Metalphoto of Cincinnati

Serving Customers for More Than 50 Years

MPC Team

Metalphoto of Cincinnati has been a leading full-service manufacturer of durable custom nameplates, panels, overlays, labels and signs for more than 50 years. Our experience is our strength, providing the knowledge and capability to deliver the best solution for your product identification needs.

When Quality and Service Matter

MPC's high customer satisfaction levels and re-order rates are a direct reflection of our employee's efforts. From the dedicated graphics, engineering and customer service teams, to the experienced machine and die operators in our manufacturing plant, each of our associates is committed to providing the high quality products and service that consistently delight our customers.

Whether you are buying parts direct or interested in a reseller opportunity, MPC is committed to delivering high quality and cost-effective products that suit the environment they will be placed in as well as their intended application.