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25 Best Fleet Maintenance Software Systems to Streamline, Track Fleet Maintenance Management

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the best Fleet Maintenance Software

Key Takeaway

  • Fleet maintenance software is a comprehensive solution that enables fleet managers to effectively track, schedule, and manage maintenance operations for their entire fleet of vehicles and equipment, ensuring optimal performance, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Maintaining a vehicle fleet requires careful coordination of maintenance activities to ensure maximum uptime and vehicle service life. With the introduction of fleet management software, many companies have been able to drive greater efficiencies and reduce costs among their truck, van, or vehicle fleets.

    A fleet management platform provides a centralized location for all vehicle data including invoicing, maintenance, and parts inventories. Integrating durable data plates to track your vehicles and custom labels and equipment tags for spare parts inventory and maintenance equipment allows for streamlined, central management of your fleet assets and fleet maintenance program.

    Recent industry data compiled by Verizon showed that 32% of companies that implemented a GPS vehicle tracking system saw a positive return on investment (ROI) within just 6 months. This data highlights both the efficiency and cost benefits of these integrated solutions. With a large number of options available in the market, it’s important to carefully review the features of each platform and compare them to your own fleet management needs.

    In this post, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best fleet maintenance software platforms. We hope this information will help you identify a system that works best for your fleet management and vehicle maintenance needs. Our list is simply categorized alphabetically; the fleet maintenance software systems listed below are not ranked or rated in any particular way.

    1. Agile Fleet FleetCommander


    Agile Fleet FleetCommander

    FleetCommander, from Agile Fleet, has an advanced maintenance management module featuring a real-time dashboard. Information including preventive maintenance work, parts inventories, and labor allocations can all be tracked within the software. As a web-based system, FleetCommander can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

    Key Features:

    • Automated maintenance reminders
    • A dedicated technician dashboard
    • Detailed spare parts inventories

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    2. AUTOsist



    AUTOsist is an affordable and versatile fleet maintenance platform that includes a web portal and mobile app. Each vehicle entered into the system will have a complete service history attached with detailed fuel tracking. Users can also track parts inventories and assign an owner to each asset.

    Key Features:

    • Custom inspection checklists
    • Fuel tracking
    • Document management


    • By Vehicle: Starting at $59/month for 5 vehicles or assets
    • By User: Starting at $149/month per user

    3. Axon



    Axon Fleet Maintenance Software is a comprehensive software suite that can be used to manage shop repairs and vehicle travel. As the center of fleet operations, Axon includes several tools for managing repair histories, milage, and billing for each truck or vehicle. Labor tracking and integrated billing help to keep your operation organized and up to date.

    Key Features:

    • Manage maintenance expenses
    • Customized warranty alerts
    • Vehicle performance reports

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    4. B2W Maintain


    B2W Maintain

    B2W Maintain is a specialized software program that is designed for managing maintenance work for heavy construction equipment. These vehicles and related assets have unique needs compared to traditional fleets, so a dedicated program such as this may be best. This platform makes it easy to monitor, assign, and centralize heavy equipment maintenance activities.

    Key Features:

    • User-defined PM plans
    • Detailed repair histories
    • Telematics integration

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    5. Cetaris



    Cetaris Fleet is a complete maintenance system that can be easily integrated with other popular software platforms. This software includes a detailed labor management module for managing staff and pre-scheduling shifts for your entire workforce. Cetaris also comes with automated tools for identifying vehicle failure patterns and recurring repairs.

    Key Features:

    • Digital work order management
    • Complete asset audit trails
    • Automated maintenance scheduling

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    6. Chevin FleetWave


    Chevin FleetWave

    Chevin fleet maintenance software helps reduce vehicle downtime by organizing your team’s work in a streamlined and simple interface. The software includes tools for creating invoices, ordering parts, and tracking vehicle warranties. Chevin can also be used to automate shop or transportation workflows for improved fleet efficiency.

    Key Features:

    • A customizable system dashboard
    • Mobile vehicle defect registration
    • A visual maintenance job card organizer


    • FleetWave Core: $6.88/month per vehicle
    • FleetWave Advanced: $9.63/month per vehicle

    7. collectiveFleet®


    Collective Fleet

    collectiveFleet® is a complete fleet management package that can be used to track vehicles, parts, and other assets. The main user interface is called the Mission Control Dashboard and features a role-based design that can be customized with permissions and preferences for each user. Automated alerts help keep the entire team informed of urgent changes or updates.

    Key Features:

    • Vehicle inspection scheduling
    • Support for barcode scanning
    • Role-based security

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    8. Dossier Systems


    Dossier Systems

    Dossier is a proven fleet management and maintenance software suite that’s an ideal choice for shops or operations of any size. The software comes in two editions, Essentials and Professional, giving you options based on your deployment needs. Dossier also comes with over 150 pre-formatted reporting templates.

    Key Features:

    • A daily reminder dashboard
    • Personnel management
    • VMRS coding support

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    9. Driveroo


    Driveroo is a complete fleet maintenance software platform that includes automated service reminders and real-time user comments. It’s also possible to review and approve job estimates from within the software. The detailed maintenance history recorded for each vehicle can include attachments and photos for a complete record of activity.

    Key Features:

    • A dynamic maintenance dashboard
    • Instant status alerts
    • Automated work order generation


    • Fleet Reveal: $5/month per asset
    • Fleet:  $7/month per asset

    10. eMaint CMMS


    EMaint CMMS

    The fleet maintenance management capabilities of eMaint CMMS can be used to track and monitor a vehicle fleet of any size. This comprehensive platform includes work order assignments, asset management, and preventive maintenance scheduling. The reporting features are excellent and can be used to analyze data and create custom charts and graphs.

    Key Features:

    • Generate PM tasks
    • Robust reporting tools
    • Complete maintenance histories


    • Team: $33/month per user
    • Professional: $85/month per user
    • Enterprise: $120/month per user

    11. Fiix



    Fiix is a recognized leader in the fleet management industry with software that is easy to implement and scale to meet your needs. Detailed maintenance schedules can be created within the Fiix interface with a few simple steps. This program also integrates with GoFleet tracking modules or Geotab GPS tracking devices for real-time data monitoring and fleet telematics.

    Key Features:

    • Multi-asset work orders
    • Integration with GoFleet tracking modules
    • A flexible subscription model


    • Free: Free for up to 3 users with limited features
    • Basic: $45/month per user
    • Professional: $75/month per user
    • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

    12. Fleet Maintenance Pro

    Fleet Maintenance Pro

    Fleet Maintenance Pro is a complete maintenance management system for Windows-based systems. The software includes all the core capabilities you need to manage fleets, repairs, maintenance requests, and parts inventories. A free trial is available to test the program capabilities, and a cloud-based option is also available with Fleet Maintenance Pro Web.

    Key Features:

    • Daily inspection checklists
    • Vehicle repair tracking
    • Custom reporting


    • Standard: $649 one-time fee
    • Deluxe: $995 one-time fee
    • Shop: $1,495 one-time fee

    13. Fleetio



    Fleetio is a leading fleet management software platform with an easy-to-use interface and robust report tools. This software also includes excellent collaboration tools for setting permissions and customizing access for all users. Fleetio also has excellent support for third-party integrations and workflow automation.

    Key Features:

    • Workflow automation tools
    • Vehicle diagnostic alerts
    • Third-party integrations


    • Pro: $5-6/month per vehicle
    • Advanced: $7-8/month per vehicle

    14. Fleetmate



    Fleetmate is a powerful fleet management program that is owned by SBC Consulting. The software can be downloaded and installed on Windows-based systems for a complete, local solution. An optional report designer or fuel import manager can be purchased as add-ons to the base program.

    Key Features:

    • VIN validation
    • Parts cross-referencing
    • Extended asset topics


    • Annual Subscription: $799.95 (office license) or $2499 (corporate license), unlimited assets
    • One-Time Purchase: $$399.95-$7499.95 (one-time fees based upon location size and number of users)

    15. Fleetsoft



    Fleetsoft has been in business for over 25 years and continues to offer innovative software products for fleet managers worldwide. The Fleetsoft fleet management program is available as a desktop version or fully remote web application. Many fields within the program can be fully customized based on your company workflows.

    Key Features:

    • Preventive maintenance scheduling
    • Fuel tracking
    • Fleetsoft Mobile web application

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    16. Fullbay



    Fullbay is a maintenance management platform that is optimized for heavy-duty truck repair. This is an excellent tool for shop owners to use for managing technician performance, invoicing, and electronic payments. With Fullbay, it’s possible to fully automate many maintenance workflows and create a complete digital ecosystem.

    Key Features:

    • Labor management tools
    • Guided repair guides
    • Rapid and accurate invoicing

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    17. Geotab



    Geotab is best known for the Geotab GO vehicle tracking devices and integrated Mygeotab fleet management software platform. These systems can be combined to create a truly real-time vehicle monitoring environment. Fleet managers can also use the tools to monitor remote diagnostics and make decisions quickly in the event of an alert.

    Key Features:

    • Remote diagnostics
    • Driver safety scorecards
    • Work order management

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    18. HCSS Equipment360


    HCSS Equipment360

    HCSS Equipment360 is optimized for use with construction operations that manage heavy equipment assets. As the name implies, this software provides a complete 360-degree view of each asset with automated alerts and access to workforce time cards. Work orders can be generated with only a couple of clicks for easy maintenance scheduling.

    Key Features:

    • Preventive maintenance alerts
    • Create and submit timecards
    • Integration with HCSS telematics

    Cost: $88/month per user

    19. iM3 SCM


    iM3 SCM

    PeoplePlus Software offers the iM3 SCM as an all-inclusive field and fleet management package. It’s recommended for service providers, dealerships, and contractor fleets that require mobile access to their vehicle records. The software supports an unlimited number of trucks or vehicles. and each asset includes a detailed maintenance and work history.

    Key Features:

    • Live parts inventories
    • Mapping and traffic tools
    • Barcode and QR code scanning

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    20. IntelliShift



    IntelliShift Vehicle Service is a comprehensive maintenance and service platform that makes it easy to monitor a fleet. Key capabilities include customized alerts, preventive vehicle maintenance, and AI video telematics. As a leader in telematics technology, IntelliShift has created a modern and capable fleet management solution.

    Key Features:

    • Optimized routing
    • Real-time issue detection
    • Integrated passenger telematics

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    21. ManagerPlus Lightning


    ManagerPlus Lightning

    ManagerPlus Lightning is a complete fleet management and maintenance platform developed by iOFFICE. The intuitive user interface links employees to key data and maintenance work schedules with only a few clicks. Information from the field is captured in real-time, with visibility over mileage, machine hours, and other helpful metrics.

    Key Features:

    • Mobile vehicle inspections
    • Inventory and asset management
    • Fleet CMMS


    • Lightning Plus: $85/month per user
    • Lightning Experience: $125/month per user

    22. RTA Fleet Management


    RTA Fleet Management

    RTA Fleet Management is an all-in-one solution that can be used to monitor and improve the performance of vehicles, vans, and trucks. The reporting features supplied with RTA’s software are extensive and include support for tracking tire performance, driver performance, and vehicle inspections. This software is also highly scalable, with three subscription plans available for additional features as your business grows.

    Key Features:

    • Comprehensive reporting tools
    • Parts inventory management
    • RTA Mobile app


    • Silver: $69/month per user
    • Gold: $92/month per user
    • Platinum: $115/month per user

    23. TATEMS



    The Truck and Trailer Equipment Maintenance Software (TATEMS) program was first developed in 1997, and the company continues to release new features for customers. Available primarily as downloadable software for PC systems, TATEMS also has a cloud option for remote connectivity. A free trial is available to get started and explore the many features.

    Key Features:

    • Detailed preventive maintenance logs
    • Inspection checklists
    • Automated reminders


    • Cloud Service: $127/month per user, $100/month for each additional user
    • Basic + Monthly: $697 one-time fee for 1 license, plus $27/month for software support
    • Silver: $997 one-time fee for 1 license, 1-year of software support
    • Gold: $1997 one-time fee for 10 licenses, 3-years of software support

    24. Trimble TMT


    Trimble TMT

    TMT Fleet Maintenance, from Trimble, can be used to schedule preventive maintenance work and manage repairs for an entire fleet. This software is also an excellent choice for repair shop owners who must coordinate activities among hundreds or even thousands of vehicles. The system is easy to use, and Trimble offers several subscription plans for maximum flexibility.

    Key Features:

    • Shop floor automation
    • Advanced reporting tools
    • Warranty recovery

    Cost: Contact for a quote

    25. Whip Around


    Whip Around

    Whip Around is an intuitive fleet management platform that can transform your operation with a digital and modern interface. The software offers digital vehicle inspection sheets that can be completed and submitted directly from a mobile app. It’s also easy to track vehicle maintenance work in Whip Around, and users can create custom notifications for important service reminders.

    Key Features:

    • Custom digital forms
    • Vehicle maintenance histories
    • A complete mobile app

    Cost: Contact for a quote

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