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15 Practical Workplace Safety Apps For Apple & Android

How can one provide aid when a worker falls or comes in contact with hazardous chemicals? Could you prevent the next employee from falling with one simple app? Find the answers and more as you learn about these handy workplace safety apps.

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7 Extreme Working Conditions Within the Energy Industry

The majority of us trudge through ice and snow in the winter and deal with humidity and high temperatures in the summer. However, the common person has limited exposure to harsh environments.

What’s it like for workers who must toil in arctic climates or do offshore labor among gale winds? Realize the day-to-day of the men and women (and machines) involved in energy industries and working in some of the world’s most-extreme conditions.

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The Life-Saving Importance of Medical Labels


When only a few seconds separate life from death, a clear medical device instruction label is crucial. Life-saving devices such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are not only used by medical professionals, but also common citizens who suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves in dire situations. While working frantically to save a life with an AED, the last thing anyone needs is a faded or illegible instruction label. This is why medical device labels meant to withstand harsh healthcare environments and remain perfectly legible have life-saving importance.

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A Conversation with Bill Alumbaugh, Director of Engineering at Tarsco Bolted Tanks

What do you know about huge tanks and vessels found at power plants, industrial sites, and chemical storage facilities? When we asked ourselves these same questions, we concluded we knew next to nothing about these humongous objects.

We wanted to know things like how an engineer works with their team, which materials are needed to fabricate a tank, when vendors are outsourced, and why types of tags and nameplates matter. So we decided to talk with an engineer whose expertise is as vast as the insides of these large vessels.

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The Six Biggest Hydroelectric Plants in America

Hydroelectric plants are engineering wonders, providing us with electricity from water. Water rushes in and moves turbines, which propel a metal shaft within a generator. The generator then acts as a motor that produces electricity.


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logos of MPC customers - sprecher+schuh, cold jet, cannon instruments, dhs systems, link belt cranes

logos of MPC customers - sprecher+schuh, cold jet, cannon instruments, dhs systems, link belt cranes

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