personnel and maintenance planning
  • Visualized performance dashboards
  • Third-party integrations

16. Visio Stack


isio Stack

Visio Stack offers linear asset management, RailLinks AI, and RailLinks Predict to streamline railroad asset management. The LAM gives you an integrated view of all assets and their conditions, while RailLinks AI gathers intelligent insights about your assets via video streams.

RailLinks Predict gathers data and visualizes the results in real-time to offer actionable insights.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based workflows and automation
  • Maintenance planning and staff scheduling
  • Asset condition data tracking

17. CloudMoyo



CloudMoyo isn’t just a railroad asset management software system. It’s a complete rail transportation suite that manages crews, assets, and compliance through the power of machine learning and AI.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based platform
  • Compliance management
  • Revenue management

18. Railinc



Railinc is one of the most reputable rail management companies in the world. While it offers an impressive number of tools for the rail industry, its Asset Manager is the perfect tool for asset management. See fleet health summaries, asset locations, and statuses in one intuitive dashboard.

Key features:

  • Acoustic and location data
  • Asset health data summaries
  • API integrations

19. Wabtec



Wabtec provides equipment, components, services, and digital intelligence for locomotives. Its asset performance management features make 24/7/365 remote monitoring possible at scale.

Wabtec provides custom analytics, asset health scores, geofencing location tracking, and much more to boost railroad efficiency. If you ever need hands-on assistance, Wabtech also offers process consultations and performance upgrades.

Key features:

  • View all locomotive configurations and operating conditions
  • Proprietary “Rx” repair features
  • Imminent failure early detection

20. AltexSoft



AltexSoft is a technology company that specializes in solutions for travel. Its transportation solutions include routing and scheduling, accounting, dispatching, shipments, and more.

AltexSoft also offers custom engineering support if you need professional assistance with overhauling your digital rail systems.

Key features:

  • Customer-facing mobile applications
  • Maintenance management
  • Asset tracking and status reporting

21. Loc8



Loc8 offers asset and component management for rail operators. It also gives you access to intelligent automation tools and fault management tools to identify and fix potential issues in your infrastructure before they cause problems.

If you want additional tools, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) or computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), Loc8 also offers these solutions as add-ons. Together, these systems create one cohesive dashboard that simplifies railroad asset management.

Key features:

  • Asset maintenance
  • Fixed asset management
  • Defect and problem management

22. Boom


Boom’s Rail Asset product gives you real-time updates on the condition of every vehicle in your fleet. It helps railroad operators improve availability and reliability while decreasing maintenance costs.

Rail Asset stores all operational processes within the software system, which ensures transparency and uniformly compliant documentation. Trust this system to log all technical, logistical, and commercial factors for each asset, at all times.

Keep in mind that, while other railroad asset managers include component tracking, Boom only provides it as an add-on module.

Key features:

  • ECM compliant
  • Workshop order planning and maintenance notifications
  • Component management

23. TekTracking



TekTracking has solutions for condition monitoring, yard automation, and connected crossings, in addition to a robust linear asset management tool. Its LAM comes with applications for inspecting tracks, bridges, buildings, power sources, and signal crossings.

Key features:

  • Sensor-generated data analytics
  • Historical records and real-time operating information
  • Worker scheduling

24. Trimble



Trimble offers infrastructure monitoring, remote diagnostics, and asset maintenance management for rail operators. Its asset lifecycle management solution can help you manage assets through maintenance and repairs to ensure both reliability and compliance.

If you need to track critical components, Trimble E2M gives you control over preventive and corrective maintenance in a single view. Track all suppliers, warranties, and assets in one dashboard alongside your maintenance workflows.

Key features:

  • Automated condition inspections
  • Reliability-centered maintenance
  • Root cause failure analysis

25. Mermec


Mermec offers data analysis, reporting, and asset inventory tools for railroad operators. It’s a cloud-based solution that offers flexible reports on all your railway line’s assets.

Mermec makes predictive maintenance a breeze thanks to intelligent sensors and state-of-the-art data reports. Mermec also offers services to help you measure and analyze the current state of your infrastructure—all without the need to scale up internally.

Key features:

  • Real-time and post-processing software solutions
  • Data storage and custom reporting
  • Inventory setup

Pairing Your Railroad Asset Management Software System with Durable Asset Tags and Labels

These 25 leading railroad asset management systems provide a solid foundation for tracking equipment, assets, maintenance, performance monitoring, and many other benefits to streamline your railroad operations. These solutions integrate with durable asset labels and tags to identify passenger and freight railcars, locomotives, maintenance-of-way and inspection equipment.

Durable labels help to identify railroad assets as property, provide operating instructions, track asset location and lifecycle, and more, making them an integral component of your asset management program. Given the environmental conditions many railroad assets are exposed to, you need a durable asset labeling solution like Metalphoto® anodized aluminum barcode labels and tags.

Metalphoto® asset tags can withstand the same conditions as the assets they’re attached to while remaining readable after years of exposure to harsh environments. They offer excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, humidity, weather, UV and other outdoor conditions, abrasion, industrial solvents, and chemicals, offering an expected exterior lifespan of 20+ years even under extreme conditions. Request a free Railroad ID and Tracking Tag Evaluation Kit to discover how Metalphoto® asset tags can hold up to your operating environment, or request a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is railroad asset management software used for?

Railroad asset management software helps rail companies manage, monitor, and optimize their physical assets. This includes:

  • Rolling stock like locomotives
  • Tracks
  • Bridges
  • Signals

The software tracks the condition, location, and performance of these assets to make it easier to schedule maintenance, forecast replacements, and boost efficiency.

Why do railroads use asset management software?

Railroads use asset management software for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: Asset management streamlines operations by offering real-time insights into asset health.
  • Cost savings: Asset management reduces unexpected breakdowns and high maintenance costs by adopting predictive maintenance models.
  • Compliance: Railroads keep up with regulatory and industry standards by maintaining accurate asset records.

How long does it take to implement railroad asset management software?

Implementation timelines vary based on the complexity of the railroad’s operations, the size of its asset base, and desired software features. For smaller operations, implementation can take a few weeks. However, large rail networks might need several months or even a year to fully implement a railroad asset management software system.

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