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25 Best Equipment Maintenance Log Apps (for Fleet Managers)

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what is fleet maintenance?

Key Takeaway

  • Equipment maintenance log apps are essential tools for fleet managers to effectively track and manage maintenance operations for their entire fleet, ensuring assets are in top condition, improving compliance, extending warranty coverage, and ensuring worker safety.
  • Fleet managers need to manage thousands of moving parts every day. Which assets have already received maintenance? What equipment still needs attention? 

    As your fleet grows, a structured system for maintenance management is a must. Not only will this keep your assets in tip-top shape, but it can improve compliance, extend warranty coverage, and ensure worker safety.

    That’s where a robust equipment maintenance log app comes in. We’ve curated this list of some of the most comprehensive maintenance log apps to help you effectively manage maintenance operations for your entire fleet.

    We’ll discuss these tools in detail in this article, but first, we’ll summarize what equipment maintenance log apps are and how they benefit fleet managers.

    What are Equipment Maintenance Log Apps?

    Equipment maintenance logs aren’t exclusively used for fleet management, but they are an essential tool for fleet managers. These logs are detailed documentation of all the maintenance performed on a unique equipment asset, such as a vehicle or other machinery.

    Instead of manually documenting the maintenance activities performed on unique equipment assets, which introduces the risk of human error in documentation, equipment maintenance log apps make it easy to identify assets, enter maintenance details, and share an asset’s history with those in the field and those on-site simultaneously.

    In other words, if there’s a breakdown on the road, a driver can quickly pull up essential information about the vehicle, such as the last maintenance activities, parts identification, and other details. Equipment maintenance log apps integrate seamlessly with equipment ID tags and transportation identification tags such as equipment nameplates, rating plates and serial plates, compliance tags, and VIN tags for simple asset identification — even in the field.

    The key is to select durable equipment identification products, such as Metalphoto of Cincinnati’s Metalphoto® aluminum nameplates. Metalphoto equipment labels and tags, such as Metalphoto VIN tags and Metalphoto rating plates and nameplates, offer exceptional durability to withstand harsh operating and outdoor weather conditions fleet equipment is commonly exposed to, with an expected exterior lifespan of more than 20 years — so they’ll remain readable throughout the lifespan of your equipment.

    Equipment identification tags paired with the right equipment maintenance log apps provide the foundation for efficient, reliable equipment maintenance and management strategy for your fleet with improves productivity and curbs risk.

    Top 25 Equipment Maintenance Log Apps for Fleet Managers

    It’s impossible to track maintenance logs manually without dropping the ball. Fortunately, there are plenty of maintenance log apps that streamline and automate the fleet maintenance process. Check out these 25 best equipment maintenance log apps to find the best fit for your fleet.

    1. Asset Panda


    Asset Panda

    Don’t let its cute name fool you: Asset Panda is a powerful equipment maintenance log app. It’s used by hotels, schools, non-profits, healthcare, and other types of businesses to manage equipment maintenance across an organization.

    Notable features include:

    • Unlimited users on one account
    • Application integrations
    • Full maintenance history on an asset level

    2. Asset Tiger

    Asset Tiger

    With over 25,000 active accounts and clients like Amazon and Philips, Asset Tiger is a popular equipment maintenance app. It’s based in the cloud, which means you can manage your assets anytime and from any device.

    Notable features include:

    • Barcode scanning
    • Maintenance scheduling
    • Unlimited custom reports

    3. AUTOsist



    Manage your fleet’s fuel usage, parts, trip logs, and much more with AUTOsist. This platform issues reminders to admins and their teams so no maintenance task is left unfinished. This equipment maintenance log app is mobile-first and offers 24/7 support, too.

    Notable features include:

    • Digital inspections
    • Custom reports
    • Preventive maintenance schedules

    4. Cetaris



    Cetaris prides itself on building a fleet maintenance app that focuses on return on investment (ROI). Although it also has solutions for work orders, inventory, and purchase orders, its fleet maintenance software simplifies labor, metrics, and more.

    Notable features include:

    • Vendor portal
    • Work orders
    • Preventive maintenance

    5. Coast



    Coast facilitates team collaboration and even includes a time clock for maintenance workers. Although it’s a broad platform, it’s helpful for managing assets, inventory, and maintenance reports alongside its employee management tools.

    Notable features include:

    • Preventive maintenance schedules
    • Work orders
    • Inventory management

    6. Collective Data

    Collective Data

    Track everything related to your equipment maintenance with Collective. Its fleet maintenance software, collectiveFleet, tracks all of your maintenance data through both its web and mobile apps.

    Notable features include:

    • Preventive maintenance schedule
    • Barcode scan compatibility
    • Parts inventory monitoring

    7. Degama



    Degama has been a trusted fleet management solution since 1984. It’s incredibly customizable, so if you need to create a flexible maintenance dashboard for your business, Degama can stretch to fit how you currently do business.

    Notable features include:

    • Parts inventory
    • Vehicle maintenance history
    • Manage equipment due for service

    8. Dossier



    What equipment maintenance tasks are on your plate for the day? Check Dossier’s Virtual Fleet Assistant dashboard to manage all of your equipment maintenance tasks without skipping a beat.

    Notable features include:

    • Daily reminders
    • Predictive scheduling and maintenance
    • Software integrations

    9. Driveroo


    Driveroo is more than a fleet maintenance log app: it offers inspection, compliance, driver management, and fleet monitoring features, too. For maintenance logs, Driveroo can track every aspect of the maintenance process in one clean dashboard.

    Notable features include:

    • Automatic reminders
    • Repair reports
    • Vehicle-specific mobile inspections

    10. eMaint



    Fluke built eMaint, which is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). This app automates and simplifies maintenance data collection, which makes it easier to find actionable insights from your maintenance logs.

    Notable features include:

    • Flexible subscription options
    • Labor resource allocation
    • Asset level performance metrics

    11. eWorkOrders



    eWorkOrders is one of the most popular and reputable fleet maintenance apps on the market. It can manage employee tracking, parts inventory, document management, and much more. Its predictive maintenance features are particularly useful for optimizing where you route your maintenance resources.

    Notable features include:

    • Predictive maintenance
    • Enterprise asset management
    • Temperature monitoring and vibration analysis

    12. Fiix



    Fiix is a CMMS that empowers maintenance teams with integrated data. Quickly pull helpful reports and order parts ahead of time with Fiix. It even offers AI-powered features that will spot trends in your maintenance logs.

    Notable features include:

    • CMMS integrations
    • Work order management
    • Analytics and reporting

    13. FleetSoft



    FleetSoft is an established fleet management app that’s been around for over 25 years. It’s primarily a parts inventory management system, but it can also manage work orders, PM scheduling, vehicle maintenance, and barcode scanning and printing. Best of all, it also offers a free trial.

    Notable features include:

    • Web and app version
    • Data entry automation
    • Long-term trend analysis

    14. Fullbay



    Fullbay bills itself as a solution for repair shops, but it’s useful for fleet managers, too. In addition to training, customer communication, and accounting, it streamlines maintenance tasks with powerful automation.

    Notable features include:

    • Task management
    • Automatic reminders
    • Real-time technician stats in one dashboard

    15. MaintainX



    MaintainX is a maintenance platform that brings preventive maintenance, parts inventory management, reports, and compliance checklists into one dashboard. Rely on this platform to not only save money on preventive maintenance but also keep your team on the same page every step of the way.

    Notable features include:

    • Safety inspection workflows
    • Preventive maintenance tasks and schedules
    • Parts inventory

    16. Manager Plus


    Manager Plus

    Manager Plus is a product from iOFFICE + SpaceIQ that streamlines equipment management. Rely on its preventive maintenance solution to reduce the time required to conduct maintenance: the system automates data input and facilitates collaboration for you.

    Notable features include:

    • Equipment management
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Inspection management

    17. Q Ware


    Q Ware

    Q Ware is an intuitive platform that streamlines the equipment maintenance process. Schedule preventive maintenance and work orders in just a few taps. You can even see work schedules on a calendar and modify workers’ schedules as needed.

    Notable features include:

    • Barcode scanning
    • Custom interface
    • Asset management and tracking

    18. Redlist



    If you rely on field technicians to maintain your equipment, Redlist could be right for you. This platform routes tasks, ensures compliance, and keeps your maintenance team moving forward in a single dashboard.

    Notable features include:

    • Automated maintenance intervals
    • Task management
    • Custom dashboard configuration

    19. Samsara



    Samsara is an all-in-one fleet management app that manages safety, sustainability, and maintenance. Its equipment monitoring insights allow you to track where your assets are and how much you’ve spent on them.

    Notable features include:

    • Job costing
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Utilization reports

    20. Simply Fleet


    Simply Fleet

    You don’t need an enterprise business to use an equipment maintenance log app. Simply Fleet is a logging app that’s specifically designed for SMBs. It provides a mileage log, expense management options, vehicle inspection reports, and preventive maintenance scheduling to keep your fleet moving.

    Notable features include:

    • Automation
    • Asset management
    • Preventive maintenance

    21. TruckSpy


    While TruckSpy is primarily a driver management and compliance solution, it offers maintenance features, too. Integrate driver reports and schedules in one place, ensuring your equipment maintenance never interrupts the flow of business.

    Notable features include:

    • Maintenance schedule dashboard
    • Inspection notifications
    • Odometer-based maintenance scheduling

    22. Upkeep



    Manage all of your equipment in one place with UpKeep. This equipment maintenance log app simplifies work orders, preventive maintenance, and inventory in a sleek web and mobile app.

    Notable features include:

    • Preventive maintenance scheduling
    • Facility maintenance
    • Property management

    23. Verizon Connect


    Verizon Connect

    Verizon Connect is designed to reduce the costs of operating your fleet. Rely on its data-driven insights to reduce how much you’re spending on equipment maintenance.

    Notable features include:

    24. Vestige


    You can’t repair your equipment if you don’t know where it is. Vestige makes it easy to label all of the tools and equipment in your business so you can conduct maintenance more efficiently.

    Notable features include:

    • Phone alerts
    • On-demand asset tracking
    • Real-time data

    25. Whip Around


    Whip Around

    Whip Around brings drivers, mechanics, and fleet managers together on one platform. Use Whip Around to schedule preventive maintenance, generate work orders, and track maintenance history.

    Notable features include:

    If you’re implementing a robust equipment maintenance management program, an equipment maintenance log app is essential for maintaining a comprehensive maintenance history for each equipment asset and vehicle in your fleet. These solutions, such as Whip Around, Verizon Connect, Simply Fleet, TruckSpy, Redlist, Q Ware, and more, represent some of the most robust equipment maintenance log apps available for fleet management systems today.

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