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    Marine engineering is a complex field of work and study that touches upon areas of chemistry, biology, engineering, and environmental science. Propulsion, electrical, and power generation systems at sea experience a number of stress factors from the ocean environment that test all aspects of their design. It is up to the engineers that design and maintain these systems, such as marine propellers, to troubleshoot and keep them operating efficiently.

    Today, marine engineering continues to develop as an expansive area of study and new articles, degrees, and programs are available to those in the industry or anyone considering such work at sea.  It can be a challenge to find a comprehensive listing of these resources, so we’ve rounded up 50 of the very best that we could find.  You will see a mixture of blogs, indexes, organizations, schools, and webinars to help you advance your life-long marine engineering studies, stay on top of important regulations and certifications, and more. Please note, the following resources are organized alphabetically and by category, thus they are not ranked or rated in any way.

    Marine Engineering Websites & Blogs

    1. American Society of Naval Engineers

    American Society of Naval Engineers

    Originally formed in 1888, the ASNE was created for naval mariners, architects, and engineers to share information and network. They offer a number of subscription options including student and lifetime memberships, and joining the society includes access to the Naval Engineers Journal (NEJ) online and in print. ASNE also offers networking opportunities with industry leaders and professionals and is affiliated with a number of courses, conferences, and events.

    Three key points from American Society of Naval Engineers:

    • Online and print access to Naval Engineers Journal (NEJ)
    • Discounts on admission to industry events
    • A source on the very latest news in the naval and marine community

    2. Ankit Academy Seafarers

    Ankit Academy Seafarers

    Created in 2016, the Ankit Academy is a new and fast-growing platform for the latest information from the maritime sector. The website offers not only news but a growing database of articles regarding engineering and navigational skills. There are also educational resources such as MMD/officer examination quizzes and study notes for MEO testing.

    Three key points from Ankit Academy Seafarers:

    • Study notes for MEO examinations
    • Engineering and navigational knowledge & skills articles
    • Personalized mentorship for joining the Merchant Navy

    3. Bright Hub Engineering Marine Engineering Blog

    Bright Hub Engineering Marine Engineering Blog

    On the Bright Hub Engineering website, you’ll find a number of channels devoted to all things engineering: civil, electrical, mechanical, and marine. The Marine Engineering Channel has information on a number of useful subjects like machinery, history, architecture, and design. There’s something here for the seasoned seafarer as well as the novice considering a career in marine engineering.

    Three key points from Bright Hub Engineering Marine Engineering Blog:

    • Information about careers in the U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy
    • Useful guidance on safety and fire regulations and maritime law
    • Interesting articles about the latest news topics and challenges such as maritime pollution

    4. Diesel Duck

    Diesel Duck

    This website contains extensive information and resources for marine engineers from professionals to novices. It is an active site with a large readership and regular updates that span from relevant marine news to the latest in regulations, jobs, and happenings at sea. The webmaster and marine engineer, Martin, started the website 20 years ago and it is still going strong, a testament to its quality.

    Three key points from Diesel Duck:

    • Online video courses for marine engineers
    • Marine job listings page, The Common Rail
    • Information about Marine Personnel Regulations (MPR2019) changes

    5. DieselShip


    This maritime portal, offered by DieselShip, contains a number of useful resources for maritime engineers. The website is curated by a team of marine engineers and naval architects who have placed a strong emphasis on providing useful content. Among the numerous articles on the site is a category of technical posts on topics from marine boilers to marine electro-technology.

    Three key points from DieselShip:

    • Free download area with machinery manuals, exam papers, datasheets, and more
    • Exam guides for MEO, ASM, and UK MCA
    • A maritime forum with an active marine community 

    6. Marine Careers

    Marine Careers

    If you’re interested in learning more about the many career opportunities in the marine sciences, you’ll want to check out the Marine Careers website. The Ocean Engineering section explores the many facets of work in this area, including understanding ocean environment conditions, coastal development, and pollution management. Featured on the site are many profiles of ocean engineers so you can see real-life examples of careers in action. 

    Three key points from Marine Careers:

    • Ocean engineering profiles highlighting a number of distinct roles
    • Information on related fields, salaries, and resources
    • An FAQ section with answers regarding education opportunities

    7. Marine Diesels

    Marine Diesels

    The U.K.-based website Marine Diesels contains technical information about the two-stroke crosshead engines that are used in most large merchant vessels at sea today. The content ranges from the basics of engine power to detailed explanations and prevention tips for potential problems such as scavenge fires. There is also a subscription available that gives you full access to the entire library.

    Three key points from Marine Diesels:

    • Sample exam questions for the Chiefs and Seconds Motor EK exam
    • Maintenance and repair guides with pictures
    • Detailed drawings and animations explaining marine engine systems

    8. Marine Engineering

    Marine Engineering

    This website has been running since 2000 as a resource for new and experienced marine engineers. There is information about choosing marine engineering as a career and a knowledge section featuring technical articles. The Management tab takes you through know-how for ship management, dealing with corrosion, and organizing control of work.   

    Three key points from Marine Engineering:

    • A stories section with accounts from engineers in the field
    • Technical propulsion articles featuring motors, boilers, gearing, and turbines
    • A dedicated page for cadets with career and training advice

    9. Marine Engineering Study Materials

    Marine Engineering Study Materials

    This website is structured as a dedicated study resource for marine engineers and takes into account the diverse subject matter of the field. There are sections dedicated to safety, motors, electrical, and a number of general topics. Featured on the page is a Checklists tab with a bunch of useful forms and checklists covering technical procedures.

    Three key points from Marine Engineering Study Materials:

    • MEO Examination study materials and downloads
    • Technical procedure quick reference checklists
    • Numerous article categories including boilers, hydraulics, and welding

    10. MarineInsight


    This expansive website features the latest in marine news, technical knowledge articles, and a career guide. It covers a lot of ground in the marine engineering field and also contains media such as video tutorials and e-books. There are over 3,000 articles on the site, so you’re likely to find something interesting here.

    Three key points from MarineInsight:

    • An ultimate guide for joining the Merchant Navy
    • Free maritime e-books including a marine engineers handbook
    • A category with case studies analyzing real-life marine incidents

    11. Marinesite


    This site has one, focused purpose: providing useful information to prepare for the Marine Engineering Officer (MEO) Class 4 exam. There are two main sections provided, one for written objective (multiple choice) questions and another for oral questions. There are clear answers provided for each question, and new content is being added regularly.

    Three key points from Marinesite:

    • Multiple choice questions covering motor, electrical, safety, and general topics
    • Oral questions covering functions 3 (safety), 4B&6 (engines and systems), and 5 (electrical)
    • Most common questions are marked as important for extra emphasis

    12. Marine Living Resources – Georgia Tech Ocean Science and Engineering

    Marine Living Resources - Georgia Tech Ocean Science and Engineering

    This Marine Living Resources page is part of the Georgia Tech Department of Ocean Science & Engineering. It chronicles a few key topics critical to understanding our ocean ecosystems including marine ecology & conservation, ocean microbes, and biogeochemical cycles. There are also overviews of relevant marine research projects that you can browse for more information.

    Three key points from Marine Living Resources:

    • Marine research project reports covering numerous related topics
    • Listing of associated marine contacts at the university
    • A downloadable OSE flyer with more information

    13. Mariners Galaxy

    Mariners Galaxy

    This information website focuses on marine engineering courses, exams, and careers. The Jobs section contains guides for a job search and useful tips along the way. The website includes posts regarding courses for the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW). There is also a ‘Life at Sea’ section with stories recalling experiences from sailors.

    Three key points from Mariners Galaxy:

    • Details about entering the Merchant Navy including the best colleges
    • Technical guides about marine engine boilers and pumps
    • Indian Maritime University (IMU) exam information

    14. Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NETSCo)

    Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NETSCo)

    The website of maritime engineering firm Northeast Technical Services Co., Inc. (NETSCo) has some useful content for the marine engineer. Browsing the site will give you a good overview of the discipline areas involved in the world of maritime consulting. Taking a look at the Services and Expertise sections, in particular, are a great place to start.

    Three key points from Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NETSco):

    • A regularly updated news feed with industry events and developments
    • Case studies highlighting the firm’s expertise in action
    • Descriptions of important marine industry skills and services

    15. Steam Esteem

    Marine Esteem

    This website, maintained by Swedish marine engineer Lars Josefsson, highlights some important know-how for marine steam boilers. He focuses on practical advice that is useful for technicians and part of the day-to-day activity of maintaining these huge systems. There is information covering all aspects of boilers including control, safety, and water systems. 

    Three key points from Marine Esteem:

    • Overviews of a number of steam boiler designs including pictures
    • A Q&A section and detailed glossary of marine steam boiler terms
    • Downloadable programs for unit conversions and fuel oil calculations

    Marine Engineering Articles & Indexes

    16. CLE Projects

    CLE Projects

    This brief case study from CLE Engineering chronicles a feasibility study for adding a floating breakwater marina to the shoreline in the city of Gloucester. There were four potential sites selected, and CLE shares their insights into the decision making behind the project. They offer a PDF download of the study, and there are additional projects on the website to review.

    Three key points from CLE Projects:

    • Location selection is critical and involves numerous factors to consider
    • Maintaining existing activity at a potential site is important
    • Carefully compare capital and operating cost estimates for a project to project revenue

    17. Career Girls Marine Engineer

    Career Girls Marine Engineer

    This page on Career Girls offers some key resources for young women looking at a career in marine engineering. They provide an overview of the marine engineer job, covering topics like skills and pay. The best part of the page is a list of role model videos from other women holding a range of jobs in the industry and offering their advice.

    Three key points from Career Girls Marine Engineer:

    • Inspirational role model videos from female leaders in the industry
    • A community page with details for getting involved and meeting others
    • Detailed listing of common job functions for a marine engineer

    18. IEEE Technology Navigator Marine Engineering

    IEE Technology Navigator Marine Engineering

    This marine engineering index from IEEE Technology Navigator has links to almost 3,000 resources. These resources are grouped into 9 categories including conferences, periodicals, articles, and jobs. At the bottom of each section, readers can click on ‘more’ to see a longer listing with more sources.

    Three key points from IEEE Technology Navigator Marine Engineering:

    • Educational resource listing including links to videos and e-books
    • Guides for standards related to marine engineering
    • A large list of marine engineering articles on a range of topics

    19. Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMAREST) Marine Engineering

    Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMAREST) Marine Engineering

    Here is another marine engineering career guide, this time from the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology (IMarEST). They cover an overview of the typical skills and qualifications for becoming a marine engineer and the types of organizations that typically employ them. There is also an explanation of typical career paths within the marine engineering discipline.

    Three key points from the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMARest) Marine Engineering:

    • Entry, training, and qualifications for marine engineering study
    • A downloadable IMarEST ‘Sea Your Future’ guide with more information
    • An overview of the marine engineer job including skills & qualifications

    20. Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology

    Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology

    The Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology is a leading publication from the IMarEST and reports on the latest scientific research in the field. They report on the latest findings in design, manufacturing, safety, and environmental topics among others. This page is a listing of all articles published since the journal was first printed in 2002.

    Three key points from Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology:

    • Information on the editorial board and journal publisher IMarEST
    • Searchable database of all articles from the first issue (2002) to present
    • Quick reference links to the most read and cited articles

    21. Marine Engineers – Today’s Military

    Marine Engineers - Today's Military

    For a look at how marine engineers work within the U.S. military, check out this page from the Today’s Military site. Covered within is an explanation of some basic facts about the service branches, military status, and salary that marine engineers can expect. There are also points about military training and related civilian careers.

    Three key points from Marine Engineers – Today’s Military:

    • A list of related civilian careers like marine architects
    • Description of the military education requirements including officer training
    • Links to related military careers within STEM

    22. Marine Engineers – Workforce Solutions

    Marine Engineers - Workforce Solutions

    If marine engineering appeals to you, then you likely have a great appreciation for data. This page at Workforce Solutions focuses on the Gulf Coast region and has some interesting charts with statistics about the marine engineer profession, and they also include a useful list of important software used in the field. There is information on certifications and links to universities and major employers.

    Three key points from Marine Engineers – Workforce Solutions:

    • Marine engineers earn over double the average annual wage in the Gulf Coast region
    • Typical interests of these careers including design, mechanics, and reasoning
    • Chemical engineers can obtain a professional engineer (PE) license for more opportunities

    23. Marine Engineers and Naval Architects – Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Marine Engineers and Naval Architects - Bureau of Labor Statistics

    This Marine Engineers and Naval Architects article is part of the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It contains a lot of useful facts and statistics about these jobs with additional information about how to become one. There is also state and area data, a listing of similar occupations, and a job outlook summary.

    Three key points from Marine Engineers and Naval Architects – Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    • As of 2016, the largest employers of marine engineers were engineering services firms (32%)
    • Marine engineer jobs are expected to grow at 12% from 2016 to 2026
    • A Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam can be taken before or after a degree

    24. Memorial University Libraries – Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering System Design

    Memorial University Libraries - Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering System Design

    The Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Systems Design database from Memorial University is a dedicated portal for relevant information on the subject. There are search functions for books and articles that can also be browsed if preferred. The ‘Search Topics’ box on the left has quick links to common topics such as ship propulsion and propellers.

    Three key points from Memorial University Libraries – Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering System Design:

    • A list of related guides including marine simulation resources
    • Numerous journal indices that can be searched for related articles
    • Quick search links to common marine engineering topics

    25. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering – M Library Research Guides

    Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering - M Library Research Guides

    This Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering database from the University of Michigan library is another great educational resource. There are quick reference links to major publications to search for journal articles and papers. Additional tabs are available in the index for searching other references such as books, standards, and web resources.

    Three key points from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering – M Library Research Guides:

    • A “getting started” guide to the entire collection of resources
    • Citation management tools for capturing references
    • Indices of collections to search for journal articles, books, and web resources

    Marine Engineering Organizations

    26. American Society for Engineering Education

     American Society for Engineering Education

    The American Society for Engineering Education is a broad-reaching organization that focuses on support for educators across all engineering disciplines. Their marine engineering division is called ‘Ocean and Marine Engineering,’ and the organization hosts their own annual conference, publishes an engineering magazine, Prism, and publishes two engineering education research journals. Their website offers bios of key members for networking and a classifieds section for finding opportunities.

    Three key resources from the American Society for Engineering Education:

    • Link to a PEER database of all their published articles
    • Fellowship programs for all levels of education
    • A classified and volunteer section to browse for opportunities

    27. Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology

     Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology

    The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) brings together marine engineers, scientists, and technologists into one global society. They offer many levels of membership for advancing network opportunities and overall professional development. Their website has updated marine news, and members have access to a virtual library with relevant articles, magazines, reports, and e-books.

    Three key resources from the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology:

    • Member access to a professional development app, IMarEST Echo
    • A library of live-streamed and recorded lectures, meetings, and conferences
    • Regularly updated institute news with upcoming events

    28. Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association

    Marine Engineer's Beneficial Association

    The Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (M.E.B.A.) is the oldest maritime labor union in the U.S. They represent officers of the U.S. Merchant Marines and have a number of offices around the country that can be found in the M.E.B.A. directory. Their ‘jobs’ tab under ‘members’ has a listing of open engineering positions for organizations such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Coast Guard.  

    Three key resources from Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association:

    • M.E.B.A. directory of national locations with contact information
    • Detailed information for how to join and opportunities for members
    • Browsable archive of M.E.B.A. published Marine Officer magazine issues

    29. Marine Technology Society

    Marine Technology Society

    The Marine Technology Society (MTS) publishes its own peer-reviewed journal and aims to promote awareness and advancement of marine technologies. Membership offers access to networking events such as conferences and expos. They also have an organized mentorship program to provide professional development advice to interested members.

    Three key resources from Marine Technology Society:

    • A ‘Students’ section with summer camps and scholarship opportunities
    • Information about the peer-reviewed Marine Technology Society Journal
    • A listing of numerous international society events

    30. Pan Asian Association of Maritime Engineering Societies

     Pan Asian Association of Maritime Engineering Societies

    The Pan Asian Association of Maritime Engineering Societies (PAAMES) exists to promote maritime engineering scientific and technological developments in the region. They coordinate a number of industry events such as the Asia Maritime Forum, local symposia, and focused workshops on specific topics. You can read their newsletters for the latest updates and news.

    Three key resources from the Pan Asian Association of Maritime Engineering Societies:

    • Details about the Advanced Maritime Engineering Conference (AMEC)
    • Membership information and a listing of associated member societies
    • Upcoming events and newsletter updates of activities

    31. SAE International

    SAE International

    SAE International has strong roots in the automotive and aerospace industries and today also extends to the wider transport industry and other commercial vehicles. The SAE standards are used in some marine applications, and you’ll find details of the specific standards on the website. There is also an extensive collection of journals, books, magazines, and technical papers to browse.

    Three key resources from SAE International:

    • Publications including over 150,000 journals, books, and technical papers
    • Detailed information on accessing the SAE standards collections
    • Access to additional SAE news, events, and learning opportunities

    32. Society of Marine Port Engineers (SMPE) New York

    Society of Marine Port Engineers (SMPE) New York

    The Society of Marine Port Engineers (SMPE) was founded in 1946 to promote the interests of American Merchant Marines. This organization has a number of outreach programs including scholarship and grant opportunities. They hold monthly technical meetings jointly with IMarEST, SNAME, and ASNE discussing rotating engineering topics.

    Three key resources from Society of Marine Port Engineers (SMPE) New York:

    • An active grant and scholarship program available to SMPE NY members
    • Free student membership with reduced cost events
    • Meetings and outreach events in the greater New York area 

    33. The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

    The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)

    The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) is a non-profit comprised of over 6,000 members from various maritime and offshore industries.  They also have an active career center with job postings and education opportunities including scholarships and a Continuing Education for the Maritime Professional program. Their membership includes access to a number of technical resources, and they maintain an active calendar of events.

    Three key resources from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME):

    • Career center with numerous maritime job postings
    • Database of technical papers, books, and journals
    • A technical and research (T&R) program sponsoring maritime research areas

    Marine Engineering Educational Programs

    34. Broward College Marine Engineering Management Program

    Broward College Marine Engineering Management Program

    Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers the Marine Engineering Management Program. It is a 24-month specialized and comprehensive program that will earn the student an associate’s degree and marine certification through the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). The college also offers additional marine certificate programs and continuing education opportunities that you can inquire about.

    35. Center for Ocean Engineering

    Center for Ocean Engineering

    The Center for Ocean Engineering at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a leading ship research and design center. As a part of the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering, the faculty and staff at the center are involved in a number of maritime-related subjects including oceanographic engineering, naval construction, and ocean resource development. They also actively host a number of seminars, guest speakers, and other events.

    36. Cal Maritime

    Cal Maritime

    The Marine Engineering Technology (MET) major is offered by the California State University Maritime Academy in Vallejo, California. It is an undergraduate degree program that offers training in engineering fundamentals of shipboard mechanical and electrical systems. The curriculum includes three 60-day practical training experiences at sea, and graduates have the ability to receive a USCG license as a Third Assistant Engineer.

    37. Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa

    Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa

    The Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering (ORE) within the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) offers advanced studies in oceanic engineering. A part of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, the department offers a graduate level program with Master and Ph.D. degrees. The program is designed to prepare students for research activities in support of the ocean and resources engineering discipline.

    38. Florida Tech College of Engineering and Science

    Florida Tech College of Engineering and Science

    At the Department of Ocean Engineering and Marine Sciences at Florida Tech, you’ll find a variety of subjects under study that are related to marine engineering. Besides core engineering studies, they also integrate oceanography, marine biology, environmental science, and ecology into their curricula. They have a focus of influencing marine policy through their work and offer a number of degree programs at all levels.

    39. Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

    Lloyd's Maritime Academy

    The Diploma in Marine Engineering is a distance learning course offered by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy in the U.K. in conjunction with North Kent College. It is a 12-month course in marine engineering that is ideal not only for engineers, but also for maritime professionals in a number of roles from naval architects to marine surveyors. There are 11 modules in the course, and the content covers a solid overview of critical topics and principles.

    40. Massachusetts Maritime Academy

    Massachusetts Maritime Academy

    The Marine Engineering (MENG) program at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has a four-year undergraduate course structure. An important part of the curriculum is 50 days of shipboard training at sea each year, and graduates must complete four such rotations prior to graduation. The stated goal of the program is to prepare students for roles at the Chief Engineer level.

    41. Seattle Maritime Academy

    Seattle Maritime Academy

    The Marine Engineering Technology program is offered at Seattle Central College’s Seattle Marine Academy. It’s an undergraduate program that is designed to help launch a career in marine engineering by offering fundamental knowledge of the skills needed to operate and maintain vessel propulsion systems. An at-sea internship opportunity is built-in as a requirement of the degree program.

    42. Texas A&M University – Department of Marine Engineering Technology

    Texas A&M University - Department of Marine Engineering Technology

    The Department of Marine Engineering Technology is located in the Maritime Academy at Texas A&M University at Galveston. They offer the Marine Engineering Technology (MARR) program with a 4-year Bachelor of Science major with a License Option to prepare officers for work at sea and a Non-License Option for land-based marine engineering roles. There is also a 5-year offering leading to a Master of Maritime Administration and Logistics degree.

    43. The University of New Orleans – College of Engineering

    The University of New Orleans - College of Engineering

    The program at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) is part of the College of Engineering at the University of New Orleans. They offer a Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, a Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in NAME, and a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science. The school has a 9-story state-of-the-art engineering facility with modern testing, modeling, and design systems.

    44. United States Department of Transportation Marine Engineering

    United States Department of Transportation Marine Engineering

    The United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York offers three Marine Engineering majors. The programs cover basic engineering with the option to focus on systems or shipyard management. Its course structure is designed to prepare graduates to serve as licensed officers in the U.S. Merchant Marines, and you can see a complete outline of coursework for each year on the website.

    Marine Engineering Webinars

    45. AVEA – Engineering and Industrial Software Webinars

    AVEA - Engineering and Industrial Software Webinars

    Aveva is an industrial software company that supports a number of industries including marine engineering. Their Engineering and Industrial Software webinar series has a series of marine-focused content. You can browse the collection for topics such as ‘improving the shipbuilding process’ and ‘increasing efficiency for marine retrofit projects.’

    46. C-JOB – The Evolution of Ship Design

     C-JOB - The Evolution of Ship Design

    ‘The Evolution of Ship Design’ is a free webinar from C-Job Naval Architects that introduces their Accelerated Concept Design to the maritime industry. It is aimed at anyone involved in design work within the maritime industry including engineers. The Accelerated Concept Design was developed by C-Job and NAPA as a way to automate the concept stage of the ship design process.

    47. COSEE Ocean Systems GeoTraces Webinar Series

    COSEE Ocean Systems GeoTraces Webinar Series

    The Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) is a program from the National Science Foundation which funds 12 research locations.  The COSEE Ocean Systems (OS) location in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine offers a series of free public webinars on their website. Topics cover numerous aspects of ocean science including seawater composition, marine debris, and ocean salinity, among many others.

    48. DNV-GL Recorded Webinars

    DNV-GL Recorded Webinars

    The Det Norske Veritas group (DNV GL) is a leading risk management and QA services company that supports a number of sectors, including maritime. They offer a number of recorded webinars on their website that you can browse and watch. Topics include testing operational environments, fire projection systems, and hydrodynamic analysis.

    49. Engineering.com Webinars

    Engineering.com Webinars

    The webinar ‘Simulation-Driven Design with Nastran In-CAD’ is offered on the Engineering.com website. This presentation covers the work of design engineers and the use of In-CAD simulation software during the early development phases of industrial equipment design. If you are interested in simulations for marine engineering applications, you can sign up for access to this content on the page.

    50. Hexagon PPM GetSmart! Webinars

    Hexagon PPM GetSmart! Webinars

    Hexagon PPM provides asset lifecycle software solutions used in numerous applications during the operation of industrial facilities. They offer an extensive listing of their previously recorded Hexagon PPM GetSmart! Series of webinars. A number of topics may be of interest to the marine engineer, including bolted structural connection design, reduction of risk through technology, and designing electrical distribution.

    Table of Contents

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