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50 Top Engineering Blogs to Stay on Top of Industry News, Trends & Best Practices

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Engineering is a thriving field, with a projected blistering 6% growth rate in jobs from 2020 to 2030. This critical industry is essential for civil infrastructure, product design, electronics, and everything else in our society that moves humanity forward. However, the industry is always changing, and it’s a good idea to stay on the bleeding edge of engineering to keep your skills sharp. We’ve curated this list to give you access to the latest trends, best practices, and insights from industry-leading engineering blogs such as:

In creating this list, we looked for engineering blogs offering a variety of perspectives and those that are updated regularly and have been updated recently. We gave priority to engineering blogs that offer a breadth and depth of expertise and those affiliated with reputable organizations and industry-recognized publications. You’ll find information on the engineering design process, in-depth information on engineering design best practices, reviews of engineering software solutions, information on manufacturing design principles, and much more.

We’ve also included engineering websites offering content in a variety of formats, such as videos and podcasts, as well as those that provide valuable information such as upcoming conferences, continuing education opportunities, and other professional engineering resources. Finally, you’ll also find a few engineering blogs that are more educational for aspiring engineers and students. Even the most experienced engineers never stop learning, so professionals might find content of interest from these blogs as well.

The Top 50 Engineering Blogs You Should Follow

Check out these top 50 engineering blogs to learn about the latest innovations, work processes, and regulations for engineering professionals. The engineering blogs below are listed in alphabetical order but otherwise aren’t ranked or rated in any way.

1. All About Circuits


All About Circuits

From industry articles to video lectures and worksheets, All About Circuits is a remarkable free resource for any engineer. Consult this blog to learn about applications ranging from IoT, automotive, medical, and even neural networks.

Three key articles from All About Circuits:

2. Arrow



Arrow’s blog provides guidance for engineers interested in next-generation technologies. Aside from its blogs and articles, Arrow has different types of resources, too. Check out their video series for the latest news on all things IoT, tech, 5G, and more.

Three key articles from Arrow:

3. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)


ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

ASME provides a resource hub that’s chock full of articles about mechanical engineering. Check out ASME’s blog to learn more about energy use, test your knowledge with quizzes, and learn about the latest innovations in the field of mechanical engineering.

Three key articles from ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) :

4. Assembly



Do you work in the automotive engineering space? If so, Assembly is a valuable blog that showcases the latest innovations in batteries, auto manufacturing, and more. Registration is required to read Assembly’s resources, which are all available for free.

Three key articles from Assembly:

5. CNCzone


CNC Zone

CNCzone is a resource hub for over 500,000 manufacturers and engineers. In addition to its helpful discussion forum, CNCzone also provides behind-the-scenes guides webinars, events, and reviews on all things CNC. The blog is hosted on CNCzone’s sister site IndustryArena.com, but links and introductions to articles are easily located in the site’s Global Timeline.

Three key articles from CNCzone/Industry Arena:

6. COMSOL Blog



Do you use COMSOL in your work? The company’s valuable blog outlines how engineers can get more mileage out of COMSOL, as well as other fun topics related to science, CAD, and physics.

Three key articles from COMSOL Blog:

7. Control Engineering


Control Engineering

Control Engineering’s blog hits on various engineering-related topics, from manufacturing to IoT to control systems. You’ll find a variety of in-depth articles and insightful analyses to learn more about dedicated control systems, Industry 4.0, process manufacturing, system integration, and more.

Three key articles from Control Engineering:

8. Daily Designs


Daily Designs

Project engineers can get a lot of valuable information from Daily Designs, a blog run by NSPE. Although the blog functions as a resource hub, it’s a valuable place to find curated news on engineering projects around the globe.

Three key articles from Daily Designs:

9. E&T (Engineering and Technology)


E&T (Engineering and Technology)

The IET blog covers topics ranging from 3D printing to energy conservation to medical technology. Visit this blog to learn about the latest big ideas fueling the imaginations of engineers and the public at large.

Three key articles from E&T (Engineering and Technology):

10. EC&M (Electrical Construction and Maintenance)


EC&M (Electrical Construction and Maintenance)

EC&M provides essential information for electrical engineers and construction workers. Check out their blog for special reports, webinars, guides, and opinion pieces.

Three key articles from EC&M (Electrical Construction and Maintenance):

11. Edison Electric Institute


Edison Electric Institute

Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is an organization for investor-owned electric companies. It’s a valuable resource for members to learn about public policy, compliance, and industry data.

Three key articles from Edison Electric Institute:

12. EE Times


EE Times

Electronic Engineering Times provides valuable blogs that go in-depth on the latest innovations in consumer electronics. Learn about microchip technology, battery innovations, and other cutting-edge changes coming to the world of engineering.

Three key articles from EE Times:

13. EEWeb



Aside from its phenomenal forum and community section, EEWeb also provides resources for electrical engineers. If you’re a hardware designer, you’ll love their blogs on QC, robotics, and more.

Three key articles from EEWeb:

14. Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor

Professionals in electrical construction read Electrical Contractor’s articles on lighting, LEDs, and more. Learn about up-and-coming news, big construction projects, and best practices for electrical construction and engineering.

Three key articles from Electrical Contractor:

15. Electrical Engineering Portal


Electrical Engineering Portal

EEP provides technical information to engineers in the electrical engineering field. With a paid membership, you can access more technical articles and courses through EEP.

Three key articles from Electrical Engineering Portal:

16. Electrical Engineering Resource


Electrical Engineering Resource

Electrical Engineering Resource is a blog run by ABB Electrification. Here, you’ll learn about critical power, renewable energy, space savings, and machine safety, among other interesting electrical engineering topics.

Three key articles from Electrical Engineering Resource:

17. ElectricNet


While its website might look a little dated, ElectricNet actually provides some of the best regulatory news coverage for engineers. Check out this blog to learn about the latest news as well as upcoming regulations that may affect your designs.

Three key articles from ElectricNet:

18. Electronic Design


Electronic Design

Emerging technologies have a tremendous impact on engineering. Check out Electronic Design’s articles to learn about different components, industry insights, and industry news.

Three key articles from Electronic Design:

19. Electronic Product Design & Test


Electronic Product Design & Test

EPDT is an industry-leading resource that features innovative products and features. Read their blog to learn more about global product news or access their expert surveys.

Three key articles from Electronic Product Design & Test:

20. Electronics Lab


Electronics Lab

Do you rely on open-source hardware to do your job? If so, Electronics Lab has plenty of products and resources to help you do more work, faster. Read their blogs to learn about the latest news in open hardware.

Three key articles from Electronics Lab:

21. Electronics Weekly


Electronics Weekly

Electronics Weekly provides the latest news on electrical technology, components, products, and design. Read their blog to learn more about the latest industry events, awards, and best practices.

Three key articles from Electronics Weekly:

22. Electropages



Electropages publish articles that cover all things electronic. Visit this blog to learn more about the global electronics components industry and how it affects your workflow.

Three key articles from Electropages:

23. EnggStudy



Whether it’s mechanical or civil, EnggStudy breaks engineering concepts down into digestible articles. This resource is ideal for college students who want to learn about the latest engineering software and best practices.

Three key articles from EnggStudy:

24. Engineer Live


Engineer Live

Engineer Live is a free magazine and technology news website that caters to engineers. Check out their website for product news and opinion pieces that touch on energy, IoT, and other cutting-edge topics.

Three key articles from Engineer Live:

25. Engineered Systems


Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems Magazine provides engineers with the latest news and safety resources. Check out this blog to learn more about energy efficiency for mechanical engineering projects.

Three key articles from Engineered Systems:

26. Engineerine


Engineerine is an online blog tailored to mechanical engineering education. Here, you’ll discover easy-to-read opinion pieces, how-tos, and industry news.

Three key articles from Engineerine:

27. Engineering Choice

Engineering Choice

Engineering Choice covers topics ranging from energy efficiency to automotive. Consult this blog to learn more about the ins and outs of mechanical engineering, manufacturing, theory, and more.

Three key articles from Engineering Choice:

28. Engineering.com



Engineering.com is the go-to resource for news, networking, and articles for the engineering community. On Engineering.com, you’ll learn about industry events, innovative designs, and awards.

Three key articles from Engineering.com:

29. EPRI



The Electric Power Research Institute writes valuable R&D resources for electrical engineering. It’s an excellent resources for learning about the latest innovations in electricity generation.

Three key articles from EPRI:

30. Extru Design

Extru Design

Are you involved in manufacturing products? Check out Extru Design’s blog to learn more about CAD, mechanical engineering, and other essential manufacturing topics.

Three key articles from Extru Design:

31. Fractory


Fractory is a platform that allows engineers to do custom CNC via the cloud, but its free resources are also very robust. Read the Fractory blog to learn everything there is to know about laser cutting and metalwork.

Three key articles from Fractory:

32. ICI Electrical Engineering Blog

ICI Electrical Engineering Blog

ICI Electrical Engineering’s blog focuses on the intersection of cybersecurity and engineering. Learn about cyber threats, resilient architecture, and cloud hosting to design sturdier solutions that last.

Three key articles from ICI Electrical Engineering Blog:

33. IEEE Spectrum


IEEE Spectrum

This blog is run by IEEE, an organization that specializes in technological innovations. Check out IEEE’s latest updates on innovations in 3D printing, automotive, fiber, and more.

Three key articles from IEEE Spectrum:

34. Institution of Mechanical Engineers


Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers shares inspiring content designed to get engineers excited about the possibilities in their field. Learn about both engineering and industry news and how they affect your work as an engineer.

Three key articles from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers:

35. Interesting Engineering


Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering is more than a blog: it’s an online community that combines engineering, science, and technology. You’ll find articles here covering everything from medical breakthroughs to AI to cloning.

Three key articles from Interesting Engineering:

36. LearnMech


LearnMech provides a robust number of resources for mechanical engineering. If you’re new to the field (or just need a refresher on certain topics), visit LearnMech to cover your bases.

Three key articles from LearnMech:

37. Machine Design


Machine Design

OEMs, designers, and engineers rely on Machine Design for its technical information. This blog will teach you about data, additive manufacturing, LiDAR, and much more.

Three key articles from Machine Design:

38. Mech N Flow


Mech N Flow

Run by a team of passionate engineers, Mech N Flow covers mechanical engineering and thermodynamics. Whether you need resources to ace a certification exam or a refresher on certain CAD features, this blog covers it all.

Three key articles from Mech N Flow:

39. Mechanical Business


Mechanical Business

Mechanical Business is a trade magazine for mechanical engineers. It’s a valuable resource for engineers to stay on top of industry news and trends.

Three key articles from Mechanical Business:

40. Military & Aerospace Electronics


Military & Aerospace Electronics

Do you work in the military or aviation space? Check out Military & Aerospace Electronics to stay updated on AI, supersonic travel, 5G connectivity, and more.

Three key articles from Military & Aerospace Electronics:

41. Nearby Engineers


Nearby Engineers

NY Engineers is an engineering company, but it runs a surprisingly robust blog, too. Check out their blog to learn about energy, manufacturing, EVs, and other innovative topics.

Three key articles from Nearby Engineers:

42. New Electronics


New Electronics

If your work depends on electronics, give New Electronics a follow. Their blog covers news related to electrical components, robotics, and microchips.

Three key articles from New Electronics:

43. NIST Manufacturing Innovation Blog


NIST Manufacturing Innovation Blog

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) manages this blog to share the latest updates in technology, compliance standards, and measurement science.

Three key articles from NIST Manufacturing Innovation Blog:

44. Nuts and Volts


Nuts and Volts

Although it’s largely targeted toward hobbyists, Nuts and Volts has a lot of helpful information for engineers, too. This fun and engaging blog discusses microcontrollers, electronics, and circuits.

Three key articles from Nuts and Volts:

45. SciTechDaily



SciTechDaily features a lot of information, but its biomedical engineering posts will be of particular interest to engineers. It’s the perfect way to learn about innovations in medical devices and the clever engineering that makes them possible.

Three key articles from SciTechDaily:

46. Simply Smarter Circuitry Blog


Simply Smarter Circuitry Blog

Circuit Specialists runs the Simply Smarter Circuitry Blog, which provides how-to guides, reviews, and product-related news.

Three key articles from Simply Smarter Circuitry Blog:

47. The Digital Twin Blog


The Digital Twin Blog

Trusted simulation software company Maya manages The Digital Twin Blog. Check out their posts to learn about data analytics, multiphysics, and digitization as a whole.

Three key articles from The Digital Twin Blog:

48. The Engineer


The Engineer

The Engineer is a blog that covers a broad swath of engineering topics. Whether you work in chemical, automotive, electronics, or robotics, this engineering blog has something for everyone.

Three key articles from The Engineer:

49. The Institute


The Institute

Are you an IEEE member? If so, reading The Institute regularly could help you make the most of the IEEE’s membership and offerings. Plus, you’ll get valuable insights into the latest technologies.

Three key articles from The Institute:

50. TrueCADD



TrueCADD is a smaller site, but it shares valuable knowledge for AEC professionals, including mechanical engineers. Visit this blog to learn more about construction-specific issues in engineering.

Three key articles from TrueCADD:

This curated list includes everything from informative engineering blogs like All About Circuits and SciTechDaily to blogs from industry organizations like ASME, EPRI, and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. A robust collection of resources for aspiring engineers, students, and experienced professionals to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations, news, and best practices, this list includes dozens of engineering blogs worth following to stay on top of the field.

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