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Variable Data Barcodes

Key Features and Benefits of Metalphoto Tracking Capabilities

Our products feature superior durability because they are created using our proprietary Metalphoto® substrate. Metalphoto is photosensitive anodized aluminum which is a photographic image that is embedded within the sapphire-hard anodic layer of the aluminum. This combination gives a Metalphoto part an outdoor life of over 20 years, and an uncommonly high 3556 DPI resolution image capable of supporting variable data and barcodes and tracking codes of many different symbologies.

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The Benefits of Barcodes

A key advantage of Metalphoto is the ability to print durable, unique barcodes used for tracking assets and inventory or linking critical information to your products. Barcoding is uniquely beneficial to each customer, with the function assigned by you, for your distinctive purposes. It’s Metalphoto’s ability to combine the functionality of barcoding with industrial durability that makes it unique. Some common applications for barcode labels are:

  • Asset & Inventory Tracking
  • Rental Assets
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Compliance & Inspection
  • Instruction & Procedure
  • Advertising

How Barcode Tracking Helped One Company

Barcode Types and Features

Linear Barcodes

A first generation, “one dimensional” barcode that is made up of lines and spaces of various widths that create specific patterns. Linear barcodes link to a database and store text-based information. They are readable with a barcode scanner and can be read by most smartphones. These barcodes have many uses including inventory management, equipment maintenance, and asset tracking.

2D Barcodes

A two-dimensional way to represent information. It is similar to a linear (1-dimensional) barcode, but can represent more data per unit area. Data matrix and QR codes are both examples of 2D barcodes. These codes link to a website and are scannable by any smartphone and in any direction. Scanning the code can grant access to many different forms of information, including:

  • Documents
  • Manuals
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Instructions

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Your Partner for Variable Information and Tracking 

Variable data is essential when you are attempting to track inventory, differentiate one asset from another, or link to more detailed information regarding an asset. MPC is accustomed to managing small and large data files, and printing labels and tags with variable data – whether they contain human-readable information, or any of the barcode symbologies commonly used today. No need to worry about missing numbers – orders are shipped in sequential order, in rolls or boxes.

Create The Ideal Solution For Your Product Identification Needs

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal identification solution for your project or application, build it with Metalphoto of Cincinnati. Talk with our experienced sales engineers today.
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