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Last Updated: June 23, 2020

Metalphoto excels as a sign, label, nameplate, panel and overlay solution not only because of its durability, but because it seals high- resolution images within the anodized aluminum. This ability to reproduce brilliant detail also makes Metalphoto an interesting canvas for artwork, which is why MPC decided to host an art contest in early 2015.

Many talented artists from across the United States submitted their paintings, drawings and photographs, competing for a stunning Metalphoto version of their winning piece. After a difficult selection process Michael Ballerini was named the winner with his unique photo “Dark Horse”, which is pictured above. Honorable mentions by Jim Bloom and B.A. Norton are shown below.

Michael Ballerini captured incredible detail and perspective in his 1991 photograph of Detroit, “Dark Horse”. All of this detail will transfer brilliantly into anodized aluminum during the Metalphoto process, which is capable of producing resolutions up to 2,540 dpi. This is not only important for aesthetic purposes, but for variable information capabilities like tracking barcodes and security printing features such as microprint. The Metalphoto process occurs in 5 main steps:

  1. Pure 1100 alloy aluminum is anodized to provide protection from chemical exposure, abrasion and the elements.
  2. A photosensitive compound is added that resists sunlight degradation and temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. The Metalphoto plate is exposed using a white, violet, or ultra violet light source.
  4. The plate is developed and fixed in an automatic processor.
  5. The image is sealed within a sapphire-hard anodic layer.
The Metalphoto plate being exposed—the air is removed for best contact.
The exposed plate goes through the automatic processor.
The Metalphoto plate exits the processor developed and fixed.
The plate is lowered into the sealing tank, sealing the image in the aluminum.
The final product in this case is a beautiful piece of artwork!

MPC has been using this same process to create nameplates, panels, overlays, labels and tags, and signs for over 55 years. Metalphoto is recognized as the most durable aluminum identification plate material, and is the ideal choice for applications that need to remain legible for decades—even in harsh environments. Here is a closer look at the technology:

MPC is a leading, full-service manufacturer of custom Metalphoto solutions to the following industries:

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