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Electrical wire labels are crucial for safety and compliance, providing essential information for identifying and repairing electrical control panels other electrical components.  These labels identify the manufacturer for a piece of equipment or component, the date it was manufactured, and the item’s serial number or model number, as well as critical information for working with these components such as load rating, electrical specifications, instructions for safe operation and maintenance, and other required data.

MPC’s electrical wire labels are available in metal or plastic. In applications requiring permanent product or process information, Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum is typically used. With a photographic image sealed inside the anodized aluminum, Metalphoto offers excellent durability. Offering superior resistance to corrosion, degradation from sunlight exposure, abrasion, chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures, Metalphoto electrical wire labels remain readable throughout the life of your assets.

Why Choose MPC’s Electrical Wire Labels?

  • Withstands years of exposure to extreme heat, humidity, UV, salt spray, abrasion, industrial solvents, chemicals and more.
  • Photosensitive anodized aluminum face stock seals images beneath a sapphire-hard anodic layer.
  • Specified for many military standards and aerospace applications.
  • Proclaimed as the most durable aluminum substrate by the National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers (GPI).
  • Skillfully fabricated to your design specifications in our machine and print shops.
  • Attachment with high-performance adhesives and/or holes for mechanical attachment.
  • High-contrast, high resolution graphics on a black or silver background.

Product Specification

Material: Photosensitive anodized aluminum face stock (optional thicknesses .003”, .005”, .008”, .012”, .020”, .032”, .063”, .090”, .125”).
Finishes: Matte – Non-reflective w/flat finish; Satin – Lustrous semi-reflective material; #4 – Brushed to resemble a stainless steel finish; Gloss – Highly reflective, mirror-like. Note: Finish options may vary by material thickness.
Attachment: Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment.
Copy/Graphics: Many fonts and design elements are available, as well as your company logo.
Colors: Black graphics on silver background or silver graphics on black background; color options available. Note: Colors other than black possess limited UV resistance.
Standard Sizes: Standard and custom sizes.
Shipment: 15 working days from receipt of order and approval of artwork. Expedited shipment is available for an additional charge. Foil thicknesses require 15-20 working days.

Benefits of Electrical Wire Labels

Electrical systems are complex, requiring precision during assembly, repair, and maintenance. Electrical wire labels provide crucial information needed to ensure safety when operating equipment and working with electrical components. Here are a few of the benefits of electrical wire labels: 

  • Identification of unique assets. Electrical wire labels can be printed with identification numbers such as serial numbers and model numbers, allowing operators and technicians to easily and reliably identify unique assets and components. With the ability to identify and track each component individually, companies can effectively manage preventive maintenance, inspections, and other periodic service needs.  
  • Regulatory compliance. Electrical systems are subject to regulatory oversight, with standards and requirements specifying the appropriate electrical wire labels and the information they must contain. Most specifications require durable labels that remain readable over time. MPC’s electrical wire labels are constructed of durable substrate materials, such as Metalphoto® photosensitive anodized aluminum, to ensure readability throughout the lifespan of your assets. 
  • Site safety. Working with or near electrical equipment can pose safety risks if proper precautions aren’t taken or if equipment is operated improperly. Electrical wire labels ensure that operators, maintenance technicians, and anyone working in or around the equipment is informed of the necessary safety and operations procedures. 

Common Use Cases for Electrical Wire Labels

Electrical wire labels are used for a variety of applications across all industries. A few of the most common use cases include: 

  • Labeling electrical control panels. Electrical control panel labels communicate essential information regarding the electrical system and connected components. These labels typically include information such as the load rating, the circuit directory, inspection dates, and safety information. Labels can also be used to identify circuits and 
  • Communicating safety hazards. Electrical components can pose safety hazards when operated improperly or when a technician fails to take the appropriate precautions before performing maintenance or investigating malfunctions. Electrical wire labels can communicate vital information such as warnings of specific hazards or wires that should not be touched, and other details to ensure safety.  
  • Identifying wire types. It’s important for technicians and operators to be able to accurately identify various types of wires when operating equipment or performing maintenance on electrical systems. Electrical wire labels may use color codes and other identifying information to ensure operators can quickly and reliably identify the wire type. 

No minimum quantity. Get a quote for any size job.

Get a quote for any size job – we have no minimum piece requirement. Our minimum production run is $400 per part number, excluding set-up fees/tooling. Contact us regarding your project.

No minimum quantity. Get a quote for any size job.

Get a quote for any size job – we have no minimum piece requirement. Our minimum production run is $400 per part number, excluding set-up fees/tooling. Contact us regarding your project.

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