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Considerations When Specifying Identification For Critical Rail Assets

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Learn All The Considerations Important to Selecting Proper Identification for Critical Rail Assets

Nameplates, labels, tags, and other identification is critical to the tracking and management of rail and transportation components, euipment, and systems.  However, assets in these industries are frequently subjected to extremely harsh outdoor operating environments.  How can you be sure your identification will remain attached and readable through the life of your assets?

At the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance=of-Way Association (AREMA) 2023 Annual Conference, MPC presented a talk that provded a comprehensive review of all the considerations important to selecting the proper material for critical rail assets.  This includes:

  • Challenges specific to the operating conditions of the equipment and or components
  • The impact of environment including climate and weather when exposure to harsh or extreme outdoor conditions is common
  • A review of the various attachment methods available and the decision criteria for selecting the proper attachment method
  • The importance of good documentation and the resulting performance and economic benefits to be realized
  • A comparison of new materials and new technologies available for identification products in the market today

Download the PDF of the presentation now and learn how to ensure that your rail component, equipment, and system identification will last the lifecycle of your assets.

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Exceptionally Durable Nameplates for Transportation Asset Identification

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