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50 Best Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) & Tools

Apollo ELD

Commercial vehicles must remain compliant with important regional and national regulations to keep our roads safe. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) manages the guidelines that are in use today. Fleet managers across all industries must be aware of any changes to these guidelines that may impact their operations.

One important update that has been made in recent years has been the requirement for use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). These solutions combine hardware and software to automate fleet tracking, support fleet management, and ensure that drivers are following compliance requirements for the operation of their vehicles and time spent on the road. The ultimate goal of this change is to further reduce the number of roadside accidents caused by fatigue.

The use of ELDs has been required since 2017 but the transition for vehicles tracked using Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AORBDs) was allowed until December of 2019. Now all commercial vehicles that meet certain requirements must be using ELDs to monitor and report their Hours of Service (HOS) logs and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).

To help you select the right solution for your operation, we’ve compiled this list of the 50 major ELD manufacturers in the market. Please note, the following ELDs are organized alphabetically and are not ranked or rated in any way. 

1. Apollo ELD


Apollo ELD

Apollo ELD is a driver-friendly ELD solution with Bluetooth and wired device options. The system meets local and federal regulations for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico providing wide support for your fleet network. Over 3,000 carriers are currently using Apollo ELD. A downloadable Shipment Sync whitepaper on their website explains how to connect carriers and drivers to your entire shipping and receiving network.

Key Features:

  • A mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Generate DVIR and IFTA reports
  • Automatic switching to and from driving

Cost: Contact for a quote

2. AT&T Fleet Complete


AT&T Fleet Complete

AT&T Fleet Complete aims to simplify the process of logging hours and generating reports. The dashboard includes a single map that will show operators the real-time availability of drivers within the fleet. The Fleet Complete app is powered by BigRoad and features a Driver View, automatic duty status updates, and violation alerts.

Key Features:

  • Alerts for upcoming violations
  • Automated hours of service and DVIR logging
  • View HOS rules with regular updates

Cost: $11.25 – $49/month per truck, plus upfront costs

3. Azuga eLogs 


Azuga eLogs 

Azuga eLogs is available as an addition to the Azuga Fleet platform and provides greater visibility for your fleet. With eLogs, you can access various tools for completing HOS and DVIR required activities. Their mobile app is available for iOS and Android and provides drivers with an easy-to-follow interface for performing inspections, reports, and status updates.

Key Features:

  • Supports English, French Canadian, and Spanish languages
  • Automatic alerts for potential violations
  • Pre- and Post-trip inspection checklists for drivers

Cost: Contact for a quote

4. BigRoad Dashlink 


BigRoad Dashlink 

BigRoad Dashlink is a simple and affordable ELD system that is known for its user-friendly mobile app and level of automation. Once it is set up, the ELD will automatically count hours of service through the engine-connected link along with drive time, duty status, and driver availability. Users can create detailed reports and view historical logs in the centralized repository.

Key Features:

  • A built-in fuel tracking feature
  • Zero upfront hardware cost
  • An in-app DVIR

Cost: $19.50 – $47/month per user

5. Blue Ink Tech (BIT) ELD


Blue Ink Tech (BIT) ELD

The BIT ELD is designed for heavy and medium-duty vehicles and connects to the software using wireless Bluetooth technology. Drivers use a cell phone or tablet from their vehicle to monitor the data, and a centralized back-office view for fleet management shows the status of the entire fleet. The app can automatically communicate with a connected ELD regardless of which truck a driver uses each day.

Key Features:

  • View the current status of all driver logs
  • Manage DVIR issues in real-time
  • Easily view state-by-state miles for each vehicle

Cost: $295/device one-time fee, additional accessories available

6. BridgeHaul



BridgeHaul offers users a simple and compelling ELD plan for $15 per month, per vehicle, with no upfront hardware costs. The subscription includes access to the central dashboard where you can view important information such as active loads, ETAs, and invoices. This platform enables shippers, owner-operators, and carriers to actively manage and monitor their fleets at all times.

Key Features:

  • Automated load size calculator to maximize profit
  • Electronic document capture with the mobile app
  • An integrated truck stop locator

Cost: $15/month

7. CarrierWeb CarrierMate


CarrierWeb CarrierMate

CarrierWeb CarrierMate is a fleet management and mobile communication system that includes fully-compliant ELD capabilities. The CarrierMate hardware has an onboard computer that communicates with an installed ELD and shares information with the CarrierWeb software. Users can monitor trip data, messages, GPS data, and job orders.

Key Features:

  • Patented “always-on” communications system
  • Automated workflow with integrated navigation
  • Fleet management tools including maintenance tracking

Cost: Contact for a quote

8. Coretex ELD


Coretex ELD

Coretex is a fully integrated ELD that includes process automation, customizable workflows, and advanced geofencing. There are extensive options for fleet management including the ability to customize rule-sets for intrastate travel within the U.S. and Canada. The system also allows drivers to access the system offline so that data can be logged in areas of poor wireless coverage.

Key Features:

  • A Cortex-provided Android tablet is available
  • Sensors for monitoring engine status and distance
  • Customize alerts for violations, events, and inspections

Cost: Contact for a quote

9. DriveELD



DriveELD combines a simple setup with a streamlined app to make hours of service logging and fleet tracking easy. It is a very affordable solution that includes important features such as on-device data storage, in-app inspection logs, and proactive notifications. Plans for DriveELD start at a reasonable cost of $15 per month, per truck.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated HOS logging
  • Data encryption and secure pairing protocol
  • Support for all J1939 vehicles and most OBD-II ports

Cost: $15 – $20+/month per truck




EROAD is an ELD that is installed in the vehicle along with a single driver device. The in-vehicle device contains a display with easy access to all the important functions, and drivers don’t need to worry about connecting to the system with third-party hardware for each ride. There are also additional tax reporting and fleet management features that can help reduce costs among your vehicles.

Key Features:

  • Easy upgrades to maintain compliance
  • An intuitive in-vehicle device
  • FMCSA registered and 3rd party verified

Cost: $25 – $35/month per vehicle

11. Ezlogs



Ezlogs is a comprehensive logistics platform that offers both hardwired and wireless Bluetooth ELD hardware. Using this FMCSA compliant solution gives you tools for fleet management, document management, and trip planning. They support multiple languages and the ability to add a smart dashboard camera for incident recording and live streaming.

Key Features:

  • An inspections mode for easy data review
  • In-fleet messaging between drivers
  • A built-in Trucker Trip Planner

Cost: $29.99/month per unit

12. Fleetilla ELD


Fleetilla ELD

The Fleetilla ELD/HOS solution can be set up quickly and have drivers ready to travel in minutes. Their in-vehicle interface is very intuitive and gives drivers easy access to all the information they need. This offering is part of their fleet management platform, FleetFACTZ, and their travel maps can be integrated with Google Maps or other custom sources for detailed location status updates.

Key Features:

  • A Fleetilla Connect interface for adding data sources
  • Manage operations with a flexible user-hierarchy
  • A FleetFACTZ mobile app for Android and iOS

Cost: Contact for a quote

13. Garmin eLog Compliant ELD


Garmin eLog Compliant ELD

Garmin eLogs offers users a simple ELD hardware setup and a free application. To begin, you simply pay a one-time fee for the logging device, and there are no ongoing subscription fees. This solution is a great choice for maximum security because users access data on a locally connected smartphone with no data stored in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • ELD compatible with most semi-truck configurations
  • Compatible with many Garmin dezl GPS navigators
  • A free Garmin eLog app for reviewing data

Cost: $249.99/device one-time fee

14. Geoforce/Geotab ELD


Geoforce/Geotab ELD

Geoforce offers customers a flexible ELD solution that uses a Geotab GO telematics device to record data. Users connect to the hardware with an application installed on their own phone or device. A Geoforce Track and Trace application allows fleet management users to view both vehicles and field equipment status in a single interface.

Key Features:

  • Easy hardware install through an OBDII port
  • An award-winning “Service Verification” module
  • Advanced data capture


  • Free device with $89 LTE network fee (additional fees apply)
  • $22 – $36/month per device for subscription

15. Gorilla Safety PRIME8


Gorilla Safety PRIME8

Gorilla Safety’s PRIME8 ELD adapter can be easily installed and moved between trucks as needed. This gives fleet managers flexibility while also simplifying compliance activities. A unique ELD document feature provides completely automated document management by allowing users to scan and upload paperwork directly into the app.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated ELD document management
  • Quick access to driver time and duty cycle data
  • eDVIR and mechanic inspection tools


  • $225 – $250/device one-time fee
  • $19.99 – $36.99/month per device

16. GPS Insight ELD 


GPS Insight ELD 

GPS Insight offers users a few different options based on your specific vehicle tracking needs. ELD Mobile can be used for ELD and DVIR monitoring through the app, and a separate DVIR mobile app acts as a lower-cost DVIR-only option. ELD Connect includes an in-vehicle mounted tablet and an installed GPS tracking device for complete fleet management capability.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined ELD and DVIR data management
  • Auto-power for tablets when vehicles turned on
  • Support for multiple languages

Cost: Contact for a quote

17. GPS Trackit ELD


GPS Trackit ELD

GPS Trackit’s ELOGS is a complete fleet management and compliance tracking platform. This ELD solution streamlines the process of HOS logging and creates a user-friendly environment for capturing and reviewing important information. If you are looking for a paperless ELD system with extensive compliance and audit controls, this may be a great option for your business.

Key Features:

  • Tools for ensuring complete HOS compliance
  • A paperless system for maintaining travel logs
  • Set up convenient driver alerts

Cost: Contact for a quote

18. Intelelogs ELD

Intelelogs ELD

Intelelogs is an affordable and powerful ELD solution that is FMCSA registered. Installation of the ELD requires no tools, and the system uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with your phone or tablet. Features of the Intelelogs ELD system include visual and audible alerts, DVIRs, and automatic firmware updates.

Key Features:

  • ELD records of miles driver per state
  • Easy installation through your OBD diagnostic port
  • Submit DVIR reports and photos through the app

Cost: $199.99/device one-time fee

19. Isotrak ELD 


Isotrak ELD 

Isotrak aims to be the most flexible ELD solution on the market. With a focus on compliance protections, they have tools for preventing HOS violations and simplifying your reporting and inspections. Their web-based telematics platform displays real-time driver data for your entire fleet, allowing you to monitor and prevent issues.

Key Features:

  • Real-time alerts for potential violations
  • Automatic updates of driver status
  • Send HOS logs directly to DOT compliance officers

Cost: Contact for a quote

20. J.J. Keller ELD & ELogs


J.J. Keller ELD & ELogs

J.J. Keller offers a wide range of logging technology that gives you complete control over your fleet technology and data. Users pair one of the ELD devices with the Encompass ELD app or the J.J. Keller Compliance tablet. The fleet management system makes it easy to manage driver data, compliance, and equipment performance.

Key Features:

  • A free Encompass ELD app
  • The Driver DataSense service provides data interpretation
  • Free training resources for efficient rollouts

Cost: Contact for a quote

21. KeepTruckin ELD


KeepTruckin ELD

KeepTruckin helps you manage your vehicle maintenance, compliance, and tracking from a centralized system. Key features include a smart dashcam, IFTA fuel tax reporting, and vehicle diagnostic alerts. Additional app integrations are available through an Open API for connecting other third-party data and reporting resources.

Key Features:

  • Integrated fleet safety analysis and coaching
  • Automatic alerts for HOS violations
  • DOT inspection mode for easy audits

Cost: $0 – $35+/month per unit

22. Linxup ELD


Linxup ELD

Linxup provides FMCSA-certified ELD devices that are combined with industry-leading electronic logging software. Their team is set up to help those companies that are transitioning from using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) to ELDs. With Linxup, you can add a number of capabilities beyond HOS logging that can improve your fleet efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Automatically change driver duty status
  • A top-rated customer service team
  • Edit history with annotations


  • $299.98/device one-time fee
  • $29.99 – $49.99/month per device

23. LoadTrek ELD


LoadTrek ELD

Loadtrek is known for its complete transportation management system (TMS), and they offer an End2End service that provides ELD functions. The Loadtrek advanced ELD collects and monitors important regulatory data for each vehicle in your fleet. Key features of the system include paperless DVIR reports and remote monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Create custom KPIs and scorecards
  • Rugged hardware for use in hazardous conditions
  • Compliant with all relevant U.S. and Canadian regulations

Cost: Contact for a quote

24. Lytx ELD


Lytx ELD 

Lytx offers fleet management solutions that combine video and vehicle data to deliver more insights to vehicle drivers and operators. To help customers remain compliant with ELD mandated HOS reporting, they provide Geotab’s Cloud ELD as an extension of their existing services. Users can manage all of their ELD and other fleet management data under the single Lytx platform.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data for fleet tracking
  • A complete fleet management solution
  • Fleet risk management tools

Cost: Contact for a quote

25. MasTrack ELD


MasTrack ELD

MasTrack ELD is a turnkey solution for managing hours of service and vehicle inspection logs. The hardware installation is simple with available features that include live GPS tracking, maintenance tracking, and wireless data for tablets. Three subscription service levels are available allowing you to select the features that are most useful for your operation.

Key Features:

  • Detailed analysis of fuel costs
  • IFTA reporting for a paperless workflow
  • GPS tracking for real-time fleet monitoring


  • $289 – $449.99/device one-time fee
  • $19 – $49/month per device

26. Matrack ELD


MasTrack ELD

The MaTrack Smart ELD is an FMCSA-approved and DOT-compliant device. You can receive the hardware for free by signing up for the monthly subscription, and there is a generous 30-day return policy. This system includes tools such as driver messaging, geo-fencing, vehicle inspection reminders, and detailed travel logs.

Key Features:

  • Assign or move drivers between vehicles
  • Automatic accident reporting
  • Advanced warnings for potential violations

Cost: $19.95+/month per device

27. My20 ELD


My20 ELD

My20 ELD, from Konexial, is the only ELD solution with GoLoad dynamic load matching. This capability gives drivers the opportunity to see additional load opportunities directly on their phone so they can make informed decisions at any time. The hardware setup can be done in minutes, and this solution is fully FMCSA compliant.

Key Features:

  • One-touch exemption statuses
  • Designed with edge computing technology
  • An exclusive dynamic load matching function


  • $129.99/device one-time fee
  • Requires $300/yr My20 Tower subscription

28. My Safe Fleet ELog Driver

My Safe Fleet ELog Driver

My Safe Fleet offers Elog Driver to its customers as an electronic logbook application. In addition to HOS logging, the software also has a built-in messaging function and the ability to track vehicle inspections. My Safe Fleet also sells multiple ELD devices that can be installed for complete vehicle tracking and reporting.

Key Features:

  • Full access to trip history and vehicle data
  • Battery backup available in case of power loss
  • A built-in crash sensor

Cost: Contact for a quote

29. NexTraq ELD


NexTraq ELD

NexTraq, a part of the Michelin group, offers its NexTraq ELD for use with tablets and smartphones. Their platform is a reliable HOS logbook and can also generate DVIRs and RODS reports. The app features an intuitive access screen that gives users quick access to all the important functions from a single view.

Key Features:

  • Interactive DVIR checklists
  • Quickly update driver status
  • Automated reports for roadside inspections

Cost: Contact for a quote

30. Omnitracs 



Omnitracs has over 15 years of experience selling ELDs, and its platform is fully compliant with regulations and trusted in the industry. Their HoursGo mobile app communicates with the ELD hardware to enable increased fleet visibility. Customers can purchase one of Omnitracs’ Dedicated ELDs with installed in-cab displays or consider the Mobile ELDs as a BYOD solution.

Key Features:

  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Drivers can remotely clock in and out
  • An extensive portfolio of additional applications

Cost: Contact for a quote




ORBCOMM focuses on helping owners improve the profitability of their fleets. Their ELD/HOS solution includes a full suite of fleet management functions that are designed to be flexible and scalable. Companies can even add their own custom applications using the open Android platform that ORBCOMM has developed.

Key Features:

  • An open and scalable Android platform
  • A media manager for sharing content with drivers
  • In-cab scanning capability

Cost: Contact for a quote

32. Pedigree Technologies ELD Chrome


Pedigree Technologies ELD Chrome

Pedigree Technologies’ ELD Chrome is built on the OneView software platform and comes in a number of different configurations. There are three main options for ELD Chrome deployment, called Cab-Mate Open, One, and Connect. Each provides a different level of flexibility from a BYOD solution to an installed, rugged tablet.

Key Features:

  • Wired or Bluetooth hardware connections
  • Support for vehicle inspections
  • Embedded ELD malfunction indicators on tablets


  • $299-$799 one-time fee for ELD
  • leasing options available

33. Platform Science


Platform Science

Platform Science is an enterprise solution for fleet management that includes integrated ELDs. The software is fully scalable, and customers can choose from a series of applications that best suit the needs of their fleet. The team at Platform Science also makes it easy to integrate third-party or custom applications for a complete fleet management experience.

Key Features:

  • Easily connect assets & third-party devices
  • Contextual UDT management
  • Driver performance monitoring

Cost: Contact for a quote

34. Rand McNally ELD 50


Rand McNally ELD 50

The ELD 50 device from Rand McNally gives fleet owners and operators a lightweight solution that can be installed in seconds. The hardware connects through a J-port bus from within the truck cab, and drivers can access the DriverConnect portal with their own device or a Rand McNally navigation device. Users can easily view, print, and store up to 6 months worth of HOS logs.

Key Features:

  • Easy in-cab installation into a J-Bus port
  • Store up to 2 days of data in offline mode
  • Quick access to HOS logs and history


  • $149.99/device one-time fee
  • $150 rebate with $19.99/mont subscription sign up

35. Real ELD

Real ELD

Real ELD is a BYOD solution that utilizes GPS tracking to monitor and record your fleet. The app is available for Android and iOS and includes complete driver logs and scorecards to monitor performance. Communication features such as a built-in scanner and integrated messaging help keep your team connected at all times.

Key Features:

  • Driver scorecards for productivity and safety
  • Built-in document scanner
  • A night time screen mode

Cost: Contact for a quote

36. Samsara ELD


Samsara ELD

Samsara is an FMCSA certified ELD that gives you HOS records, GPS tracking, DVIRs, and WiFi hotspots. The availability of WiFi hotspots helps eliminate the need for any cellular data plans and is especially helpful for travel in regions without cellular reception. All data is connected to the Samsara cloud and is accessible to drivers through a Driver app or the centralized Dashboard software.

Key Features:

  • Real-time visibility to every driver log
  • A streamlined dashboard view for fleet managers
  • Easily track unassigned driver time

Cost: Contact for a quote

37. Simple Truck ELD


Simple Truck ELD

Simple Truck ELD is installed on the ECM port of an engine and will automatically collect a large set of important data. Beyond HOS logs, the software will also display information about engine hours, engine power status, and location. The ELD dashboard makes it easy to generate reports and review critical events for an entire fleet.

Key Features:

  • Automatic alerts for HOS violations
  • Generate DVIR reports through the app
  • A graph grid displaying duty status

Cost: $19 – $36/month

38. Spireon FleetLocate 


Spireon FleetLocate 

Spireon FleetLocate Compliance uses an FL1 ELD combined with software that can run on any Android or iOS device. This is a fully compliant HOS logbook solution that is a great option for mixed fleets that have differing requirements among vehicles. Fleet managers can easily view the status of each driver and monitor potential issues, delays, or violations.

Key Features:

  • State of the art Telematics
  • Real-time notifications of potential violations
  • Flexible setup for mixed fleets

Cost: Contact for a quote

39. Stoneridge EZ-ELD


Stoneridge EZ-ELD

Stoneridge EZ-ELD offers customers an easy and straightforward installation plan and subscription. After purchasing and installing the ELD hardware, users can connect to the system using a Driver app or the Backoffice software. A simple, monthly subscription model is offered to keep your entire team connected at all times.

Key Features:

  • Includes DVIR and IFTA reporting
  • A support helpline is available 24/7
  • Hardware provided with free connectors


  • $169/device one-time fee
  • $12.50 – $15/month per device

40. Switchboard ELD


Switchboard ELD

Switchboard is a convenient ELD and HOS solution for fleet management. The hardware is easily installed with a wired connection and requires no special device pairing to get started. Logged data can be viewed using the free driver application, and HOS logs are complete and fully compliant with all associated regulations.

Key Features:

  • View cycle hours and duty status
  • Complete pre- and post-trip DVIRs
  • Hardware can be installed in minutes

Cost: $200/device one-time fee

41. Synovia



Synovia provides fleet managers with tools for tracking location, inspections, time reporting, and asset tracking. They have extensive experience supporting school bus fleets, and the Synovia Hours of Service Solution allows drivers to electronically log their time to fulfill HOS compliance requirements. This ELD offering is part of a complete suite of products available on their website.

Key Features:

  • Integrated fuel card reporting
  • Easily log time and HOS
  • Streamline compliance regulations

Cost: Contact for a quote

42. Teletrac Navman ELD


Teletrac Navman ELD

The Teletrac Navman ELD is designed for drivers and well-known for its ease of implementation. Each system comes pre-loaded with on-demand and live training courses, and Teletrac offers roles-based support for all drivers and support staff. Their application is easy to navigate, with access to all the important data you need to monitor HOS reporting.

Key Features:

  1. A FMCSA-registered and self-certified ELD
  2. Clear visibility of driver availability and HOS logs
  3. Pre-loaded with 21 training courses

Cost: Contact for a quote

43. Transflo T-Series ELD


Transflo T-Series ELD

The Transflo T-Series ELD solution bundles Geotab hardware with Transflo’s extensive software offerings. The central ELD offers core capabilities you would expect, such as monitoring vehicle locations and recording electronic logs. Additional features include telematics, fleet navigation with live traffic, and truck stop scanning.

Key Features:

  • Docutype patented digital workflow
  • Unlimited mobile scanning
  • Lifetime upgrades on ELD equipment

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. Trimble ELD


Trimble ELD

Trimble offers the eDriver Logs ELD as a convent platform for monitoring HOS among your fleet and reducing the risk of any violations. Everything you need is provided in a single ELD device and requires no additional hardware or software installations. The device has an intuitive touchscreen interface and gives you access to all your important data.

Key Features:

  • Driver profile snapshots
  • Automatic alerts for potential HOS violations
  • Support for instant file transfer through email or web

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. Trucker Path ELD Pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro

Trucker Path ELD Pro is a fully-compliant platform that includes GPS tracking, telematics, and messaging. There are numerous accessory options for connecting the ELD hardware to your vehicles, and the application is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Additional features include a fuel tracker and IFTA reporting.

Key Features:

  • Alerts for driver behaviors
  • An accident navigator
  • Load check reminders

Cost: $19.95 – $39.95/month per truck

46. TruckX ELD


TruckX ELD

TruckX is an affordable ELD solution that uses a Bluetooth wireless system. Their device and logbook can be set up in minutes, and the mobile app provides real-time data for all connected driver logs. TruckX offers a straightforward subscription plan for its service and provides a Bluetooth-enabled ELD device for free with each signup.

Key Features:

  • FMCSA-certified and compliant
  • Automatic IFTA calculations
  • Live HOS alerts for drivers

Cost: $18 – $27/month per truck

47. TruxTrax



TruxTrax is an FMCSA certified ELD with detailed hours of service logs and fleet management tools. The Truxbox ELD hardware is easy to install and communicates seamlessly with the TruxTrax ELogbook software. They offer a 30-day free trial of the app, in which you can create and edit HOS logs, create inspection reports, and view real-time data from your fleet.

Key Features:

  • View driver, vehicle, and trailer profiles
  • Real-time visibility of fleet location with GPS tracking
  • Calculate IFTA, Fuel, mileage, and trip expenses


  • $50 one-time equipment fee
  • $12.50 – $15/month per vehicle

48. VDO RoadLog ELD


VDO RoadLog offers its ELD hardware in two configurations. The RoadLog ELD is a wired solution that uses a USB key for drivers to transfer their data to the software logbook upon arrival at each location. They also offer the RoadLog ELD Plus that uses cellular technology to upload data continuously during transit.

Key Features:

  • Remote fleet management tools with RoadLog Plus
  • A built-in log printer
  • FMCSA registered and VDO certified


  • $149/user one-time fee for RoadLog Office
  • $19.99 – $29.99/month per truck for RoadLog ELD Plus Wireless service
  • Additional hardware costs and fees may apply (Contact for a quote)

49. Verizon Connect


Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is the rebranded combination of Verizon’s Telematics and former Fleetmatics. This service is a major player in the industry and gives users access to a stable and reliable wireless network that is supported by over 500 global security consultants. It is also the only service to integrate data from vehicles, workers, and assets into a single fleet management offering.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 driver app support
  • Devices are FMCSA registered
  • Access to Verizon’s #1 4G LTE wireless network

Cost: Contact for a quote

50. Zonar Logs


Zonar Logs

Zonar Logs is a HOS application that has broad compliance with relevant U.S. and Canadian laws. Their system is accessed through a secure web portal called Ground Traffic Control, which includes an intuitive dashboard with a live status map view. It is easy to identify any issues among a fleet, and drivers receive automatic alerts for any at-risk activity that could lead to a violation.

Key Features:

  • Easy access for drivers through the Zonar tablet
  • Meets 49 CFR 395 ELD and HOS certification
  • Maintains compliance with automatic updates

Cost: Contact for a quote



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