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    Businesses working in the food industry know how important it is to use the right equipment. With staunch guidelines enacted, like those detailed in FSMA, restaurants and food processors are under particular pressure to ensure that all equipment used is safe, hygienic, and extremely thorough. To achieve this, restaurants and processors must pay close attention to the manufacturers and suppliers of their trusted products.

    Though there are plenty of food equipment manufacturers out there, not all are created equal. To help you get a better sense of the best of the best, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 restaurant and food equipment manufacturers dominating today’s market. These companies offer a wide range of products and tools, including many items for specialty industries. Please note, these companies are organized in alphabetical order and are not ranked or rated in any way.

    1. Alamo Refrigeration

     Alamo Refrigeration

    San Antonio-based Alamo Refrigeration caters to the cooling needs of restaurants operating in the continental United States. The company specializes in ice cream cooling systems, walk-in coolers, ice machines, and other restaurant refrigeration needs. Alamo Refrigeration also takes custom orders and works with clients to guarantee that all of their needs are met.

    Key facts about Alamo Refrigeration:

    • In addition to restaurants, the company also supplies to convenience and grocery stores
    • Also supplies refrigerated prep tables and under counters for commercial use
    • Alamo prepays all taxes in 48 states

    2. Alto-Shaam


    Alto-Shaam is a big player in the restaurant and food equipment manufacturing sector–the company currently supplies to more than 90 countries globally. In addition to its far reach, Alto-Shaam provides – and innovates upon – the most crucial commercial food equipment used today, including combination ovens, smoker ovens, food wells, thermal shelves, blast chillers, convection ovens, and more.

    Key facts about Alto-Shaam:

    • The company has been in business since 1955
    • Alto-Shaam manufacturers all of its equipment in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
    • It is currently making large investments in high-tech, robotic technologies

    3. AMTek Microwaves

    AMTek Microwaves

    Iowa-based AMTek Microwaves is one of the current ground-breakers in the industrial microwave space. In addition to manufacturing heavy-duty cooking systems, AMTek provides produces cutting-edge batch systems, control systems, tempering systems, microwave transmitters, and vessel systems. The company also carries a line of spare parts for in-house servicing options.

    Key facts about AMTek Microwaves:

    • The AMTek team boasts over 75 combined years of experience in the microwave industry
    • Founded in 2003
    • AMTek was acquired by Tim Scheurs in 2018, a move that has expanded distribution to six countries in South Africa, as well as many others in Central America

    4. American Range

    American Range

    American Range is the preeminent range and oven manufacturer. Its lengthy catalog includes restaurant ranges, griddles, deck pizza ovens, a number of different types of broilers, cheese melters, stock pot stoves, and even specialty equipment. The company partners with a long list of knowledgeable distributors to make purchase and use as simple as possible.

    Key facts about American Range:

    • Operates out of Pacoima, California
    • The company has been in business for over 30 years
    • Its catalog includes an elite residential line

    5. APW Wyott

    APW Wyott

    APW Wyott is a commercial food equipment manufacturer that specializes in general workline products, toasters, warmers, grills, and food wells. Its catalog also includes equipment geared specifically to the needs of those working in food concessions and merchandising. APW Wyott’s HD Cookline series includes two heavy-duty charbroilers designed for countertop use.

    Key Facts about APW Wyott:

    • APW Wyott is headquartered in Allen, Texas and manufactures its equipment in Nogales, Mexico
    • It is a member of Standex Cooking Solutions Group
    • Current clients include 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Target, and many more leading restaurants

    6. Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc.

    Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc.

    Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. is a well-known player in the commercial food business for its walk-in coolers and freezers, but, over the years, the company has expanded its product range immensely. Currently, in addition to its walk-ins, Bally manufactures blast chillers, condensing units, pressure control systems, evaporators, and more.

    Key facts about Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc.:

    • Bally is headquartered in Morehead City, North Carolina
    • It introduced one of the first insulated refrigerated structures over 75 years ago
    • The company was awarded the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award by the US Environmental Protection Agency for being the first in its sector to switch to a non-ozone-depleting urethane foam system

    7. Cambro Foodservice Equipment

    Cambro Foodservice Equipment

    Commercial kitchen and food production equipment-maker, Cambro, supplies a plethora of options to the industry. The company currently boasts 16 catalog categories, including insulated transport products, shelving, warewashing, vending carts, food storage, and more. Cambro also caters to specialized industries, like healthcare and education.

    Key facts about Cambro Foodservice Equipment:

    • Cambro Foodservice Equipment was founded in 1951
    • The company is getting ready to launch a new website and app in April 2019
    • Its cornerstone product is the Camtray®, a signature tray used in hospitals, schools, hotels, and food courts

    8. Dragon Food Equipment Inc.

    Dragon Food Equipment Inc. 

    Dragon Food Equipment Inc. handles the heavy-duty needs of restaurants and food producers. The Candian company supplies – and in some cases, installs – commercial kitchen ventilation solutions, like exhaust fans, make-up air units, and a number of range options. It is also known for its CSA or Intertek-approved stainless steel fabrication options.

    Key facts about Dragon Food Equipment Inc.:

    • Headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia
    • Established in 2001
    • All products are assembled and fabricated in-house

    9. F&H Food Equipment Company

    F&H Food Equipment Company

    F&H Food Equipment Company caters specifically to the needs of producers. The company supplies a number of operations-based options, such as pumps, stainless steel fittings, heat exchangers, valves, instrumentation, drum/bin unloaders, strainers, spray balls, and a number of cleaning systems. Manuals and full product descriptions for each piece of equipment are available on its site.

    Key facts about F&H Food Equipment Company:

    • F&H Food Equipment Company was founded in 1959
    • It recently expanded into the West Coast region
    • Acquired a line of sanitary food processing equipment and supplies called, Special Products, in 2005

    10. FPE


    Food Processing Equipment, better known as FPE, is currently one of the leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region. Its product range is especially massive – at the moment, it boasts nearly 75 solutions, including blanching equipment, saws, blades, hygiene systems, and much more.

    Key facts about FPE:

    • FPE was founded in 1983
    • The company has offices in Australia and New Zealand
    • Its product range includes a line of consumables

    11. Frymaster


    Industry professionals working in restaurants and processing have likely come into contact with a Frymaster, one of the most recognizable lines of fryers in the world. Of course, the company offers a diverse range of their namesake equipment, specifically, oil-conserving, high-efficiency, and economy fryers, but it also makes other successful products, too, most notably, pasta cookers and holding/merchandising tools.

    Key facts about Frymaster:

    • The Frymaster brand has been in existence for over 80 years
    • It is a subsidiary of Welbilt, Inc.
    • Food Equipment Equipment and Suppliers has named Frymaster ‘Best-in-Class’ 16 times

    12. Henny Penny

    Henny Penny

    Yet another company known for its fryers is Henny Penny, a commercial food equipment manufacturer whose catalog boasts an array of open and pressure fryers. In recent years, Henny Penny has expanded its line to include combination ovens, rotisseries, breading equipment, and merchandising tools.

    Key facts about Henny Penny:

    • Provides equipment to over 100 countries
    • Clients include high-volume kitchens, casual restaurant chains, healthcare facilities, and more
    • Henny Penny has been an employee-owned company since 2014

    13. Hobart


    Industry giant, Hobart, has long been one of the most popular food equipment manufacturers, and for good reason – its product line is recognized as being both vast, as well as reliable. Included in the line is equipment for both processors and restaurants, including cooking equipment, commercial dishwashers, food preparation equipment, weighing and wrapping equipment, and more.

    Key facts about Hobart:

    • Hobart first started in 1897 in Troy, Ohio
    • Hobart is part of ITW Food Equipment Group
    • It was recognized as a ‘Best in Class’ product in 2017

    14. Hoshizaki America

     Hoshizaki America

    Hoshizaki America manufactures some of the most reliable industrial cooling products on the market today. It’s focused on continuously expanding its range to include environmentally-friendly options, particularly those that have earned Energy Star certifications. Currently, Hoshizaki America boasts four successful product ranges: Ice, Refrigeration, Preparation, and Dispensers.

    Key facts about Hoshizaki America:

    • The company earned the title of 2019 Energy Star Partner of the Year
    • Partners include Hoshizaki International, Gram, Lancer, Jackson, and Macom
    • Headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia

    15. Ice-O-Matic


    As its name suggests, Ice-O-Matic offers products that are entirely ice and cooling-related, including cube, flake, and pearl ice machines. The company complements its ice machine variety with helpful accessories like storage bins, filtration systems, dispensers, and more.

    Key facts about Ice-O-Matic:

    • Ice-O-Matic has been in business for more than 50 years
    • Its machines are available and used globally
    • The company was acquired by The ALI Group in 2012

    16. KitchenAid Commercial


    Yet another familiar name in the world of food, for both industry professionals and home chefs alike, is KitchenAid. The mega-brand’s Commercial Kitchen Equipment line includes a small, but mighty listing of products, like commercial stand mixers, blenders, and immersion blenders. It also supplies commercial appliances and culinary resources for those that request it.

    Key facts about KitchenAid:

    • KitchenAid Commercial is located in Benton Harbor, Michigan
    • All Commercial kitchen equipment in NSF-certified
    • KitchenAid Commercial is available via a long list of online retailers

    17. MTC Food Equipment, Inc.

    MTC Food Equipment, Inc.

    MTC Food Equipment is a manufacturer and supplier of both new and pre-owned food equipment geared towards large-scale processors. Its current specialty is seafood processing for fish processing operations and seafood markets. In addition to selling its own equipment, MTC Food Equipment also offers a range of equipment from other manufacturers. The company is also willing to buy and trade from customers.

    Key facts about MTC Food Equipment, Inc.:

    • MTC Food Equipment, Inc. is located in Poulsbo, Washington
    • Equipment can be delivered worldwide
    • The company buys, sells, brokers, and consigns equipment

    18. Risco


    Italian manufacturer, Risco, is one of the longest-standing and most recognizable names in the meat processing industry. The company produces a range of specialty equipment, including vacuum fillers, sausage systems, minced meat systems, grinders, mixers, and tyers, as well as a host of unique accessories.

    Key facts about Risco:

    • Headquartered in Vicenza, Italy
    • Works with distributors from six continents
    • Risco’s fillers work with computer-assisted technology

    19. RMF Companies

    RMF Companies

    Another equipment manufacturer that specializes in meat processing is RMF Companies. RMF Companies has specific expertise in the construction of massagers and marinaters, but it also boasts lines of stackers, freezers and chillers, conveyors, mixers, and dumpers. Currently, the company is looking to automation in order to widen its reach. It has already incorporated smart technology into its products and will continue to do so in the future.

    Key facts about RMF Companies:

    • Systems can be integrated to fit the needs of the processor client
    • Headquartered in Grandview, Missouri
    • Clients include Hormel Foods, JBS, and Dawn Farms

    20. R.M. Kitchen Equipment P. LTD

    R.M. Kitchen Equipment P. LTD.

    Leading Indian food equipment manufacturer R.M. Kitchen Equipment P. LTD works with a wide range of industries, such as hospitals, schools, bakeries, food outlets, and more. Its catalog includes plenty of cooking and processing equipment, but R.M. Kitchen Equipment P. LTD also partners with its clients to custom-make equipment to their desired specifications.

    Key facts about R.M. Kitchen Equipment P. LTD:

    • Has been in the business for more than 11 years
    • Its client list includes international hotels and universities
    • Offers a generous after-sales support program

    21. Scientific Systems, LLC

     Scientific Systems, LLC

    Scientific Systems, LLC manufactures HVAC equipment for many sectors, including food processing. In its product line are tools to help with dehumidification, chilling, heating, pressurizing, and more. The company’s client list is a long one, but the most notable group on it is the FDA.

    Key facts about Scientific Systems, LLC:

    • Was first founded in 1965
    • Manufactures for 40 countries worldwide
    • Offers custom-tailored units

    22. Somerset Industries, Inc.

    Somerset Industries, Inc.

    Somerset Industries, Inc. is the foremost manufacturer and supplier of dough processing equipment. In addition to this highly-specialized machinery, the company also designs and makes unique models, such as industrial dough rollers, dough and fondant sheeters, rounders, presses, and much more.

    Key facts about Somerset Industries, Inc.:

    • Headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts
    • Founded in 1946
    • Somerset Industries, Inc. comes with a support app

    23. The Vollrath Co., LLC

    The Vollrath Co., LLC.

    The Vollrath Co., LLC is a commercial foodservice equipment and smallwares company that caters to a host of industries, including travel, catering, education, medical, restaurant, and much more. Though the company boasts a large Smallwares division, its Countertop Equipment division is best-suited for large-scale restaurants and food processing operations.

    Key facts about The Vollrath Co., LLC:

    • Site locations can be found throughout the Midwest, New York, China, Spain, and Mexico
    • Vollrath University includes full product-training courses and resources
    • Recently received the National Restaurant Association® Kitchen Innovations® (KI) Award for its modular induction dry well drop-in

    24. VR Food Equipment, Inc.

    VR Food Equipment, Inc.

    VR Food Equipment, Inc. designs and manufactures products for fruit and vegetable processors. Some of its most notable products include puree machines, freeze driers, mixers, fillers, washers, depitters.

    Key facts about VR Food Equipment, Inc.:

    • Headquartered in Farmington, New York
    • Established in 1987
    • Systems cover everything from pilot-scale operations to large commercial systems

    25. Vulcan Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    Vulcan Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    Sheet metal manufacturer, Vulcan Manufacturing Company, Inc. offers metal fabrication services to a number of unique industries. Its services include precision sheet metal, as well as hi-def CNC plasma cutting. The company prides itself on delivering customized, turn-key service to its customers.

    Key facts about Vulcan Manufacturing Company, Inc:

    • Established in 1986
    • Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida
    • Ships throughout the United States and Canada

    Table of Contents

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