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Design engineers are in high demand for their ability to create and improve products across a range of industries. With that being said, there is also a significant amount of competition for the best jobs. Discerning employers want engineers who can take on new challenges and adopt new technologies throughout the engineering design process.

Your best chance at long-term career success as a design engineer is to constantly develop new competencies, stay on top of the latest best practices and industry trends, and master the use of sophisticated design software such as CAD software and simulation/testing software. More often than not, the best way to do this is by obtaining career certificates. Start with these top 10 certificates for design engineers.

1. Certified Agile Developer

Agile is a popular design methodology that allows teams to create products by completing a series of iterative processes known as sprints. Design engineers who have the Certified Agile Developer (CAD) certificate have a proven understanding of the principles of Agile methodology and how those apply in a variety of product development scenarios.

Energy Manager

2. Certified Energy Manager

Anyone interested in a design engineering career should consider working in the energy sector. Depending on your precise career plans, your occupational roadmap might include becoming a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

This Certified Energy Manager designation is for degreed, experienced energy professionals who have shown proficiency in several areas of energy management. This certification must be renewed every three years.

3. Project Management Professional

Certified Project Management Professionals® carry the PMP designation. This tells employers that the individual has met stringent project management education and experience requirements.

Additionally, PMP candidates undergo a rigorous examination. This test assesses project management ability in six distinct categories. There is also a renewal requirement for this certification as well as a strict code of professional ethics.

4. Engineer in Training Certificate

The Engineering in Training (EIT) certification is a basic but significant designation issued by your state’s engineering board after you pass the EIT exam, known as the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. This is later followed by the NCEES Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam.

While no education is required, most people obtaining this certificate have engineering degrees.

5. Engineering Management Certification Fundamentals

Engineering Management Certification Fundamentals (EMCF) focuses on basic engineering management principles. This is intended for design engineers in the earlier phases of their careers who intend to go into management in the future. To become certified, you must pass an examination and have more than two years of experience.

Quality Control Engineer

6. Certified Quality Engineer

A Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) has a proven understanding of quality control and evaluation processes. They understand how to establish testing procedures, quality control systems, and inspection methodologies. This certification requires both an exam and work experience. It must also be renewed every third year.

7. Certified Systems Engineering Professional

The Certified Systems Engineering Professional certification is intended for systems engineers with at least five years of experience. It is popular among design manufacturing engineers and mechanical design engineers. This certification is awarded by the International Council on Systems Engineering.

8. Structural Engineer (SE)

If you are interested in working as a structural design engineer, consider earning your SE certification. In order to earn this certification, you must pass a challenging 16-hour exam. This tests your competencies in multiple areas of structural engineering.

9. Certified Manufacturing Engineer

Professional engineers who earn a Certified Manufacturing Engineer certificate (CMFGE) have proven that they have an in-depth understanding of manufacturing processes. This is in addition to having a minimum of eight years of experience and education combined.

This certification is awarded by the Society for Manufacturing Engineers.

Welding Engineer

10. Certified Welding Engineer

A Certified Welding Engineer has shown an advanced level of knowledge and experience in welding processes. They are capable of directing advanced welding operations where precision is required to ensure that products adhere to exact codes and specifications.

Certified welding engineers have at least two years of experience and must pass an examination.

Choosing the Right Certification

These certifications all have very specific qualifications. Before you decide, determine whether you meet the basic requirements for each one that interests you. Next, consider your career goals. Finally, discuss your options with your employer. They may have helpful insights and be willing to help with training costs or exam fees.

The Importance of Continuing Education for Engineers

The certifications here are certainly valuable for any design engineer who is interested in career growth. These are worth pursuing; however, there are other options for advancing your knowledge of engineering.

For example, it’s important to stay connected and on top of advancements in your industry. You can do this by taking relevant courses, participating in challenging projects, and subscribing to industry blogs.

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