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    In 2012, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA, made it a requirement for all companies who fell under compulsory Hazard Communication training to also educate their workers on the Globally Harmonized System. Though the GHS had already been in existence since 2003, OSHA was finding that some workers in a variety of industries were not proficient in GHS basics, like Safety Data Sheets and new labeling requirements. Today, companies big and small must put their workers through the required Hazard Communications/GHS training. These employees include any and all that may come in contact with hazardous chemicals during their workday.

    Because OSHA is known to dole out hefty violations to companies that don’t implement this one-time training, it’s important that you educate your workers on HazCom/GHS – and that you have proof of doing so, too. Luckily, there are hundreds of programs out there that make it both convenient and affordable to stay compliant with this requirement. To help you find the training resources and programs you need to remain compliant, we’ve created this list of 50 HazCom training programs, grouped by category below.

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    On-site Hazard Communication Training Programs

    1. Atlantic Nuclear Corp.
    Contact to schedule a one-day training program
    Rockland, MA area

    atlantic nuclear corp.

    Atlantic Nuclear Corps’ one-day, on-site HazCom training program is led by Joseph McNiff, a retired Navy CPO who also was the Boston Police Commander Hazardous Materials Response Unit. McNiff’s course covers all new GHS compliance issues and is taught using OSHA videos, emergencies and first aid education, and team-building exercises.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    2. EHS Inc.
    Contact to schedule a 2-hour and/or 4-hour on-site training program
    Irvine, CA area


    EHS INC. provides two unique on-site GHS training programs– a 2-hour Hazard Communications /GHS Awareness Level Training for workers and a 4-hour Hazard Communication/GHS Train-the-Trainer program. Both are OSHA-compliant training programs that outline classic HazCom practices, as well as the new Safety Data Sheet rules that were introduced in 2013. The Train-the-Trainer program is meant for HR professionals or other managers who need certification to teach in-house classes.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    3. Iowa-Illinois Safety Council
    Contact to schedule an on-site training program
    Des Moines, IA area

    iowa-illinois safety council

    The Iowa-Illinois Safety Council specializes in customizing GHS for HazCom training programs that best fit the needs of the operation. The course includes in-depth training on the new Safety Data Sheet system, labeling hazardous materials, and employee’s right-to-know. The program has been used by some of the most influential manufacturers and energy companies in the world, like John Deere, Alliant Energy, Wright Service Corp, and Michael Foods.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    4. iSi Environmental
    Contact to schedule an on-site training program
    Kansas City, Atlanta, and Tulsa areas

    iSi environmental

    iSi Environmental regularly conducts comprehensive on-site GHS for HazCom training programs that are tailor-made for each company. They are ultra-flexible when it comes to their class schedules; clients can select full-day sessions, or can even break up the programs into small, hourly sessions so that there is little interruption in work shifts.

    Cost to attend: Contact for a quote

    5. Lancaster Safety Consulting Inc.
    Contact to schedule an on-site training program
    Nationwide service area

    lancaster safety consulting

    Lancaster Safety Consulting Inc. is one of the few GHS HazCom training leaders that provides on-site training, no matter where your business is located. This empowers operations that might be in underserved areas or those in need of a fully-customized training schedule. Additionally, the company provides up-to-date training on GHS that always closely follows all of OSHA’s regulations, even as they change.

    Cost to attend: Contact for a quote

    6. Lion Technology Inc.
    Contact for information on service areas

    lion technology

    If you’re looking for a reliable training company that will come to you, Lion Technology Inc. is a sure bet. The company has been in business for over 40 years and offers tailored, comprehensive GHS programs that are built to educate your workers on the issues at hand. For a more cost-effective option, schedule a private webinar.

    Cost to attend: Contact for a quote

    7. National Safety Council
    Contact for information on service areas

    national safety council

    The National Safety Council has been providing work safety training for over a century, making it the longest-standing education company of its kind in the business. Its experienced instructors travel all over the country to deliver customized OSHA-approved Hazard Communication training programs that give workers plenty of real-world, highly-applicable advice.

    Cost to attend: Contact for a quote

    8. Safety Links
    Contact for information on service areas

    safety links

    For operations that require a more detailed course, Safety Links’ 4-hour, in-person GHS and HazCom safety training is a great option. The curriculum delves into all of the complexities of OSHA’s newest GHS but also focuses in on the standard, common sense protocol that comes with classic hazard communication training, such as encouraging safe transport and promoting regulatory efficiency.

    Cost to attend: $97/person

    9. Summit Training Source
    Contact for information on service areas

    summit training source

    Summit Training Source offers specialized on-site training programs that can be built around your specific facility’s needs. In addition to employee training, the company also provides everything you need to be on the right side of OSHA’s strict regulations, including GHS planning and writing compliance plans. Summit Training Source even offers continued consulting to help you keep your HazCom program strong.

    Cost to attend: Contact for a quote

    10. Train Up
    Contact for information on service areas

    train up

    Train Up’s Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance program includes the very curriculum that you need to satisfy your operation’s mandated HazCom and GHS training. In addition to focusing on the standards, Train Up also provides managers with insider information to help stick to regulations while still keeping costs low. The program is available on-site, or in group settings, across the nation.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    Online Courses and Webinars

    11. 360 Training

    360 training

    This fully-online training course is suitable for workers in all industries that are affected by OSHA’s GHS and HazCom regulations. 360 Training’s course provides employees with the basic understanding that they need and serves as a sufficient training source. As a bonus, this course is offered in both English and Spanish versions and comes with add-on testing options.

    Cost to Attend: $15/person

    12. Cintas


    Cintas’ online HazCom and GHS training program covers everything general workers need to know about OSHA’s safety standards, including hazard classification and categories, chemical inventory, Safety Data Sheets, GHS labels, and the HazCom written program, just to name a few. The program also comes with an optional safety management program that can help managers keep better track of their written plans and chemical management.

    Cost to Attend: contact for a quote

    13. Click Safety

    click safety

    There are plenty of basic Hazard Communication and GHS online education programs for workers, but there are just a few that are designed to educate managers and supervisors. One of the best comes from Click Safety; it displays the framework that is included in the associate-level courses, except this one goes further to focus on ways that team leaders can continuously promote compliance in their day-to-day.

    Cost to Attend: $40/person

    14. The Compliance Center

    compliance center

    The Compliance Center’s 1.5-hour GHS online training program gives workers an idea of how their specific job plays a role in their operation’s overall HazCom compliance. For an even more detailed approach, a 2.5-hour, in-depth GHS online course is available. It is geared to both associates as well as managers who need a more comprehensive look at OSHA’s safety requirements.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    15. Compliance Solutions

    compliance solutions

    Compliance Solutions’ online course is geared towards all of the applicable employees who fall under OSHA’s updated GHS training requirements. The course is a minimum of 1.5 hours but comes with plenty of supplemental material that you can use to customize your training. At the course’s end, each student must pass a quiz with a 70% or higher for it to be considered complete.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    16. Convergence Training


    If you’re looking for a HazCom/GHS training program that your workers can complete in a flash, then Convergence Training’s course is the one for you. This convenient option covers all necessary materials in just 39 minutes. Even better, the course can be viewed and completed on a desktop, tablet, or phone for ultra-flexible training.

    Cost to Attend: $19/person

    17. Course for HazCom

    course for hazcom

    Like many other online HazCom and GHS courses, Course for HazCom comes with easy-to-access modules, but this is one of the only ones that offer a certificate-acceptance guarantee. The 1-hour course contains comprehensive information, all in a user-friendly interface that breaks down the often-convoluted regulations into ones your workers will understand and remember.

    Cost to Attend: $25/person

    18. EHS Inc.


    Those seeking a thorough HazCom and GHS training course that is personalized for your industry and can be viewed by multiple employees at a time need look no further than EHS Inc.’s webinars. The webinars can be conducted live or can be recorded for on-demand viewing. They can even be customized to include user-engagement and interactive functions for more adapted learning.

    Cost to Attend: $79/webinar

    19. HazCom Online

    hazcom online

    HazCom Online offers an employee “Right to Know” online certification course that covers all of the topics your workers need to know for your company to be fully compliant. This program includes all of the critical elements that OSHA requires of employers, such as the HazCom written plan, the contingency plan checklist, and the chemical inventory list. HazCom Online also provides proof of certification that you can keep on-hand for OSHA to view if it should choose.

    Cost to Attend: $49.95/person

    20. HazMat School

    hazmat school

    HazMat School has a 2-hour HazCom and GHS training course that can be completed on any desktop, laptop, or tablet that has internet access. Since the program is self-paced, you can schedule your worker to complete it in short increments if need be, just as long as it is finished within 30 days of its start. This makes it a particularly good option for operations that are pressed for time or staff resources.

    Cost to Attend: $35/person

    21. HR Classroom

    hr classroom

    HR Classroom offers a comprehensive HazCom online course that brings focus to OSHA’s recently-instated Globally Harmonized System. The course covers compliance dates, physical, health, and environmental hazards, Safety Data Sheet requirements, and labeling requirements. Employees can complete it by performing a final review and a series of quizzes to test their knowledge.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    22.  iSi Environmental

    iSi environmental

    In the previous section, we told you about iSi Environmental’s on-site training, but the company also provides both online and webinar training, too. The online course brings workers through the compulsory coursework and even automatically tracks their progress for easy recordkeeping. The webinar is provided on a simple platform called Go-To-Meeting. Each one can be customized to fit the needs of your specific facility and operation.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    23. Lion Technology

    lion technology

    Lion Technology offers on-site classes (as mentioned above), but the company also has a convenient online group training program that is more cost-effective and accommodating for many companies. Better yet, the training company will also keep track of your records so that you don’t have to fuss over employee certificates or verifications.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    24. MSDS Online

    msds online

    MSDS Online provides one of the broadest ranges of HazCom/GHS online programs available on the market today. Depending on the needs of your facility, you can choose from the standard Hazard Communication: GHS Training, the more involved Safety Data Sheet: GHS Training, the HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher which serves as a reminder for those who have taken a 24 or 40-hour HazCom course, and even a Material Handling and Storage Procedure Course.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for quote

    25. National Environmental Trainers Inc.

    national environmental trainers

    The self-paced HazCom and GHS compliance course can be taken in either an individual or group setting and comes equipped with dozens of engaging features for all types of learning, including flash animations and professional voiceovers. When employees have completed the course, you will be provided with signed and sealed certificates.

    Cost to Attend: $25/person

    26. National Safety Council

    national safety council

    In addition to its on-site training programs, the trusted National Safety Council also offers online courses entitled GHS: Chemical Labeling and Classification and GHS: USA Compliance. With a number of customized pricing options, the courses are offered in English, Spanish, and French.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    27. New Pig

    new pig

    New Pig’s Pig® Hazard Communication GHS Training course is an option that can be completed entirely online and provides all of the necessary info required by OSHA. Running at just 32 minutes, it is one of the shortest programs on the market, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t chock-full of helpful safety info. This course is provided in both English and Spanish.

    Cost to Attend: 

    • $49/person (1-9 people)
    • $39/person (10-99 people)
    • $29/person (100+ people)

    28. OSHA.com


    This education firm is not associated with the government agency, OSHA, but it does specialize in offering many of OSHA’s mandated coursework, including HazCom/GHS. The basic course takes only 30 minutes to complete and is provided in both English and Spanish. All test results can be accessed online, at any time you choose for simple, paperless recordkeeping.

    Cost to Attend: $15/person

    29. OSHAcademy


    OSHAcademy’s Hazard Communication Program is designed for managers and trainers in need of a comprehensive GHS/HazCom foundation or refresher. This 5-hour course covers a range of important topics, including analyzing for hazardous chemicals, forms of hazardous chemicals, routes of entry, container labeling, SDS basics, practical exercises, and many more.

    Cost to Attend: Free training with the purchase of a certificate (options range from $19.99-$31.99)

    30. OSHAcampus


    OSHAcampus’ GHS and OSHA Hazardous Communication online course is specifically designed for those working in construction. It only takes workers an hour to complete but includes all of the necessary compliance information, as well as special modules that are related to the field. Once finished, you will be able to access employee certifications on the Cloud.

    Cost to Attend:

    • $20/ person (1-4 people)
    • $18/person (5-9 people)
    • $16/person (10-14 people)
    • $14/person (15+ people)

    31. OSHA Education Center

    osha education center

    OSHA Education Center offers a one-hour OSHA Hazard Communication course that provides training to workers who need to know the basics. The course is a convenient one; it can be completed in segments as long as the trainee finishes each module within six months of starting the program. It also comes with extra help if the person overseeing the program has any further questions about HazCom or GHS.

    Cost to Attend: $24.95/person

    32. ProTrainings


    ProTrainings’ signature PROHAZCOM course was designed to speak to all industries, from construction to nursing, hospitality to security, firefighting, and beyond. The course is a quick one to complete – it requires workers to watch a 20-minute video before going over a quick review module. After that, they will take the test, and you can print the certification card immediately.

    Cost to Attend: $19.95/person

    33. Safety Links

    safety links

    Safety Links is known for their on-site training programs, but the company also offers an online course system, too. This 4-hour class provides an in-depth looking at HazCom and GHS and is usually taken by managers, trainers, or workers dealing with complex hands-on duties.

    Cost to Attend: $97/person

    34. Safety Unlimited, Inc.

    safety unlimited

    Safety Unlimited, Inc.’s OSHA Hazard Communication Training Aligned with GHS online course serves as a more in-depth approach to many of the quick, compulsory options. It takes roughly three hours to complete and is designed to be taken in increments so that not much work time is lost. Upon completion, each student will be able to print a PDF of their certificate.

    Cost to Attend: $19.95/person

    35. USF Health

    usf health

    The University of South Florida offers a fully-online OSHA HazCom and GHS compliance course that aims to educate workers on the basics. Course topics include hazard classification, the written hazard communication program, labels and other forms of warning, Safety Data Sheets, employee information and training, and trade secrets.

    Cost to Attend: $24.95/person

    36. Vivid Learning Systems

    vivid learning systems

    Few GHS and HazCom programs are as convenient or straightforward as the one offered by Vivid Learning Systems. Their course is fully-online, can be completed on a mobile device, comes in both English and Spanish, and takes only around 20 minutes to finish. It also comes with extra perks, like a free Hazard Communications Checklist and a free course demo.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    37. Workplace Answers

    workplace answers

    Workplace Answers’ 40 Minutes to Compliance course covers everything your workers need to know, all within one, simple-to-understand platform. The online course includes interactive elements that are designed to ensure that your employees are well-versed in everything from Safety Data Sheets to the general concepts of toxicology.

    Cost to Attend: Contact for a quote

    Self-Facilitated Training, Guides, and Supplemental Materials

    38. American Training Resources

    american training resources

    If you have an HR professional or safety leader on staff who would like to facilitate in-house HazCom/GHS training, American Training Resources provides an easy-to-follow, comprehensive program that can be taught according to your schedule. It contains several modules, including an engaging video for even more interactive learning.

    Cost to Purchase: 

    • Monthly Rental: $250
    • Purchase Price: $495
    • English and Spanish Combo: $749

    39. CPWR


    CPWR has designed a comprehensive, 4-hour HazCom/GHS training course that is meant to educate managers on the ins and outs of the OSHA-mandated program. The course includes a PowerPoint slideshow that comes in both English and Spanish and reviews all compulsory material in eight sections. This program is designed to be self-paced and thorough.

    Cost to Purchase: Free instructor’s manual and PowerPoint slideshow

    40. EHS Inc.


    In addition to offering on-site and in-person training courses, EHS Inc. also retails a GHS and HazCom instructor Kit. It is specifically designed to aid certified instructors in course development, post-training. The Instructor Kit includes a manual, a USB flash drive stored with a PowerPoint, exams, a training roster, regulations, pre-inspection/performance evaluation forms, wall certificate templates, and more. The kit also includes a total of 10 student handbooks.

    Cost to Purchase: 

    • Entire Training Kit: $495
    • 20 Student Handbooks: $99

    41. Graphic Products

    graphic products

    If your training manager is ready to create their own HazCom/GHS program, then it’s your responsibility to make sure that it includes all necessary points, such as chemical labeling rules, Safety Data Sheets, and product identifiers. Graphic Products offers a free guide to all HazCom standards. It’s a great, go-to resource for any training leader.

    Cost to Purchase: Free download

    42. iSi Environmental


    iSi Environmental offers on-site and online classes, but the company also allows you to purchase a “plug and play” program that consists of slides for a self-guided training option. iSi Environmental will even put your company’s logo on each slide so that the program is yours to keep and use far into the future.

    Cost to Purchase: Contact for a quote

    43. Mancomm


    Macomm’s HazCom/GHS Training Package is all a trainer needs to educate their workers on all things compliance. The kit comes with a guide, as well as a training DVD for interactive learning. It also comes with a total of 10 student guides that can be used for note-taking and test-taking as they follow along. Once the workers are finished, the trainer can complete their training certificates.

    Cost to Purchase: $395.95

    44. Media Partners

    media partners

    Media Partners offers a slew of different videos for purchase that serve as supplementals for all comprehensive HazCom/GHS training programs. These video topics include HazCom for Healthcare, HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS, Hazard Recognition, GHS Container Labeling, GHS Safety Data Sheets, and hazard communication clips that are geared towards all different industries.

    Cost to Purchase: Contact for a quote

    45. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    michigan's department of licensing and regulatory affairs

    Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs offers free downloadable resources on its website, including an MTI HazCom and Right to Know training calendar, a HazCom/GHS employee training program with speakers notes, a DVD, and more. This is a great, go-to resource for companies who are taking their first steps to organize their very own training programs.

    Cost to Purchase: Free

    46. National Safety Council

    national safety council

    In addition to its on-site and online training programs, National Safety Council also provides its GHS for Hazard Communication Facilitator Kit. This kit includes a handbook and a DVD that is filled with important, updated information that all trainers need in order to educate their workers on the compliance issues at-hand.

    Cost to Purchase:

    • $105.95 (member price)
    • $133.75 (non-member price)

    47. Personnel Concepts

    personnel concepts

    Personnel Concepts’ Hazard Communication Program includes a compliance manual and full kit. In it, trainers will find a 100+ page reference manual, a CD-ROM with printable materials, a laminated Right-to-Know poster, and full online access to quizzes and other supplementary materials.

    Cost to Purchase: $99.95

    48. Propane Education and Research Council

    propane education and research council

    The Propane Education and Research Council has posted its OSHA HazCom/GHS training manual online, in a helpful PDF version. The manual includes all of OSHA’s mandated requirements, along with quizzes that correspond with each training module.

    Cost to Purchase: Free

    49. SDSpro


    SDSpro offers a comprehensive training guide that can be tailormade to fit the needs of your business. It provides in-depth analysis of all things compliance, all in a handy guide and GHS ready software option. As a bonus, SDSpro allows its customers to try out the program for free for the first 60 days.

    Cost to Purchase: Contact for a quote

    50. XO Safety

    XO Safety

    Last but not least is XO Safety’s Hazard Communication DVD Compliance Kit. It’s either available for immediate download or by mail and features a range of training materials, including a HazCom video, an e-learning suite, and a Powerpoint presentation.

    Cost to Purchase: $189

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