Bar Codes vs. QR Codes: What’s the difference?

Guide to Barcodes vs. QR Codes: In-Depth Comparison and Analysis of Both Label Types

Use Bar Codes to Link to a Data Base

The use of bar codes greatly improves the accuracy of data collection processes such as inventory management, equipment maintenance, and asset tracking. Paired with the right barcode scanning system, barcode labels will consistently deliver increased efficiency and productivity by minimizing errors, saving time, and reducing costs. More on the benefits of barcodes: How Barcodes Work to Increase Efficiency: Reducing Human Error, Optimizing Data Entry, and More

QR Codes to Link to a URL

Use a QR code to give your customers access to critical documents associated to your product or asset out in the field with any smartphone. Wherever your product is in use, customers can access information such as service manuals, troubleshooting videos, spare part lists/stores, warranty information, or technician contact information in the field – where and when they are needed.

View these case studies for examples of how you may use QR codes:

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