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    Those working in the manufacturing packaging or shipping logistics fields are likely aware of the powerful trade association, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, most commonly known as PMMI. PMMI was first formed as the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute in 1933 after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt introduced unprecedented restrictions on the manufacturing community. From this came a greater push for safety and labor rights in the packaging machinery industry, a sentiment that the Association still campaigns for today. Since its inception, PMMI continues to operate safety- and labor-minded initiatives whose regulations are supported by a number of influential public and private standards-based institutions, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which implements a variety of standards related to safety and accident prevention information, such as the ANSI Z535 standards.

    In addition to providing membership to its 800 member companies, which represent a diverse blend of manufacturing, packaging, component, and machinery operations across the whole of North America, PMMI also facilitates certification and certification training opportunities that are designed to educate packaging and processing professionals on the newest and most sustainable industry methodologies.

    An Explanation of PMMI Certification

    PMMI offers customizable training options based on the needs of the individual and/or their employer. Presently, those working in the packaging and processing technologies sector are not required to hold PMMI certifications, or any other standards certifications for that matter, but the courses do serve as a gold standard for safety and performance.

    Currently, students of the PMMI certification programs have the choice to complete the Certified Trainer course, Mechatronics Certification tests, or its online technical training program, called TechEd365. The Association also offers comprehensive courses tailored to building career opportunity awareness, core skills, and industry training through its PMMI U program.

    Benefits of PMMI Certification

    Earning PMMI certification, particularly in the Certified Trainer program, means that the professional has merited an endorsement from the leading industry authority on the safety, sustainability and overall future of packaging manufacturing. Its ‘train the trainer’ style programs are designed to give certified members the knowledge and instructional skills they need to share PMMI’s concepts with their home organizations. This can save manufacturers money and time that might otherwise be wasted on operational blunders.

    An additional benefit of certification is exposure and connection across the packaging and processing technology community, including robotics and automation technology companies, which are having a big impact on industry transformation. Most of PMMI’s certification courses are in-person workshops and seminars that are held all across the country. At these events, attendees get the valuable opportunity to mingle and make lasting business connections with their peers.

    PMMI Certification Training and Cost Resources

    PMMI offers a range of different certification training opportunities based on the needs of the professional and their organization. Here is a resource list of its signature programs along with information on certification procurement, including cost breakdowns.

    1. PMMI U

    PMMI U Connection

    Screenshot via PMMI

    PMMI describes its PMMI U program as “cost-effective, convenient training and development opportunities, connecting employers to the next generation workforce.” Currently, the Association offers three unique tracks:

    • PMMI U Connection: Designed to connect PMMI members with students interested in entering the packaging and processing workforce. PMMI U Connection is a non-certificate program. 
    • PMMI U Core Skills: Created to provide entry-level workers with foundational industry skills. Certification available through the Mechatronics and TechEd365 modules. 
    • PMMI U Industry Training: Made for established members of the community, Industry Training consists of certified trainer workshops, risk assessment workshops, and fundamentals of field service education delivered by subject matter experts. Certification available through Certified Trainer Workshops. 

    Cost: Contact for pricing

    2. PMMI Mechatronics Program

    PMMI Mechatronics Program

    Screenshot via PMMI

    According to the description, the PMMI Mechatronics Program does three things:

    • Aids employers in assessing workers for core skills
    • Provides guidance for schools developing curriculum designed to prepare students for manufacturing careers
    • Provides a career pathway for students seeking career opportunities in advanced manufacturing

    The program is based on industry-developed standards and includes a series of certification tests recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Manufacturing Institute’s Skills Certification System. The Mechatronics program is specifically geared towards industrial maintenance technicians, maintenance mechanics, installation, maintenance, and repair workers, production technicians, and military personnel transitioning into the civilian workforce.

    Cost: $125/certification test

    3. Certified Trainer

    Certified Trainer

    Screenshot via PMMI

    PMMI’s Certified Trainer program is a course which consists of a two-day workshop, e-learning course, and safety document self-study that gives professionals the tools they need to provide machinery and safety training to their fellow employees and/or customers. PMMI also offers customized workshops designed for large operations.

    Cost: Contact for pricing

    4. TechEd365


    Screenshot via PMMI

    A series of online technical training courses called TechEd365 are made to provide “consistent and repeatable content that is convenient and affordable, tailored to the packaging and processing industries.” The courses are designed for longtime industry professionals looking for refreshers. Current course offerings include:

    • Basic Electrical Components
    • Basic Mechanical Components
    • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment
    • Introduction to Packaging Machinery
    • Troubleshooting Packaging Machinery

    Cost per course: 

    • Members: $109-249
    • Non-Members: $129-299

    5. Certification Process

    Certification Process

    Screenshot via PMMI

    Once individuals have completed their coursework, they are then ready to become officially certified. They can do this by completing these steps:

    • Submit a Course Overview
    • Submit a Lesson Plan
    • Submit a Job Safety Analysis
    • Submit one document from the Templates section
    • Pass the Safety eLearning Mastery Test

    For more information on the certification process as well as additional reference materials, visit the PMMI website.

    Table of Contents

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