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Top Preventive Maintenance Software Solutions for Equipment: 50 Leading Software Solutions for Managing Preventative Equipment Maintenance

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4Site Asset Maintenance

Organizations with valuable physical assets and equipment cannot afford unexpected downtime due to malfunctions and breakdowns. When your equipment doesn’t work, your people can’t work, and your customers aren’t happy. The challenge is that managing warranties, maintenance records, and work orders for all of that equipment is a time-consuming and complicated process. The solution is preventive maintenance software that handles all of those details and more.

To help you keep your equipment up and running and prolong its life by taking proper care of it, you need to choose preventive maintenance software that meets your business needs. We’ve rounded up 50 of the top software solutions to get you on the path to preventive maintenance more quickly. Our top picks have earned high reviews from users and leading technology publications alike, offer the features you need to get your preventive maintenance program operating as efficiently as possible, and come from some of the most trusted software providers. Please note, we have listed our top 50 preventive maintenance software solutions here in alphabetical order; thus, they are not ranked or rated in any way.

1. 4Site Asset Maintenance

4Site Asset Maintenance

4Site Asset Maintenance is a powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for predictive and preventive maintenance. From work order management to repairable spare management, 4Site Asset Maintenance has the features you need to keep your assets in their best shape.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited equipment hierarchy
  • Hotspot equipment navigation
  • Overrun prevention
  • Safety/lockout procedures
  • Mobile work order, time sheet, and meter reading entry via hand-held computers
  • Ensure reliable performance, extend asset life, and maximize asset availability
  • Root cause analysis, multi-function backlog reporting, templated task instructions, and multiple triggers

Cost: Contact for a quote

2. Agility


SSG Insight has been providing CMMS solutions and insight to help businesses make intelligent decisions for 35 years. Their Agility software delivers insight into asset and maintenance performance and gives you the visibility you need into your assets to increase reliability and maximize uptime.

Key Features:

  • Gain insight into your assets, their performance, and their costs
  • Schedule work orders and service requests for planned and reactive work to your team
  • Reduce breakdowns and downtime
  • Reduce your maintenance paperwork
  • Track the history of assets accurately
  • Choose Agility Mobile Solutions to bring Agility to your mobile device to enable you to react to situations any time, anywhere

Cost: Contact for a quote

3. Bigfoot CMMS

Bigfoot CMMS

Smartware Group has teamed with Dude Solutions and continues to deliver Bigfoot CMMS, a preventive maintenance management software that empowers you to manage assets proactively. You are in control when you use Bigfoot CMMS because it allows you to schedule your preventive maintenance using a calendar-based approach or meter reading entries or a combination of the two.

Key Features:

  • View PMs on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Manage meter readings with any numerical value
  • Alter PM schedules by shifting dates and times to account for staff and priorities
  • Set future schedules at a glance and overlay corrective maintenance work orders as needed
  • Use instructions from a library of pre-defined steps or set detailed procedures, documents, pictures videos, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

4. Building Engines


Building Engines delivers SaaS-based web and mobile preventive maintenance tools to help your business standardize tasks and schedules, access equipment data, and complete tasks from the field. This software solution helps you increase equipment longevity and includes all the features and tools you need to plan, schedule, and complete PM tasks while streamlining the process for tracking service and repairs and notifying team members by accurately forecasting future equipment failures.

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up
  • Pre-populated with the General Services Administration (GSA) industry standard maintenance tasks and schedules
  • Mobile app enables techs to access equipment information and complete tasks from the field with or without an internet connection

Cost: Contact for a quote



CHAMPS Software has been solving enterprise-level problems with software solutions for more than 40 years. They offer CHAMPS EAM Web, a solution for optimizing asset performance and prolonging equipment life via preventive maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Improve asset availability to generate higher, more consistent revenue
  • Lower costs for maintenance labor, parts, and service contracts
  • Improve regulatory compliance by reducing incidents and responding more quickly
  • Make informed decisions regarding asset maintenance, repair, and replacement
  • Manage physical and human assets with integrated systems and work processes
  • Analyze and act on information including maintenance histories, performance, operations, and testing throughout each piece of equipment’s lifecycle

Cost: Contact for a quote

6. COAST Systems CMMS


COAST Systems deliver global software solutions for operational excellence. Users improve asset reliability and availability and increase productivity while decreasing downtime and overtime with COAST Systems CMMS.

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective and reliable
  • Connects maintenance and engineering teams with management teams in real time
  • Gives employees access to live information from nearly any platform, including smartphones and tablets
  • Hosted in the cloud so you can access information using any device from any location

Cost: Contact for a quote



COGZ CMMS Maintenance Work Order Software is a preventive maintenance software solution helps you manage your entire routine to increase facility uptime. Keep machinery, vehicles, systems, and equipment up and running with COGZ while ensuring maintenance is done frequently and routinely with the right resources.

Key Features:

  • No preventive maintenance training required
  • Low-cost software that reduces repair costs and overall operation costs by avoiding waster labor
  • Uniform preventive maintenance forms for entering information
  • Complete preventive maintenance audits accurately with several reports available
  • Organize and maintain your equipment routine schedules and recurring equipment tasks
  • Easily change your routines within the program and rest assured your work orders reflect your changing specifications

Cost: Contact for a quote

8. Corrigo Facilities Asset Management and Asset Optimization

Corrigo Facilities Asset Management and Asset Optimization

Corrigo Incorporated provides a leading technology platform for facilities and field service management. Their Facilities Asset Management and Asset Optimization solution delivers the insight you need to optimize repair and replace decisions for sound capital planning.

Key Features:

  • Automate repair and service processes
  • Delivers insight into what drives your costs and outcomes
  • Captures asset-level condition information including warranty status and work order history
  • Track assets under warranty and apply all relevant service requests automatically; technicians receive automatic alerts when maintenance should be performed
  • Stay up to date with preventive maintenance and get insights into operational uptime, scheduled downtime, and operational interruptions so you can make informed decisions

Cost: Contact for a quote

9. CWorks


CWorks CMMS is a preventive maintenance software solution that helps users complete PM on time. Easily review and edit tasks with scheduling conflicts or duplicate or missing information to make your preventive maintenance as effective and efficient as possible with CWorks.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited user site licenses
  • Individualized schedules for each piece of equipment
  • Extensive scheduling options
  • Attach job photos, videos, and documents to show PM history
  • Time-based triggers and meter-based triggers
  • Easily generate work orders by date range

Cost: CWorks GO Premium: $90/site/month annual billing – Includes Android mobile application for viewing and closing work orders on smartphones, one year of support, and a site license with unlimited users/site

10. Dematic Sprocket

Dematic Sprocket

Dematic North America, a global leader of intelligent warehouse logistics and materials handling solutions, offers Dematic Sprocket. This software solution helps users maximize productivity and reliability of their operations and advance maintenance requirements by integrating them into a system that returns cost through reduced breakdowns and extended asset life.

Key Features:

  • Preventive, predictive, and condition maintenance that allows you to become proactive
  • Mobile maintenance for working smarter and faster
  • Groups multiple assets by classification to minimize data work
  • All preventive maintenance schedules and tasking are in one place
  • Automatic PM generation puts assets on a defined schedule and creates maintenance work orders
  • Forecasting and load balancing reports and customized route creation to optimize servicing multiple assets in one area

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

11. Dude Solutions

Dude Solutions

Dude Solutions offers work order and maintenance management software to ensure your operations have more efficient workflows, total asset awareness, mobile capabilities, and more. Predictive, efficient, and insightful, Dude Solutions Maintenance Management solution gives you a better way to work.

Key Features:

  • Manage work orders, assets, and maintenance activity in one place
  • Mobile CMMS tools
  • Predict problems with your equipment before they occur
  • Track trends with data on conditions, work history, and more
  • Create automate workflows for maintenance alerts and scheduling in real time

Cost: Contact for a quote

12. eMaint Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Software


eMaint provides asset management for a connected world. Their maintenance management software is top rated and improves how users manage maintenance operations, resources, equipment, and compliance.

Key Features:

  • Configurable so you can work the way you need to without being constrained by your maintenance management system
  • Scalable to grow with your business
  • Generate calendar and/or meter-based PMs and set PM schedules to avoid failures and reduce costs
  • Planned maintenance task generation and maintenance schedules
  • Streamlined method for conducting inspections and enabling techs to record inspections completions quickly and accurately

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

13. Engica


Engica is a world-leading work control solution provider covering work management, safety, risk management, maintenance, materials, and more. Their preventive maintenance software is available for facilities of any size and helps users reduce costs and improve productivity.

Key Features:

  • Capture, define, and track equipment characteristics and work-related information
  • Specify and assign prescriptive tasks to establish preventive schedules with complete history audits
  • Configurable workflow engine with powerful interactive scheduling tools for balancing work priorities, safety, labor, spares, and resources that coordinate with planned and forced downtime

Cost: Contact for a quote

14. eWorkOrders


eWorkOrders is a highly rated web-based CMMS that simplifies preventive maintenance and works on all types of devices. Known for being user-friendly, this software solution is affordable and powerful and includes a planned/preventive maintenance module that enables you to schedule regularly performed tasks.

Key Features:

  • Schedule repetitive requests and complete projects involving multiple service providers
  • Prolong the life of key assets and equipment
  • Easily schedule future activities and allocate appropriate resources as needed

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. Facilities Management eXpress

Facilities Management eXpress

FMXpress is user-friendly, cloud-based software that helps facilities managers effectively track work orders, schedule resources, and plan maintenance. This CMMS is appropriate for schools, property management, government, religious organizations, manufacturing, and other industries that need to submit, track, and manage requests, events, and assets with the FMX Planned Maintenance Module.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate downtime and unnecessary expenses with preventive maintenance
  • Automatically plan maintenance tasks and issue reminders to guarantee no equipment gets overlooked
  • Keep up to date with required inspections and audits
  • Prioritize maintenance tasks based on need
  • View each task your team members are working on
  • Store vital documents and other information
  • Track time and money spent

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

16. FacilityONE


FacilityONE preventive maintenance software ensures “facility fitness for life expectancy.” With this software solution, users develop streamlined PM programs that include regularly scheduled check-up task lists and plans for corrective maintenance care.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies user processes with the UNITY interface, powered by SMARPRINT Technology to deploy the preventive maintenance solution throughout your facility
  • Enables facilities of all sizes to efficiently and cost-effectively generate a schedule to maintain all equipment
  • Schedule any facility asset or equipment into the system to give operations and management control over the life and quality of the facility itself

Cost: Contact for a quote

17. FaciliWorks


CyberMetrics Corp offers CMMS and EAM software solutions that are affordable and scalable yet also easy to implement, manage, and use. Their FaciliWorks solution gives you access through a mobile-friendly interface so you can update preventive maintenance and work orders records while work is being performed.

Key Features:

  • Preventive maintenance schedule is included in an asset record entered into FaciliWorks
  • Meter-based or date-based schedules
  • Sends notifications to specified team members alerting them that equipment is due for maintenance
  • Interactive scheduling calendar
  • Tracks preventive maintenance elements including date-based or meter-based schedules, labor, contracts, parts, tools, variables, procedures, checklists, and signatures

Cost: Contact for a quote



A global software company helping organizations achieve superior performance by transforming how they manage physical resources, Accruent offers the facility and asset management solution FAMIS. With FAMIS, users take control of equipment and take a proactive approach to preventing safety issues, downtime, and emergency repairs.

Key Features:

  • Automate preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance processes
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete work requests
  • Improve efficiency
  • Minimize manual data entry

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. Fleetio


A modern software platform for fleet maintenance and management, Fleetio helps you track, analyze, and improve your fleet operations.

Key Features: 

  • Track work orders
  • Contact management
  • Manage inspections
  • Keep track of issues and reminders
  • Complete service history
  • Vehicle location history
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Track vehicles, parts and inventory, fuel, and more


  • Pro Plan: $3/asset/month
  • Advanced Plan: $5/asset/month

20. Fiix Software

Fiix Software

Fiix is a cloud-based software that organizes, tracks, and schedules your maintenance needs. The Fiix dashboard visualizes maintenance data and analytics and helps you make better preventive maintenance decisions.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based maintenance and asset management software with a fully customizable, interactive dashboard
  • Create preventive and scheduled maintenance work orders and automatically generate them based on date, time, event, alarms, or meter readings
  • Create maintenance work orders from templates or trigger them by any combination of data
  • Create reusable tasks and schedules for preventive maintenance
  • Mobile CMMS provides complete access to all the Fiix tools from your favorite device; scan asset barcodes or QR codes to get the asset record and create a work order on location

Cost: Contact for a quote


21. FTMaintenance


FT Maintenance is a robust CMMS solution that is easy to use. It also automates maintenance tasks and connects users with powerful data for more intelligent maintenance management. When it comes to preventive maintenance, FTMaintenance enables teams to work smarter instead of harder by proactively addressing repairs, increasing equipment reliability, and reducing emergency occurrences.

Key Features:

  • Automate regularly occurring work order creation, assignment, and distribution responsibilities
  • Schedule preventive maintenance work orders using calendar date, run time, cycle count, or date of last preventive maintenance activities
  • Assign tasks to occur at specific frequencies on a single PM work order
  • Eliminate redundant data entry with multi-equipment work orders


  • FTMaintenance Cloud Lite: $40/month/concurrent user with 12-month commitment – 500 assets
  • FTMaintenance Cloud Lite+: $80/month/concurrent user with 12-month commitment – Unlimited assets
  • FTMaintenance Cloud: $149/month/concurrent user – Unlimited assets

22. HCSS Equipment360 Software

HCSS Equipment360 Software

HCSS provides construction estimating, time card and job management, equipment maintenance, and safety software. Their Equipment360 solution is a comprehensive equipment and fleet management system that transforms your organization into a proactive operation.

Key Features:

  • Integrated equipment maintenance software so you can run a proactive shop
  • Provide mechanics with the information they need to effectively maintain your fleet and equipment
  • Incase uptime with a standardized preventive maintenance program utilizing built-in templates and automated meter reading
  • Schedule preventive maintenance based on alerts and meter readings to help equipment run better and longer
  • Set alerts for maintenance, field requests, due dates, inventory reorder levels, and expiring skills to manage your fleet, equipment, and shop more easily

Cost: Contact for a quote

23. Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is a powerful, user-friendly, web-based maintenance management solution. Hippo’s preventive maintenance management software helps you increase the longevity of your equipment and assets and easily store an access information from ID tags to warranty information.

Key Features:

  • Stores all asset and equipment information including ID tags, O&M manuals, and warranty information
  • Flexible scheduling options tailored to your operation’s needs
  • Establish a regular preventive maintenance scheduling protocol with standardized work order templates, an easy to follow task checklist, and triggers based on your schedule
  • Create work order reports based on a calendar schedule or meter-based readings
  • For all types of equipment and facilities across a range of industries

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Hippo Lite: $45/month/user paid monthly or $55/CAD paid monthly – Minimum of 3 users, work order management, preventive maintenance, asset/equipment management, maintenance reports, document management, single facility/location
  • Hip Pro: Starts at $165/month or $200/CAD paid monthly – Unlimited users, maintenance request portal, work order management, preventive maintenance, 3 Hippo Mobile users, document management, asset/equipment management, inventory/spare parts management, barcode/QR code scanning, and more
  • Hip Pro Plus: Starts at $195/month or $240/CAD paid monthly – All Hip Pro plan features plus equipment/asset transfer from facility to facility, active directory integration with single sign on, custom defined user interface, and fleet maintenance module

24. I’mOnIt!


I’mOnIt! is an equipment and facilities maintenance and compliance system. Schedule, track, and report maintenance, compliance and repair jobs, and more with this affordable CMMS and facilities maintenance software.

Key Features:

  • Attach manuals, diagrams, forms, or images to any work order for easy reference with preventive maintenance tasks
  • Easily record and report parts usage, repair costs, and work history
  • Export preventive maintenance data to Excel spreadsheets for analysis
  • Work Request Web Portal for preventive maintenance, repair planning, facilities tasks, and compliance scheduling

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; $499/single user

25. iMaint EAM Software

iMaint EAM Software

DPSI provides industry-leading CMMS software for maintenance management professionals. Their iMaint EAM solution maximizes equipment uptime and helps organizations stay on top of preventive maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Centralizes data and automates maintenance management tasks to save time and operating costs
  • User-friendly
  • Monitor maintenance activities and make ongoing improvements to your preventive maintenance processes
  • Developed specifically for maintenance and suitable for organizations of any size
  • Updated regularly to keep pace with your organization’s needs
  • Access from the web or a mobile device

Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

26. Interal


Interal develops and implements computerized maintenance, inventory, and production software solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of 21st-century companies. Their maintenance solution is powerful and includes all the systematic, conditional, and provisional tools required for preventive maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Manage preventive maintenance templates to issue work orders in advance
  • Maintenance planning table features a simple interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Use the maintenance board to consult work order files, equipment files, and preventive maintenance files while modifying, canceling, postponing, or advancing maintenance work orders

Cost: Contact for a quote

27. KeepTrak Preventive Maintenance and Work Request Software

KeepTrak Preventive Maintenance and Work Request Software

KeepTrak Corporation offers preventive maintenance software for facility maintenance, equipment maintenance, ands site maintenance. Users easily keep up with work requests, work orders, parts inventory, and purchase orders using this software solution that is easy to learn and use.

Key Features:

  • Perform maintenance tasks proactively instead of reactively to save time and money
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements from OSHA, USDA, FDA, EPA, and ISO 9000, among others
  • Planning and scheduling tools
  • PM Custom Reporting with the custom report builder
  • Uncover PM history with reports showing who did the work, when, which parts were used, notes from the job, etc.
  • Purchase only the modules you need and add others later if you wish
  • Designed with users in mind

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • Operations Modules
    • Preventive Maintenance Module: $199
    • Maintenance Requests and Logs: $199
    • Parts Inventory: $199
  • Number of Computers
    • 1 Computer: FREE
    • 2-3 Computers (single database): $699
    • Unlimited Computers (single database): $1,399
  • Users & Permissions: $399

28. Limble CMMS: Preventive Maintenance

Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is designed by technicians for technicians and is a mobile, modern, easy-to-use preventive software solution. With Limble CMMS, you can see everything in one place so you can configure asset information, manage work orders, set schedules, get reports, view KPIs and logs, and change settings all from one screen.

Key Features:

  • Track any piece of information that directly relates to your asset or equipment
  • Create custom fields
  • Gain insights at a glance and determine whether there is an issue affecting the balance of preventive work and unplanned work
  • Flexible preventive maintenance system allows you to use whatever combination of maintenance strategies your facilities require

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days

  • By Asset: $1/asset/month – Unlimited users, preventive maintenance, work orders, asset management, mobile app, parts management, automated work requests, and multi location management
  • Starter: $25/user/month – Unlimited assets, preventive maintenance, work orders, asset management, mobile app, parts management, automated work requests, and single location management
  • Professional: $35/user/month – Unlimited assets, preventive maintenance, work orders, asset management, mobile app, parts management, automated work requests, and multi location management
  • Enterprise: $65/user/month – Unlimited assets and includes all Professional plan features plus implementation specialist, enterprise support, and multi location management

29. Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care

A web-hosted facility maintenance software, Maintenance Care is an easy-to-use CMMS for managing work orders, preventive maintenance, and all of your assets and equipment. Users improve equipment and asset performance and longevity through sound preventive maintenance scheduling with Maintenance Care.

Key Features:

  • Automatic preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Review ongoing task scheduling routines and make changes easily to minimize downtime and increase productivity
  • Flexible software solution allows you quickly and easily to change task frequency, level of importance, and assignment
  • Easy preventive scheduling
  • Isolate preventive tasks requiring special attention and create a comprehensive report to maintain facility standards for compliance
  • Automatically assign task scheduling to one of your staff members
  • Automatically include special files and documents to any PM tank for easy access


  • Free Edition: FREE – Instant access, user guide support, online work order page, basic task list manager, and basic reporting
  • Work Order Edition: $75/month – Unlimited users, advanced work order features, customer support included, multi facility available, advanced work order page, advanced task list manager, task assignment, priority settings, task duration, document management, and more
  • Enterprise Edition: Contact for a quote – All Work Order Edition plan features plus preventive maintenance scheduling, asset management tracking, part and inventory, advanced reporting and dashboards, and more

30. Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection is a leader in maintenance and facility management software. They provide browser-based CMMS to organizations around the globe with a blend of top-notch technology and personalized service.

Key Features:

  • Easily manage assets, track work orders, and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Reduce unexpected breakdowns and improve system reliability when you implement a proactive, preventive maintenance program
  • Work order management, enterprise asset management, equipment inventory management, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, multi-site CMMS, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

31. Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro is a CMMS software that is flexible and easy to use. Its preventive maintenance features enable you to configure tasks in a number of ways and delivers automated preventive maintenance alerts so you can stay on top of your equipment maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Automated and color-coded preventive maintenance alerts automatically display upon program startup
  • Includes a brand range of preventive maintenance services that are defined for you
  • Easily customize the list of services or create your own maintenance schedules based on your equipment’s tracking requirements

Cost: Pricing is a one-time charge with no annual license fee

  • Standard: $499, Single User – Preventive maintenance tracking, repair tracking, maintenance notifications, maintenance history, vendor management, and more
  • Deluxe: $749, Single User – All Standard plan features plus email notification, maintenance calendar, photos and attachments, usage tracking, graphing, and enhanced reporting
  • Pro: $1,249 Single User – All Deluxe plan features plus work order management, inventory tracking, auto part selection, employee labor tracking, purchase orders, downtime analysis, customer and invoice management, multiple location support, barcoding, and SQL server compatibility

32. MaintiMizer Web Edition

MaintiMizer Web Edition

Ashcom Technologies has been providing innovative CMMS solutions for more than 30 years. Today, they help clients gain a competitive edge when they implement proactive strategies and technologies like MaintiMizer Web Edition for preventive maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Organized into modules, including preventive maintenance/equipment, work order, inventory, vendor/purchase order, and timecard
  • Easy to use with drop-down menus, look-up fields, and calendars
  • Weekly schedule workup page shows which work orders have been scheduled for the upcoming week to make scheduling maintenance staff efficient and effective
  • Easily generate reports and create your own custom reports

Cost: Contact for a quote

33. MaintSmart


MaintSmart CMMS is a solution for equipment maintenance, work orders, preventive maintenance, and equipment failure analysis. Their preventive maintenance software helps you maximize the life and reliability of your equipment and saves production time.

Key Features:

  • Link spare parts to PMs
  • Link preventive maintenance tasks to work orders
  • Uses reliability analysis Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) to guide maintenance managers setting preventive maintenance task intervals
  • Simple, list-based preventive maintenance scree in addition to a full-featured work order screen
  • Close thousands of PMs at once using default average labor hours and due date

Cost: Contact for a quote

34. ManagerPlus


ManagerPlus maintenance software is easy to use and helps companies increase their return on investment (ROI) while decreasing their costs of operation. This maintenance management solution is simple and powerful and links asset management and tracking, work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory, and purchasing functions together for quick, easy viewing and decision-making.

Key Features:

  • Scalable and tailored to your company’s operational requirements
  • Desktop or cloud-based solutions that improve productivity and efficiency via organized record, work orders, purchase orders, and more
  • Store all your assets, work orders, purchase orders, schedules, warranties, and inventory in one place

Cost: Contact for a quote

35. ManWinWin


Navaltik Management owns ManWinWin Software and specializes in developing maintenance management software. ManWinWin is in its fifth generation and enables users to manage customers’ equipment from a centralized, user-friendly framework.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly solution that you can quickly and easily implement
  • 100% dedicated support team and help desk
  • Manage equipment, technical forms, and documents in addition to preventive maintenance
  • Plan with automatic alerts using the drag-and-drop style calendar
  • Full maintenance history per equipment, by location, cost center, etc.

Cost: FREE

36. MAPCON CMMS Software


MAPCON Technologies has been developing maintenance management software for industry and facilities for 35 years. Their CMMS solution includes an extensive list of powerful features and essential capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Multi-site enterprise CMMS
  • CMMS is available on demand as a SaaS solution or running on your server
  • Employ project management, manage safety procedures, and engage in work order planning while utilizing ISO, QS, and JCO audit controls
  • Optional add-ons, extensions, and modules with optional customizations to enhance your maintenance management processes

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Basic (LITE) CMMS Software: $30/month On-Demand SaaS or $495/purchase to run on your server – Robust preventive maintenance and work order management solution designed for maintenance mangers who want to keep things simple and affordable
  • Advanced (Pro) CMMS Software: Contact for a quote – Comprehensive CMMS package with project management, safety procedure management, work order planning, and ISO, QS, and JCO audit controls

37. Maxpanda


Maxpanda CMMS is preventive maintenance software that companies use to keep their equipment in working order and to extend its life. Avoid failed equipment by prevuing failure before it occurs with Maxpanda.

Key Features:

  • Preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they fail
  • Workers can record equipment deterioration and then know whether to repair or replace worn parts before they cause system failure
  • Define preventive maintenance at the task level
  • Establish unlimited number of calendar-based PMs for each asset or location
  • Built-in planning and scheduling tools
  • Maintenance Calendar for viewing current and future preventive maintenance activities at a glance

Cost: FREE trial available for 15 days

  • Basic: $29/month – Unlimited user accounts, generate 50 work orders/month, single-site management, and does not include preventive management
  • Starter: $69/month or $708/yearly – Unlimited user accounts, generate 50 work orders/month, multisite management for up to 5 sites, preventive scheduling, and more
  • Enhanced: $99/month or $1068 yearly – Unlimited user accounts, generate 150 work orders/month, multi-site management for up to 15 sites, preventive scheduling, and more
  • Standard: $199/month or $2,268 yearly – Unlimited user accounts, generate 350 work orders/month, multi-site management for up to 25 sites, preventive scheduling, and more
  • Pro: $299/month or $3,468 yearly – Unlimited user accounts, generate 500 work orders/month, multi-site management for up to 50 sites, preventive scheduling, and more
  • Enterprise: $399/month or $4,668 yearly – Unlimited user accounts, generate unlimited work orders/month, multi-site management for up to 100 sites, preventive scheduling, and more

38. Megamation DirectLine

Megamation DirectLine

Megamation Systems has been providing maintenance management solutions for more than 30 years. Their DirectLine SaaS solution is an all-inclusive, fully supported maintenance management suite that includes feature-rich work orders, customizable reports, and much more for all of your preventive maintenance needs.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited live support and training 18 hours a day on weekdays and 12 hours daily on weekends
  • Delivered with the renowned Citrix thin-client for faster, more stable connections and data security
  • Customized to suit your needs
  • Ideal for manufacturing, universities and colleges, healthcare, schools, food and beverage, and facilities

Cost: Contact for a quote

39. MEX Maintenance Software

MEX Maintenance Software

MEX Maintenance software is trusted by more than 12,000 users around the globe. MEX simplifies life for maintenance managers and service technicians by providing comprehensive asset management, daily maintenance management, automatic ordering, and reports.

Key Features:

  • Preventive maintenance work orders with time-based or usage-based frequencies schedules
  • Maintenance activities, history, documents, parts, and more are organized hierarchically
  • Request, track, and record maintenance work detailing tasks to be performed, parts, safety notes, and more

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote

40. MicroMain


MicroMain has been redefining maintenance and facility operations since 1991 by combining their Building Technology with a consistent focus on customer experience. Their maintenance management software, available on-premise or hosted, helps customers effectively manage operations.

Key Features:

  • Preventive maintenance with forecasting
  • Actionable business intelligence via advanced analytics
  • Maximize resource allocation and productivity
  • Service requests and auto-scheduler for work orders

Cost: Contact for a quote

41. Mpulse Maintenance Software

Mpulse Maintenance Software

MPulse Software is a leading provider of CMMS and EAM software solutions for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) professionals and facility managers. Their MPulse 8 CMMS is fast, full-featured, and innovative enough to provide reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting for equipment and facilities maintenance organizations.

Key Features:

  • Scalable based on your organization’s size and the scope of your maintenance and preventive maintenance requirements
  • Easy to use
  • Asset and employee records, work orders, preventive maintenance scheduling, and more
  • Preventive maintenance for scheduling and assigning detailed PM activities using time and meter-based scheduling
  • Robust, powerful, graphic-based, customizable reports
  • Available in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Editions

Cost: Contact for a quote

42. NetFacilities


The leading web-based facilities management software, NetFacilities empowers you to manage everything from work orders to preventive maintenance to inventory control. Take advantage of the mobile app to tackle or gain insight into your organization’s preventive maintenance activities from anywhere, any time.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional preventive maintenance with MobileFacilities
  • Track and manage scheduled and recurring asset and equipment maintenance on a secure centralized work hub
  • Integrates with asset management, work orders, labor tracking, inventory and materials, inspections, vendor control, barcode scanning, and internal communication
  • Tie preventive maintenance to an asset and specific schedule
  • Provide specific steps for each maintenance event

Cost: Contact for a quote



NEXGEN combines a robust CMMS with advanced asset management planning tools. Gain improved operational efficiency, a complete awareness of asset and equipment performance, and powerful risk analysis for prioritizing maintenance tasks.

Key Features:

  • Automate PM schedules and improve asset management
  • Schedule repairs and preventive maintenance tasks
  • Monitor work order progress in real time and ensure regulatory compliance

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. Planon Planned Preventive Maintenance

Planon Planned Preventive Maintenance

Planon, a global leader, offers real estate and facility management software. Their preventive maintenance solution allows for condition monitored maintenance and enables assets to communicate their true status in real time.

Key Features:

  • Threshold values and preset parameters forecasts the type and timing of maintenance required
  • Just-in-time maintenance minimizes costs and prevents asset failure
  • Transition to a proactive maintenance operation rather than a reactive one
  • Real-time access to work orders, documentation, and schedules for maintenance staff and field engineers

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. PMC Preventive Maintenance

PMC Preventive Maintenance

An industry-leading CMMS software provider for maintenance management professionals, DPSI offers PMC Preventive Maintenance. Simplify work order management, reduce parts inventory, and extend asset and equipment life with this software solution that has all the tools you need to become proactive with your preventive maintenance processes.

Key Features:

  • Encompasses the full spectrum of maintenance activities to stay on top of preventive maintenance
  • Complete work order generation, management, and reporting system that can handle an unlimited quantity of work orders
  • Quickly review work orders for selected due dates
  • Centralized purchasing system, extensive inventory control system, and comprehensive reports and graphs module
  • Designed specifically for preventive maintenance and is easy for maintenance techs to learn and use

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote

46. PMXpert


PMXpert software is an easy-to-use preventive maintenance solution. Run your PM processes at peak efficiency and minimize downtime, reduce costs, and make your job easier with PMXPert.

Key Features:

  • Complete, affordable, easy-to-use solution for preventive maintenance
  • Mix and match modules to create a custom CMMS and preventive maintenance management software solution that is tailored to your business’ unique needs
  • Flexible system adapts to any industry
  • Automatically schedules services according to the time and meter cycle
  • Easily generate detailed work orders with one click

Cost: FREE trial available for 30 days; Contact for a quote

47. ServiceChannel Planned Maintenance Manager


ServiceChannel is used by national facilities managers in the retail, restaurant, commercial, and industrial sectors to manage data for more than 220,000 locations. Users manage repair and maintenance activities from a single dashboard with ServiceChannel’s Planned Maintenance Manager.

Key Features:

  • Ensures all equipment gets the scheduled services needed
  • Set up site-specific frequencies via the web interface or file upload
  • Automatically generate work orders on the right day to the appropriate service provider
  • Avoid failing to schedule routine maintenance by tracking which maintenance tasks need to be performed and at what frequency

Cost: Contact for a quote

48. ServiceMax


ServiceMax is an innovative company working to transform service organizations. Their equipment preventive maintenance software solution gives techs access to every manual on hand to help them find other opportunities create additional preventive maintenance work orders.

Key Features:

  • Pure cloud field service company
  • Techs use tablets to get directions for field preventive maintenance tasks
  • Find records and manage everything for the task while on the job with mobile access to a knowledge base including manuals, videos, and social collaboration technology

Cost: Contact for a quote

49. TabWare Enterprise Asset Management

TabWare Enterprise Asset Management

TabWare is a leading CMMS/EAM solution for oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, and food and beverage. Effectively track and control your equipment, preventive maintenance, spare parts inventory, and purchasing activities with TabWare.

Key Features:

  • Maximize asset performance and control costs
  • Available as a cloud computing solution (SaaS) to reduce iT cost and overhead, onsite for companies that want TabWare on their own servers, and online for faster adoption
  • Detect equipment defects and issues early to conduct preventive maintenance
  • Alarm or fault conditions trigger automatic work order generation
  • Effectively plan and schedule preventive maintenance while allocating resources appropriately

Cost: Contact for a quote

50. UpKeep Maintenance Management

UpKeep Maintenance Management

UpKeep Maintenance is a mobile maintenance management software that is user friendly and works on any platform in addition to being fully mobile. The leading group collaboration and maintenance application for facility management teams, UpKeep helps reduce downtime and allows you to get better insight via reports.

Key Features:

  • Closely monitors maintenance
  • Create preventive maintenance work orders on-the-go and get notifications when tasks are updated
  • Backs up data daily and stores it securely in the cloud so you can access your business information from any device at any time
  • Streamline communications for the team with varying access levels for administrators, technicians, overseers, and requesters


  • Free: Unlimited number of users
  • Starter: $24.99/month paid annually or $29.99/month paid monthly per technician or administrator each month
  • Professional: $39.99/month paid annually or $47.99/month paid monthly per technician or administrator each month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

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