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Identification Items for Tracking Logistics Assets & Fleet Management

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MPC has worked with companies like FedEx, Great Dane, and SAF, so we understand how important tracking and traceability is when it comes to equipment and fleet management. Our experience with a variety of medium and large OEMs and shippers in the transportation space gives us the ability to properly design and manufacture a variety of identification items including:

  • VIN tags
  • Manufacturer nameplates
  • Inspection labels
  • CSC approval plates
  • Maintenance & operation labels
  • Safety labels

Why work with MPC:

  • Get required I.D. tags, nameplates, and safety labels from one supplier.
  • Pre-printed Metalphoto VIN tags eliminate inefficient/error-prone in-house stamping or printing processes.
  • Metalphoto bar code labels connect operators and service reps in the field with asset-specific maintenance history, service manuals, spare parts stores, or warranty information.
  • Dedicated VIN tag manufacturing cell allows OEMs to submit data weekly and receive finished tags in days, not weeks.

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