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How To Choose The Right Industrial Equipment Labels

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How To Choose The Right Industrial Equipment Labels

Industrial equipment labels are used by companies throughout the world as a convenient way to mark their important assets. Given the high capital cost and demanding upkeep that most of these assets require, it’s important to properly manage all of the critical details for each item. Many businesses use industrial equipment labels to share important information including barcodes and also demonstrate clear ownership.

When choosing your industrial equipment label you should always carefully consider your requirements, application, and label design. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best way to prepare for your order and make the most out of your label selection. Industrial equipment labels are a versatile and durable asset management solution, with options that can meet even the most unique requirements.

Define the Requirements How To Choose The Right Industrial Equipment Labels

One of the most critical decisions to make when choosing an industrial equipment label is selecting the right substrate material. To ensure maximum compatibility with your intended applications, consider any potential environments where your industrial equipment may be stored. These can include warehouses, outdoor locations, trucks, buildings, and factories. For each location, identify any potential hazards that may be present such as moisture, chemicals, and sources of abrasion. Since it is not possible to prepare for every scenario, this process can really help you understand the level of label durability your application requires.

Once you understand the sources of potential damage, you can then select a substrate material that is most compatible with those parameters. Industrial equipment labels can be fabricated with metals, plastics, or polyester, giving you a wide range of choices to fit your specific needs. Additional requirements to consider are label positioning, barcode scanning, and the attachment method. All of these considerations combined will help you narrow down your potential selection to a few label options.

Choose an Industrial Label Type Based on Your Application

How To Choose The Right Industrial Equipment Labels

Once you understand the type of label material and basic design requirements for your application, it is much easier to select from a specific style of industrial equipment label. There are many options available to suit unique application specifications. Some labels can be used in many different situations, while others are intended for a very specific use case. Here’s a look at common use cases and the types of industrial labels and tags that are suitable for each.

  • Asset Management. A durable asset label or tag is an excellent choice for marking industrial equipment of all types. These tags typically contain a company or item name, identifying number, and an associated barcode. You can choose from plastic or metal label designs, including the highly durable Metalphoto® aluminum.
  • Security. For industrial equipment that may frequently leave your facility, is transferred between work sites or locations, or may be used by third parties, a security label may be the best choice. These labels are available with metal or plastic substrates, and some are designed to display a special visible layer or leave clear evidence of tampering behind on your equipment surface if anyone tries to remove it.
  • Operations & Maintenance. In some situations, you may need to place a large amount of information on your industrial equipment label. By installing a durable metal rating plate label, you can include information like the equipment manufacturer, serial number, and electrical specifications on the label surface. This is a great option when OEM labels may be missing or damaged, or you require additional reference information for maintenance and equipment upkeep purposes.
  • Compliance. Some industries and applications are highly regulated, with specific requirements for the use of associated equipment. A compliance tag, similar to a data plate, can be used to place important data and information directly on your equipment. These tags are fabricated of Metalphoto® aluminum and have an expected exterior lifetime of over 20 years.
  • Instructional. An excellent way to ensure compliance with regulatory procedures and operations and safety best practices is to place a visual reference on your equipment with an instructional label. These labels are made of Metalphoto® aluminum, and you can fully customize the graphics and include 1D or 2D barcodes.

Finalize Your Order and Quantity

How To Choose The Right Industrial Equipment Labels

After identifying your label specifications and determining your application, you can confirm a few final details and have your labels created, shipped, and delivered. Before placing an order, it’s always a good idea to review your final design and confirm the expected label order quantity. You may also have a need for label blanks, which can be purchased for onsite engraving, embossing, or stamping. This is often desired for businesses that frequently relabel equipment or are managing work-in-progress (WIP) processes.

By working with a trusted partner, you have access to experts who can review your specifications and make recommendations if there are any questions about compatibility or design fit. The selection process is as easy as following a few simple steps to choose a design that is optimized for your industrial equipment labeling needs.

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