Polyester Nameplates

Ideal for Tough Equipment Applications

MPC's polyester nameplates are considered an ideal solution for nearly any indoor equipment and industrial nameplate use due to their high tensile strength, dimensional stability, clarity and versatility. Lightweight, easily printed and die-cut, polyester nameplates also offer resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and tears. These properties remain constant over a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. A selection of optional finishes may also be added for increased durability against abrasion and image degradation.

Graphics and copy are digitally or screen printed on the second surface (the underside) for maximum durability. Expected exterior life is up to seven years. Color graphics have limited UV resistance and will gradually degrade over long periods of exposure to sunlight; therefore, long-term outdoor use is not recommended.

Why Choose MPC's Polyester Nameplates?

  • Highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and heat with an expected exterior life of up to seven years.
  • Resistant to shrinking and tearing.
  • Product durability properties remain constant over a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Graphics are second-surface printed for maximum durability.
  • Able to host clear windows.
  • High-performance adhesives and/or holes for mechanical attachment.
  • Skillfully fabricated in our machine and print shops to your design specifications.

Product Specifications


Polyester face stock up to .010" thickness.


Clear textured, Matte, Pigmented, Metal, Brushed metal, and Transparent colors.


Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment.


Many fonts and design elements are available, as well as your company logo.


Color options available. Note: Colors have limited UV resistance. Not recommended for long-term outdoor use.

Standard Sizes:

Wide selection of standard sizes; custom sizes are also available.


15 working days from receipt of order and approval of artwork. Expedited shipment is available for an additional charge.

No minimum quantity. Get a quote for any size job.

Get a quote for any size job - we have no minimum piece requirement. Our minimum production run is $400 per part number, excluding set-up fees/tooling. Contact us regarding your project.